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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Magnet keeps your workspace organized.

Great software should do its job efficiently, have a clear interface, and be enjoyable to use. We try our best to meet these objectives with our apps. More about us….

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Your browser does not support the video tag. Pop-up positioning Hover the mouse over any window's green button, and Moom's pop-up palette appears. Release the mouse button, and the window will fill the outline you've drawn on the screen.

Save and restore window layouts Set up a collection of windows in the size and locations you wish, then save the layout. But wait, there's more! Use Moom as a normal Dock-based app, as an icon in the menu bar, or as a completely invisible background app. Access custom commands through the Moom menu bar icon, through the green button's pop-up palette, or via keyboard shortcuts. Use a small hexagonal grid for grid resizing, instead of the full-screen virtual grid. You can choose whichever keyboard shortcuts you want, and there are no gimmicks once everything is working.

If you want access to keyboard shortcuts, dragging, and the menu bar, Magnet is a low-cost option that offers Windows-style snapping, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and a menu bar icon. Divvy is different because it presents you with a grid and lets you quickly define the area the current window should take up. If none of these applications work quite how you want Mosaic is probably the app for you.

Grid: Snap App Windows To Any Screen Corner via Shortcut Keys [Mac]

It offers seemingly endless opportunities for tweaking, allowing you to design your own favorite window arrangements. You can also set up custom keyboard shortcuts for positions.

How to Use Window Snapping on Mac

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Setting Icon View Options in Mac OS X - dummies

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Go to Preferences and click on the Layouts tab. Select New Layout. Give the layout a name and, if you want, record a keyboard shortcut for it. You can also specify which screen it appears on if you use multiple displays. If you want to change the number of rectangles in the grid or the size of the gutter, click on the three dots next to the option you want to change and make a selection. Step 2: Tile the first window Choose a window that you want to tile, click and drag it.

Window Tidy - Take Control of Your Desktop (Mac OS X)

The Mosaic layout library will appear. Drag the window onto a layout and over the position you want it to take, then let go. The window will snap into position.

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  • Step 3: Tile the second window Choose another window you want to appear on the screen alongside the one you just tiled, and drag it onto the same layout in a different position. To change that so that all layouts are shown, or those from a specific group: Click on the Mosaic menu bar item.

    How to Make Your Desktop Folders Snap to a Grid

    Choose the group whose layouts you want to see when you drag a window. Do you have any windows management tips you wish to share? Get Setapp. More reads you might like. Your name. Your email. Your password.