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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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I am seeing a error on the CAS server below.. For pretty much everyone, and the helpdesk has started to hear complaints from Outlook PC users about getting disconnected as well, but its harder to pin down I've tried searches for this, but the Status under Failure Information is very close a super common error that has nothing to do with this, that all I get is results for that Code: An account failed to log on.

How many users and how many CAS are deployed? I'm wondering if you may be hitting some of NTLM's limitations which is why Kerberos is suggested as the authentication method of choice. Hmm, roughly users, with 2 CAS servers.

MTU Is Causing Outlook to Disconnect |

We did just greatly increase the number of users after our merger, but that was completed over a month ago But it's definately something I will check out, our real exchange admins will be back on Monday, and I got response from support asking for a ton of info we need to gather then too.. Had you applied any system updates, Exchange updates, anything with it just showed up? We ran into a similar problem when we had an old domain controller.

We removed it and everything seems to be good.

MTU Is Causing Outlook to Disconnect

I believe we also forced Kerberos, we have quite a few executive mac users so we ran into this problem and it became a high priority. We also had things running through a TMG server to our CAS and much too our chagrin the flood control was limiting the sessions. Hmm, definitely seems to be a load issue, I had the Mac connected all weekend never got dropped. This morning, help desk is getting a ton of calls from PC users that cannot connect or are getting disconnected.

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No updates that I know of where done when this all started, but one of the exchange admins doesn't always let the rest of the team know when they do something My boss is back this week, he built the system and actually knows his stuff hopefully he can take over the issue and figure something out. This is handled through Windows Explorer settings. Scanpst will run eight passes over the data file; depending on the size of your data file, this can take quite awhile. If Scanpst finds errors in the data file, it will prompt you to click the Repair button.

Possible cause: Your account credentials or Exchange server name are incorrect.

After the repair is complete, close Scanpst and re-open MS Outlook. If Outlook still cannot connect, move on to the next tip. You can run a repair installation of Microsoft Office; this will solve problems that standard fixes cannot repair. To do this, follow these steps:.

When all else fails, you can recreate your MS Outlook profile. I prefer to create a new profile without deleting the old one —just in case. In order to recreate your profile, you need to know your account setting, so you should have that information before you begin. Here's how to create a new profile:.

If after all of these steps Outlook is still unable to connect, it's time to call the IT department. It could be a DNS issue, an Exchange issue, or a number of other possibilities that are outside the scope of this article.

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    Workaround Solution to Fix Mac Outlook Not Syncing With Exchange Server

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