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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Once your order is placed, you cannot change your selected store. You will receive an order confirmation by email and a call from the store once your product arrives. If you would like to cancel your pre-order, please visit the store that you directed the order to. An associate will be more than glad to assist you with the refund. Please note that your order details will not be visible to the associates at your pick-up location immediately. Details will be sent within 24 hours of placing your order. Please note: This is a digital product.

The product will be delivered in the form of a redeemable code which will be viewable on the "My Order" page. All orders for Digital products are manually checked by our team prior to approval. If your order is placed outside of normal office hours Monday to Friday , this may delay processing of your order. Please note: Digital products are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged once the order has been processed. Store Locator. Weekly Ad. Gift Cards. Rate Now! Back to Top Description The Sims 3 Starter Pack has everything you need to set you on your journey to creating unique Sims with personalities and controlling their lives.

The Sims 3 lets you customize everything from your Sims? Fulfill their life destiny and make their wishes come true? With all this amazing content in one pack, you? Will your Sims be Evil? Choose the traits to create completely unique Sims, then control their destinies as you decide whether their wishes will come true.

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Connect, share and shop! Go online to make movies, show off your creations, download exclusive content, and more. Your Sims can party all night at locations from dive bars to dance clubs and chic lounges, complete with bouncers. Gain fame and fortune. Become a member of a music band, mixologist, director, or local celebrity. Explore certain areas at night and you may be initiated into the life of a vampire. The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff Add high-end furnishings to your Sims bedroom, entertainment room, office and patio including contemporary sofas, ultra-slim TVs, video game systems, and eclectic art.

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I'm super happy about the Ambitions lots. Although, to counter that, I'm super disappointed that toddlers can't crash out on the pet bed. I don't see that any of the interviews or sneak peeks actually tried riding their horse to work instead of using a car, but I'm hoping we can. High rises? I doubt i'll look good in a country town. There's one in Twinbrooks too.

I really like those deco fields, I have my sims go throw the baseball or the football there. Theyll put out a sports EP eventually. You mean like giving us the lockers and clothing racks that don't send us into CAS. I also noticed in that video there's an icon showing where the ice cream truck is. I love that, my sims don't get nearly enough use out of the LN food trucks because it's a bit of a hassle looking for them.

If I remember correctly the schoolyard in Bridgeport has a fake hopscotch court, and then we got a real hopscotch board with Generations. The football field in Appaloosa looks great, it's practically begging to have soccer nets placed at both ends. It also would have been a great place to have dog shows if they weren't restricted to rabbit holes. Since the next EP will most likely be a new concept maybe it will focus on sports. My sims definitely need more activities. In a few of the previews I've read that there's no pet store to buy cats or dogs from. Darn it, I loved pet shops in the previous games.

I especially loved the default pet shop from Unleashed. I'd take my sims' pets there all the time. Well I guess we know where EA fell short with this EP, there's no way it was going to have everything. It's still probably going to be the best EP in the entire series though. Edit: Forgot to add, I saw in a preview don't remember which one ATM that we're getting three new radio stations. That's a lot of music! I was mostly concerned about how the Origin version has animal outfits.

I pre-ordered it so that I could get the extra items and the pet store. It was only later that I heard about animal outfits coming with the Origin version, in addition to the pet store and extra items. Not wanting to be left out, I wanted to make sure that I had all the LE content. It was answered a few posts ago, but your information is pretty helpful as well. I usually don't pre-order anything so I've never had to deal with any wait other than the download and install times, but now that I know what you've told me, I'll wait until it's later in the day PST until I try to download and play.

We get way more info for this EP than i expected.. It spoils the game for me. Apparently we are getting around 20 different breeds of horses. I'm glad they decided not to limit it to 5. Hopefully with the calm, hate jump, no-erect, lazy and stupid traits we can make pigs, cows, camels. No offence to those animals. Oh god, those dog breeds over at daily sims, I'm not sure if I should laugh or be horrified. Have these people ever seen half of those breeds? Even a basic google image search would show them how bad some of them are I can see a flood of 'fixed' breeds happening about a week or so after the game is released.

There're some new screenshots of Appaloosa Plains. The billboard with the pets!!! Are they decorative or functional? Who'll wait a week after the game release? I intend to fix that dachshund as soon as I get my hands on the demo later this week! Whoa, will they not charge for it like they did with the stand-alone Create a Sim?! This Thursday? I'm in for it! I want to make my cats as soon as I can! As far as the information we've been given goes, anyway It had been mentioned a while back that cats could sit on laps, but I hadn't managed to spot a screenshot showing that so I was a bit concerned it had been taken out.

I'm delighted it's in IMO TS2 pets left out two massively important kitty behaviors, lap-sitting and hunting, and I'm completely delighted that those are back in ; Also saw that cats can hide under furniture Since presumably it involves modifying the object's rig. We'll have to see how that goes. Still, I guess I can live with that ; By the same token I'm a lil worried about what happens when a lady sim gets on a horse in a miniskirt ; Where's the sidesaddle?!

The new world objects look absolutely amazing, and the rabbitholes too! I'm a sucker for that kind of style, and I'm SO happy that EA didn't go overboard with color contrasts this time with them. The colors of the buildings and objects seem actually Don't blame you, I'm tearing into the poodles, beagles and those small sized spaniel like breeds Guessing they're meant to be the two types of show cockers as soon as, I just meant when they'll start appearing on MTSs, like they did with TS2. Will the demo be available to all countries? If so I'm so glad all I have to do that day is doggy day care, at home, so I can play inbetween walks and games :D.

I think these dogs look significantly better than The Sims 2 dogs did. Even if you don't like the breeds as they are right now, the level of customization we have with the dogs here are much better than in The Sims 2. The English bulldog here looks like an English bulldog.

A young one, I do have to add, but the ones in The Sims 2 are very unsatisfactory to me. The dogs in this game have a great deal of detail put into them. My only complaint is the lack of a medium dog size. I'm pretty happy with how the pets look. Unlike the sims themselves, I immediately liked what I saw. Hopefully they won't look as creepy outdoors at night as the sims do. Now it looks like we're only getting two items, but I do like what's there. They should fit in pretty well with the Futureshock sets when recoloured.

Try to blow my sanity I even want to play the EA pet town and I usually find twinbrooks and sunset valleys a little dull. Maybe it is because that is the town I would prefer in real life. The only quest I have is I wonder if there will be any bars and what not. I hope there is space to add few places for the sims to cut a rug so to speak. I'm pretty excited now, seeing the kitten in some of the pictures No doubt they look better, but that doesn't mean they look good.

Was that one next to the Frenchie meant to be the English Bulldog? I honestly wouldn't have guessed. Sadly the only ones I see at the grooming parlor and training centre are the larger more 'traditional' ones. I'm glad that you say it does look like one, I guess I've just been unlucky and only seen the more unhealthy blood lines around here. I can't, and never would, argue that all of the brachycephalic dogs are miles better, because muzzles like that weren't really possible in TS2.

And yes, our ability to customise looks miles better, but that doesn't really have much to do with the pre set breeds, in fact it makes it seem a little worse to me, that they have all these options to work with, and yet they still don't do that great a job. It's almost like they know we're going to just re-do them anyways, so they half ass it a bit. My main complaint is also the stupid decission to stick to two sizes of dog breeds. I can see something like the gryhounds being the same size as whippets in TS2 happening again.

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TBH, I think had they done that the breeds may have been a little better, some just look a little out of proportion because they're all the same size, that chihuahua scares the crap out of me. How much should I worry that I am very excited about this? Enough that you should probably step away from the computer right now You are probably right, writerchick. I cannot help being excited that even the poop have a value in another part of the sim life, kind of like the pet is not just another money pit.

Now there is a good reason for my outdoorsy, gardening sim needs a larger lot for a horse. Horse poop can be used as fertilizer Now I just need to force my horse to poop as much as it could do! Oh, and the new WooHoo place. No itchy feelings? This is just ridiculous in my opinion. Was all that necessary? I must admit that I find the censor blurs completely unneccessary on pets. They are nude to begin with so what is there to hide?

Are they there to hide the fact that EA haven't animated a stream of pee? Why would anyone want to see a stream of pee. Sarcophagus much!? The only normal-ish new places are the shower and the hot tub. Don't tell anyone! Apparently EA doesn't want us to know animals have penises. I'm just waiting for the modding community to fill that void Of course, that was back when people slept in hay, so it was no big deal.

Guess we're just all too soft now. I can't say I do much gardening but its nice to know they are trying to fill out the game a bit better by giving horse crap purpose. Just had to make a joke Maybe next on their agenda is a composting toilet? No, I'm with you, Lewisb. My Eco-friendly sims would love that lol. Presumably the decensor will be updated to remove those too, so it doesn't bother me much, but it's just silly.

That censor takes up half the horse! It's like EA thinks we've never seen animals peeing before. I dunno about you, but I used to be in the marching band. Let me tell you, you didn't want to be behind a horse team Look out for the poop ahead! Wait a second. Didn't EA tell us animals were only going to pee in Pets? If so, then where does the poop come from? Inquiring simmers want to know It sounds like for the horses they don't actually leave poop around that you can only get it in the stables At least thats what it sounds like to me when I read the interview Admittedly, you had to use a cheat in TS2, but it should still be enough to stop them having bloody orgasms over this non-cheat feature in TS I'm just phyced about the wishes feature for animals Life would b very boring for pets without that.

Just wondering, what time will the demo of CAP likely be released tomorrow? Or has it been called off and I didn't hear about it? And will it be different for your country or will it all be on PST or something? Sorry, to excited to think about much else. As for the strange woohoo locations, you guys must all live in the city. Lots of making out on those wagons, especially under the cover of night. A roll in the hay is not new to me, so I don't find it strange. It is really exciting my sims can have this. Wish the horses can pull wagons, then teen date nights can be great for my simmies.

Does anyone else think this horse looks like it's possessed by a Demon? Hello Supernatural fans! It's eyes are creepy. They look really good for puppies. If they had the medium size, I'm sure a more accurate adult English bulldog could have been created, but oh well As I said, I will appreciate this one much more than the one we had in The Sims 2. Otherwise, I don't know. Some of them look so good it's unbelievable.

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I don't know every dog breed in the world, though. I may not know the ones that have been done 'wrong'. Am I the only one thinking that it kinda blows that they didn't include any further farm animals, seeing that it wouldn't have been hard at all to throw in cows, sheep or just a darn chicken I mean, there's the whole farm theme going on, so it would have required just a tiny little bit from them to include this stuff also.

Was so close Well, that's a bummer. And as far of WooHoo places go, they seem to get weirder and weirder. At least, if literature from the 19th century and earlier is to be believed : Where do you think the expression "a roll in the hay" came from? Because nobody has sex in beds.

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Did anyone see this? I could be totally wrong though. If I'm right I hope you don't have to be at the event to get it, because I don't think I'll be able to make it. Excuse my ignorance. I haven't heard 'Rolling in the Hay" in sooooooooo long lol Regardless of day and age, it's still weird, given how odd hay feels. Just sayin' Dang, I have to get a demo a few hours after the appointed time. Have to make another appointment and it's too late to reschedule.

Wow, considering to get another appointment for the doctor, just to play a CAP demo I am a little worried what will be uploaded to the exchange, but again I am prepared to surf the pets section and see it on my tablet while waiting for the doctor. I wonder if the pet demo is going to be at 12 am or later I want to test it out now!!! Mod the sims should add a pets section in the sims 3 downloads I love your dog, they're gorgeous! I truly wish I saw more like that around here.

And I can see what you mean, I think that some of the breeds are well done, but I'd say most aren't particularly amazing, passable, good if you aren't to serious about it, but not amazing. Which, I guess, is all we can expect from a game which appeals to millions world wide, most of which may be very into one or two breeds, but are likely to not be all the caring. It's probably because I have someone I work with who's a judge at local shows, so you begin to read the KC standards so you can understand WTH they're going on about, and pick up on the terms and it becomes hard to switch off.

I'll say the bigger dogs seem to be of a much nicer standard overall than the little dogs. I'm curious to see how the hairstructure works on some dogs like the pomeranian and the sheltie. The pom is one of the ones I'd say isn't to well done. But that could be because they are limited on the really puffy dogs, it does seem that the larger hair structures are a little strange. As you can see the whisker mark dots on the muzzle And I will again mention the massive proportion problems on some breeds - That damn chihuahua!

Gyah, it's still creepy to look at, yes you can recognise it as the breed, but as some horrid cartoon version, not the actual breed Even the most Apple headed of chis aren't that bad. And the poodles ears, I'm guessing meant to be long hair, but looks like actual ear, which aren't that long, they're quite short.

And what is on its head? The Cardigan corgi, which just seems to be a differently coloured pembroke with slightly larger ears. And it could just be the camera angle, but I can't see a tail on it. But I see dogs of many different breeds day in day out, it's what I do for a living, so I probably am reading much more into it than most sims players will.

And I need something to be nitpicky about, it helps decrease my over excitement and keep me sane In general leading up to the release. But still, I can see a flood of fixed breeds happening. Also known as the local time in California. Now there will be animal barbie Ok, maybe you're right. Maybe it's bcoz my stupid knowledge, or my young age, that lack of experience.

And, I don't think it's done in my country before the hay WooHoo Probably after the Town Hall thingy. Actually that picture isn't of mine. Although one of mine looks a whole bunch like the one in that picture. The dog shows I have been to are for English bulldogs. The event is going to start in a few minutes, never been to one before, might be entertaining atleast. I think CAP is up for download now! People on TS3. There was a poll up what animal the users wanted to be created in the live demo.

It's horses right now. And that moderator! So am I! I'm on the Origin page, and it's still saying it's unreleased. How are you downloading this? Did you maybe click on the full expansion? I think that one's only up for pre-order. The demo is definitely up for download! You might want to try to navigate there from thesims3.

Might be in German for you, I'm not downloading from anywhere English-speaking ;- BTW, I did manage to download it, but when I start it the loading bar gets stuck. Have to try and restart or something The same thing happens to me. I get the demo into my game library, but it tells me it's unreleased. I've got the fastest DSL speed my provider offers and it says I still have 4 hours to go. Now I'm more interested in the demo, I can watch the video later. Mine did this too even after I closed it out and opened it back up. Click on the gear icon and then click refresh my game.

That worked for me. I'm new to Origin, so I wouldn't of been able to play this demo without you thanks! Thanks so much! I just download Origin too but I'm one of those people that will click everything until it works or my computer blows up. Whichever comes first. Thanks for the response about refreshing the "My Games" page. Had no idea that I needed to, nor how to do it, until I just started clicking on stuff. Got the demo downloaded and started it up, but then the game locked up, so I'm off to restart my computer.

It took me about 20 minutes to download, and I thought that was slow. I'd die if it took me 4 hours! I'm downloading it now! Can't wait to try it out! I'm going with my boyfriend so when I come back it should be downloaded. Has anyone got it running yet? I guess mine isn't too bad. About an hour. Well, I've got it downloaded, installed it, started it, and now Mine is downloading and says it should only be 15 minutes!

Watch my internet go down, which it often does. I have the same problem. Started the launcher, got past the main screen, went into the loading section and it crashes out. This is after I restarted my computer. Edited to Add -- be sure to remove all your mods! I just did that, and now the demo works. I'm in create a Pet now! Yep, I restarted too. Didn't fix the problem, only created new ones. My 'puter even refused to boot until I re-ordered my booting sequence. I even re-downloaded, but it still doesn't work. The bar just gets stuck and refuses to move. When I manually close the game via task manager it tells me that the program does not respond.

Anyone with the same problems, or maybe even a solution? Do you mean from the My documents mods folder? Oh, dang! Mine downloaded really fast, and worked fine. I didn't even think about taking out the mods, they didn't conflict it in the end. It works really nicely! A little miffed about how it doesn't let you move really small markings, and how it is really hard to move them in general.

I think it may help if I'm not using windowed mode? We need a no tail wagging in CAP mod. I don't think I'll be able to see straight after working on a dog's tail Well, this is bad. I installed CAP and it works fine.

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Which is good right? But when I load the TS3 launcher itself?

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Now how am I supposed to play TS3?! Well messing with the demo I found there's no Labrador Retriever's but we have the half-breeds from them. Hah, now it works! Moving my mods to another folder for now has worked wonders. Could have thought of it myself, but still, thanks for the tip, writerchick! Once you do that, you should solve the problem Brief thoughts on CAP I'm mainly interested in the dachshund, since we didn't have one in TS2, and I have one in real life, so Even after watching the demo, I find the CAP controls to be rather difficult to figure out, particularly in regards to the fur markings.

To get body sliders, you have to go into advanced mode, and there are precious few. For long-haired dachshunds, I can see a tail slider to create a flag tail is necessary. You'll also need to increase the range on the chest slider I'm assuming with the use of a mod like Twallan's Master Controller, once he has that updated for Pets to get a deep enough chest. Also, a leg slider, as the legs are standard height, rather than shorter. The body fur shape and length looks odd It's hard to do close-up work on the face of a small breed, since the camera is geared for taller animals.

You end up looking at empty screen, rather than at your pet. In order to see your animal at all, you have to zoom out. You'd think they would've considered that Okay, so those are my brief, initial thoughts on TS3's Pets. I just took them out and put them on my desktop for now Fixed the error during startup problem. If you have it, I hate to say this but you must remove your DCCache folder to fix it. Yep, all of your launcher installed files must go. It's a problem, I know. This is actually very depressing I am in love with this!

It's so much fun, breeds do look better then in the preview pics, though many small breeds still aren't great. But I'd say that's to do with the way they have the hair shape options. There simply aren't as many for the small dogs, maybe that will be rectified in the final game, or by mods or something. Or it could be possible now, I just haven't found it yet. But who cares at the moment! I can make pets! I still love this more than I can truly express at the moment. I need a chest slider for dogs! I do like what breeds they have and would only adjust some minor things to some of them.

The ones that are missing might be fun to try but I wanted a standard poodle and theirs only a puppy cut poodle fur : The cat breeds don't look very creative. Love the horses! Oh, and I would love to have a mohawk for the dogs so I can make a Peruvian Hairless Dog some of them have cute little tuffs of fur that looks like a mohawk. And a smooth glossy "fur less" skin might be appreciated I don't think the short fur texture would make it for some of the breeds I would like to create. There may be a slight chance of it being my computer, but horses look quite demented to me.

See my err, findings in the pics below I really love CAP! The breeds look good, especially the dogs with an exception of a few like the dachshund and there is a lot of customization options! I think coat patterns will be moddable too :D Here is my first kitty! He is Shy, Noisy, and Independent. If anyone knows where the name is from they are awesome! So not quite 4 hours that it said. Thank God I don't download my EP's from there and prefer to buy them from an actual store or it would take 12 hours for it to download.

So I guess Mac users can't download it? Because when I downloaded origin it opened a text file full of gibberish. Its either your computer or you have something in your downloads. I noticed if you keep your download folder in it trys to read it even though its a demo. My horses and stuff looked fine. After uninstalling the demo they cannot start their game from the launcher and their Sims3Packs are either uninstalled or gone. Personally, I don't understand why anyone would use the launcher to start up the Sims 3 game anyway, that has been a problem from the start.

Once you are through with the demo, then remove the EA folder under Documents and put the old one back. Hopefully that will end the problems. Somehow the demo is connected to the DCCache folder and alters the start of the regular Sims 3 games. Some of the breeds seem to be in the wrong size group I don't know who suggested Parson Russel Terrier for the large dog group Or the American eskimo, but I'd say because some of the biggest of them can be more medium than small it's slightly more understandable but I don't think they've ever met one before.

Yes they have big personalities, but physically speaking, they're about the same size as a miniature poodle, so around 14 to 15 inches In fact, english cockers, shelties and beagles are all often bigger or the same size, and yet they're all small dogs. May it be soon. Because, knowing EA, if you installed this you'll probably have to do some complex shit to get your game to work after installing pets. I can understand the breed size issue Well, despite the issues it caused my game, and the imperfections of the program itself, I love the amount of customization we have.

Here's my bulldog well, my first one. The markings are not perfect, but it's really hard to control the spots. I have yet to try the demo.. I'm still at my boyfriend's house. When I get home later I'll try it out. But it sounds like people are already having problems.. I guess I'll just have to do what you guys suggested because I don't want to mess up my sims game. It's a little silly that there wouldn't be three sizes of dogs. Cats don't need all the different sizes, but dogs sure do. I don't know, I'd think at least two sizes of cat would be good And ponies too!

They're friggen huge! Bigger or equal to many of the small dog breeds. But I'd say it's more vital for dogs and horses than cats. Edit - unrelated to the above, but I really wish there was an option to save breed, not just save to sim bin. I don't have the demo installed yet, but you can't save it to another folder or on the desktop?

Like moving the file from the export folder? Is anyone else bothered by the horse tails? They're like sticks. I've been creating a nice, heavy breed, a Shire horse. It looks like it had half the hair cut off! Has to be big and fluffy :.