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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

When you click Erase, a dialog will pop up where you can configure some options. It should only take a minute or two for the drive to be erased and reformatted.

Mac OS X Installation Basics SATA Drive | Seagate Support ASEAN

Now your drive is ready for OS X. Go ahead and click the Download button to start downloading the installer. Just click Continue. Once it has been downloaded, just double-click the installer, which will be located in the Applications folder. Keep clicking past the license agreement, etc. By default, it is set to MacBook.

I named my external hard drive OS X and that shows up in the middle. Click Continue and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.

How to restore OS X MacBook Pro in new Hard drive

OS X will automatically continue installing onto the external hard drive rather than booting up to your internal version of OS X. Note that by default, the Mac will start booting up directly to the external hard drive until you change it. This will load up OS X Recovery.

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While OS X is installing, your computer will restart a couple of times. Note that when it finally boots into OS X, that is the version running off your external drive. To switch back and forth between the internal and external drive, you have to restart your computer and hold down the OPTION key.

How to Change a Mac Mini Hard Drive

A fresh macOS needs a fresh drive to run at peak performance. There are tons of redundant files on any computer, like old downloads, apps you never used, hidden cache files etc. Usually, these files keep migrating from one macOS to another slowing your Mac down. Now is, probably, the best moment to sort through old garbage, before you move on for the new OS. For major hard drive cleanup, I recommend using CleanMyMac , which I have been using for a few years now.

How to Clean Install MacOS Mojave

The developer states that during the full scan with CleanMyMac, on average users find about 74 GB of potential junk to remove. I couldn't reach that amount but still the results were pretty solid.

Step Two: Securely Wipe Your Hard Drive (Optional)

BTW, the free version of this app can be downloaded here. Although your files are saved, don't wipe your system until you've downloaded macOS Mojave ready to use — otherwise you just have an empty Mac. If you've definitely saved the files you need and securely transferred them to an external location, then it's time to format your drive ready for macOS Mojave. Now you've got your file backup, a blank system, and the latest macOS on a USB drive, it's time to bring them all together.

Learn how to clean install macOS Mojave

You now have a clean install of macOS Mojave to explore on your Mac. Get to know your new and improved OS, and don't forget to download your files from your external storage. Keep in mind that not all app developers have managed to update their apps for After you have clean-installed Mojave you may notice that some of your apps have stopped working completely Ouch!

To help you get through this transitional period safely, make sure to update all your apps to the latest available versions. So you just run Updater and it fetches you Mojave-ready versions of your apps, if such are available, of course. Install the app 3. Click on the Updater tab and then choose apps to update.

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It's way superior that previous macOS and runs much faster as you will soon see. How To.

Format External Hard Disk

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