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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.


They can include recording in-game action as a film, as well as attempting to reproduce real-life areas inside a game with no regard for game play value. See also artistic video game modification, Machinima , and Demoscene. Modding Wikipedia page check it out if you're really bored! If you choose to ignore the following guidelines it is very likely your mods will not appear in game. This is as a result of patch 1. Use the same Manufacturer throughout your weapon or item. No mismatching unless you're modding scorpios, then experiment and post.

Use the correct parts outlined in WT. So don't go using sights for barrels or mags for stocks it will not work anymore unless you're on PC, then NVM and do what you want. Example: I've used rocket launcher, pistol, smg, and shotgun parts on a sniper rifle. The weapons viewed in-game physically may appear to have missing parts, but they usually function correctly. Also: you don't even have to use magazine parts in the mag slot, or scope parts in the scope slots. Mix and match, and see what you can come up with, some bizarre and boredom annihilating weapons are possible before patch 1.

Therefore if you delete the game save data that stores the latest update from GBX, you can continue to have as much fun as you can stomach.

Patching FaQ · BLCM/BLCMods Wiki · GitHub

Plus, fan created weapons through the UDK are posted on GBX forums, so have fun be creative, and share with fellow gamers! I figured since no one else has posted information regarding hex editing this page will discuss those things. I have discovered that if you set the item grade to Scorpio you can adjust the item's level in the game, and it will not disappear. I am trying to figure out a way to be able to hex edit certain values of weapons, shields or items that will increase their level or stats, and still be able to equip them. Here is my resource page so far On this site I explain how to hex edit the quality, and the level of the weapon.

I've found that I can equip a level gun LOL so if anyone has any information please update this page to include what you've found. Kapnquasar adds, "With my Roland, I can mod equipped Scorpios to level 82 54 hex. Furthermore, these weapons cannot be re-equipped once dropped or sold and bought back, without re-editing via HxD.

It is a good idea to use one or more of the four visible slots as "mule" slots as a way of getting new weapons into the "equipped list", once there, the weapon can be "hypered" to lvl 82, and swapped into an invisible slot. These weapons are selected for use via the triangle button, space bar, or the y button during gameplay. Their linecards can be viewed by selecting any unequipped weapon and hitting the action button the square button, E, or X and scrolling through the categories, or at a vendor by selecting "sell", and scrolling all the way down the list or at the bottom of your Bank located in the Underdome.

Also, if is a valid level, are there other values, higher or lower, that might also be allowed? This is worthy of some investigation, yes? I have also found a glitch that has allowed me to get around the limit of 15 level 82's equipped. I can now load and save with 16, and I am trying to determine why the game will not load slot 10 hex, but will load slot 19 hex. I have 32 equipped slots, and I am able to carry them. The trick will be whether you are able to save, and then load them from your save as well.

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After alot of research, and people willing to show me how things are done, I have made my own site to post Tuts: Borderlands Hex Editing Dead Link. First, you can still mod your backpack's capacity to whatever you feel like, and gun proficiencies to the max level of What you won't be able to mod is weapons outside the guns part list, so if you're modding a Revolver, you'll have to use a Revolver barrel. Furthermore, you can still mix certain weapons, but it's very limited see below. Second, if something on the gun is not originally procreated by the game, they will be deleted while your save file loads.

Once again, you'll have to have the matching Manufacturer for Shared Parts, and Manufacturer. Moreover, if you have a "Tediore" Manufacturer you can't use a "Hyperion" grip or sight, and vise versa. Please refer to 'Grip Restrictions' found on [Side Tab ]. Third, parts such as the Barrel have to match the designated "Barrel slot", which makes the "Action slot" useless to all guns except Repeaters, and Machine Pistols.

So, for all other guns it must be labeled "None". Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. WillowTree Status: Beta. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more.

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Borderlands for Mac -- Controls? Help?!

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Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form. No, thanks. Features Opens, edits, and saves Borderlands save files. Allows easy access to all parts of the save data. This includes quests, weapons, items, echo logs, ammo pools, visited locations, and more.

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