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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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How to safely move your Mac's iPhoto library onto an external drive

Hit Return or Enter to search. The ins and outs of macOS Photos. Darina Stavniychuk.

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Explaining complex stuff very simply. Passionate about writing. Enter the Photos app for Mac. What is Photos on Mac?

Where are the photos stored on Mac? Click the Show in Finder button. A duplicate finder like Gemini 2 can help with that. To keep your photo collection lean, scan your Mac for duplicates from time to time. Download it for free and try it out. This might be helpful: How to edit photos with Mac's native image editors.

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Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe Now. November 22, Updated: December 28, Unclutter your photo library on Mac. Free Download.

Find a referenced file in the Finder

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The ins and outs of macOS Photos

You can think of DaisyDisk as a pack of hounds with one job — sniffing out large files on your hard drive and drawing your attention to them. And of course it can help you clean them up as well. Service files and app remnants can eat up terrible amounts of disk space. Sometimes I download apps with every intention of using them, and then I never do. This is where I end up deleting them.

If I ever need them again, I can just re-install. AppCleaner also lets you pick and choose what files you delete inside an app.

How to use Apple’s Photos app

That being said, AppCleaner does an excellent job of helping you clean up unused apps that are hogging unnecessary storage. And whenever you add another piece to your workflow, it seems the duplicates always love to come back in droves. If you suspect you have duplicate photos floating around in your library, there are tons of apps available to help you clean them up. One of my favorites is PhotoSweeper. Not only can it scan your library for exact matches, you have tons of options for customizing your photo triaging.

For example, I can search for only photos of the exact same file type great for photographers who only want to search for RAW files , or only files of the exact same size. Instead, you can stream them using iTunes in the Cloud. As you can see in the screenshot above, I have a cloud icon next to all of my movies.

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To delete movies off your actual Mac hard drive, just right click the movie and remove it. It will still stay available for streaming via iTunes in the Cloud.

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This alone can free up tons of hard drive space. For example, I have lots of old photos and videos from college and high school.

When I want to access them, I can simply log in to Dropbox from anywhere, or use the app on my iPhone or iPad. On the Mac, you can dictate what folders sync from Dropbox and are stored locally on your Mac. By default, anything you put in Dropbox will be stored locally. You can access selective sync settings by choosing Preferences and then hitting the Accounts button.

As you can see in the photo above, I have my photo backup disabled from Dropbox on my Mac.