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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

This PDF compressor provides you with multiple compression options, so you can customize your PDF compression settings. Other features include:.

Part 1: How to Compress PDF Using PDFelement Pro for Mac

Click the ' Open File ' button to add your file. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the PDF you want to compress into the program window. The file will automatically open within the program. The Optimization pop-up window will appear. From here, you can choose suitable compression settings and preview the result after compression.

Finally, click ' Save ' to confirm the change. And if you want to learn more PDF solutions, you can visit this page. Below are the steps to do so. Adobe Acrobat provides you with two ways to compress PDF files.

Top 10 Tips to Compress PDF on Mac () without any Fuss

Just follow the steps below:. There are some other methods to help you reduce PDF file size as well. Recreating your PDF is a simple way to decrease its size. By doing this, you can compress images in the file or remove unwanted objects. A PDF file will contain many elements, like annotations, links, bookmarks, form fields and others, which can be removed from your PDF file to reduce the file size.

And PDFelement Pro can help you to remove these elements with its built-in editing tools. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy.

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If you need to email your thesis with lots of diagrams, tables, images and tons of text pages with the very limited size of the e-mail, compressing your PDF file is easiest way to solve this problem. PDF files are one of the most popular document formats in use today, thanks to their universal compatibility and versatility.

The Smartest PDF Compressor for Mac to Significantly Reduce PDF File Size.

They are commonly used by students and faculties to save notes and other study material, as they can be easily shared and opened on any platform or device. Often, you come across PDF files that are too large, requiring you to compress the file size of PDF before you can share them with anyone.

How to Compress a PDF on Mac ( compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave)

Well, there are clearly at least two reasons. If you need to email your thesis with lots of diagrams, tables, images and tons of text pages with the very limited size of the email, compressing your PDF file is easiest and simplest way to solve this problem. Your project has lots of diagrams, images, tables, and a certain number of pages with in-depth information about the subject. You want to email this project to your guide for proofreading, but your favorite email service displays an error that the file size is too high… Oops! And we all know that annual reports tend to be rather huge.

Part 1. Free Online PDF Compressor for Mac - SmallPDF

How do you minimize the space in the iPhone memory occupied by this kind of PDF file? The answer is to compress the PDF file. It is a fantastic PDF compressor for Mac that allows you to efficiently resize PDF files, without having to worry about losing any text or image.