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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

When you find your model, selecting it will make all the upgrade options appear. If you have any problems, please contact us via our online contact form or call our office.

We appreciate all feedback, it helps improve our service. There are multiple ways you can identify how many memory slots your Acer Computer has:. Physically looking. Using the memory scanner tool supplied on our website. The instruction manual that came with the computer should also tell you. Use our website, we have RAM slot information on every model page. All upgrades are sent out with instructions which outlines how the upgrade should be installed.

The best source for detail instructions is your user manual that came with the Asus computer. If it is a desktop you have to open up the case and look for the memory slots, once you have found them gently push the locks open on either side so you can insert the new memory in This is also how you get old memory out. When installing the memory make sure you push the memory in firmly until the locks close on the module locking it in place.

If it is a laptop look on the bottom of the laptop for any a door that is fixed in place with screws. Unscrew the screws and lift the door up. This should reveal the memory that is currently installed in the computer. Pull the metal bars either side of the module back a bit and pop the old modules out. Once the old module is out you can slot the new module in and push it down so it locks in place should look exactly the same as the old one did.

If you can not find a door on the bottom of the laptop you can have a look at the manual that came with the laptop which often tells you where the memory slots are. A large majority of notebooks have 2 memory slots which can be upgraded with either one of two modules. Many of these are shipped with 2 low-density modules of matching capacity. However when upgrading these types of notebooks you do not have to remove both modules and put in a matching pair.

It is just as effective to keep 1 of the existing modules and replace the other one with a large capacity module. Most desktops have a similar set up. They generally have 2 or 4 memory slots that are upgradeable. Many times they are shipped with a matching pair. However when upgrading you need only to add one module at a time regardless whether the device was shipped with 1 module or 2 originally. Upgrading the memory in your computer is usually the first step to increasing it's performance.

Additional memory allows you to run more applications simultaneously without the computer slowing down. It also allows you to multi-task to a much greater degree as your applications, email, web browsing, etc. However additional RAM does not solve all the issues of a "slow" computer. If you find that it takes the latest OS a long time to load or your spreadsheets are taking minutes before they are ready to use, then you should consider swapping out your old spinning HDD for an SSD. In a working environment, waiting minutes each time a new program loads or for your computer to be ready to use, is a time consuming and costly exercise.

Added up, wait times increase to hours lost when totaled over the course of just a week. View Cart 0 items My Account. Please wait while we are loading the items You can switch to your local currency using the dropdown. The final charge is in AUD dollars but you can see what will be the approximate charge. Buy on Amazon OR. There are multiple ways you can identify how many memory slots your Acer Computer has: 1.

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This is one of the most common questions we are asked. The short answer is yes, but only if you have a notebook or desktop. Puppy Linux is known to be pretty lightweight.

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That should be your major point of focus, and a Linux flavour is going to be the offering to beat. GamerMan :. Dugimodo Distinguished. Sep 22, 1, 9 20, Yes Ubuntu software runs on MINT, and they both have a package manager and software manager for make getting software easier. Lubuntu is another option. Personally I always end up installing chrome as well as I find it works better with streaming sites than firefox.

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Otherwise google will find you lots of articles on the best lightweight Linux distros. Dugimodo :. Oct 9, 40, , 8, My lenovo s with similar specs came with windows 10 32 bit. Oct 12, 1 0 10 0. Hi - I have a few of these - hobby. If it's the 4GB model then virtually nothing will fit on it now - apart from Puppy Linux which I also don't like. What I managed to fit on recently was Bodhi Linux 4 long term support till - which I love - very fast, lightweight and looks good.

It just fits. Bodhi Linux 5 long term support won't fit - needs 5GB minimum - all the linux distros have got bigger in the last few years. No other common Linux distros Xubuntu nor even Lubuntu will fit. I did try Lubuntu via mini iso install but wasn't happy with it - wasn't worth bothering with as no room for software. There is Tiny Core Linux but again nothing in it much! It's intended for use live, not installing.

Bodhi has been my go to lightweight linux distro, even for larger hard drives.

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If you have an 8gb model then Bodhi or Xubuntu 18 would be my choice about 3gb left with Xubuntu. Again not many others even fit on 8gb. If you have a with a 20 gb drive 4gb plus 16gb you can install on the 16gb and disable the 4gb. Would still stick with Bodhi or Xubuntu.

Anything with a bigger hard drive - my choice would still be Bodhi or Xubuntu. Although if you have a good size hard drive I think Ubuntu Budgie has good reviews.


I've upgraded of the later standard hard drive Eee's to Windows 10 - they run fine if a bit slow - you need to have maximum ram available and turn off a lot of transparency settings to get it to run nippy enough. Sorry just re-read - you have a 16gb drive. I'd go with either Xubuntu or Bodhi 4. Bodhi 5 is good but not quite there yet - recently released and the odd fiddly glitch. Bodhi 4 runs like a dream.

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Minimal install and you add any software you want. They also have some very nice themes. The latest Xubuntu long term support based on Ubuntu 18 bionic beaver runs absolutely fine on an eee pc. Bodhi is much faster. Windows wouldn't fit. You need a drive bigger than 32gb for either Windows 7 or Windows 7 runs really quite slow on them anyway and you need to find the odd driver. The Paladin Glorious Herald.