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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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Bestellung Wie kann ich etwas bestellen? Kann ich meine Bestellung auch per Telefon machen? Falls du Fragen zum Online Bestellvorgang haben solltest, kannst du dich jederzeit an unseren Customer Service melden. Sie sind telefonisch ereichbar von Montag — Freitag von 9. Deutschland Wrangler. UK Wrangler. Polen Wrangler. Frankreich Wrangler. Schweden se. Irland Wrangler. Niederlande Wrangler. Belgien Wrangler. Spanien Wrangler. Track time, estimate tasks, set up a fixed-fee or recurring budget for your projects — all that and more without ever leaving Asana.

Capture, annotate, and report developer-friendly feedback in Asana as a new task. The Box file picker is built into the Asana task pane, so you can easily attach Box files directly to Asana tasks. Build custom features and automations into Asana using a Google-inspired toolkit. Eliminate username and password hassles with Okta. Access Asana using your existing corporate credentials. Sync Asana to your favorite apps and tools with triggers and integrations to make your workflow even smoother.

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Plan and track time on your Asana tasks by dragging them into your weekly schedule in HourStack. Turn Asana projects or tasks into spreadsheets in Google Sheets to create powerful reports. Edit and collaborate wherever you are—for free. Get an annotated screenshot and device details with your bug reports by integrating Instabug and Asana. Seamlessly create, manage and collaborate on your GitHub issues directly from Asana, and vice versa. Sync Asana with Trello so teams can easily collaborate while using their tool of choice.


Connect Gmail, Outlook, or Slack and convert emails and chats into tasks that you can reply to in Asana. Create and remove Asana accounts based on HR actions like hiring and termination directly within Zenefits. Add Tick time tracking to your workflow to help your team keep your Asana projects on time and under budget.

Connect sales to Asana to ensure an effortless flow of information between sales and other divisions. Get started more quickly with Asana by downloading a prebuilt template through Templana. Userback lets you snap, annotate and receive customer feedback as a new task in your Asana projects.

Analyze work in progress, measure lead times and cycle times, make data-driven forecasts, evaluate workflow efficiency. Every time you get a new MailChimp subscriber, an Asana task will automatically be created with their information stored in it. Set up team collaboration across tools in minutes with no coding required.

Unito connects Asana to other projects, increasing team collaboration. Automatically create Asana tasks from new notes or reminders in Evernote, or create Asana projects from Evernote Notebooks. TMetric helps you track time spent on Asana projects and tasks, set budgets and rates, and generate work activity reports.

Create new Asana tasks or link customer conversations with open tasks directly from Front. Set due dates and assignees to keep team projects on track — without leaving your inbox. Get instant visual dashboards and automated team status reports for Asana to spot bottlenecks in your workflow. Replay clips from your meeting recordings that relate to each Asana task. Leave feedback and report bugs directly on website designs with TrackDuck. Fivetran extracts data from tools like Asana, Salesforce, Mixpanel, and more, centralizing it into a data warehouse for use with your favorite business intelligence BI tool.

The Harvest timer is built into the Asana task pane so you can track time for any task without leaving Asana. Bitium provides cloud-based identity and access management solutions and analytics for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Set up a two-way, real-time sync between Asana tasks and Google Calendar. Select Campaign Monitor triggers, then pick an action they correspond with in Asana.

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For example, you can choose for a new Asana task to be created for every new subscriber in Campaign Monitor. Accurately track time spent on Asana projects and tasks with TSheets and send timesheets to payroll with a single click. Migrate your Trello boards to Asana boards with their dates, labels, checklists, attachments, and more. Automatically create tasks in Asana from new Zendesk tickets, or generate Zendesk tickets from new Asana tasks. Create a task in Asana with just one click from the customer email in SupportBee.

Turn Twist comments into actionable tasks in Asana, and get notified of Asana updates in Twist. Jotting down your time for all the projects you completed today is a breeze when you integrate Asana with Timely.

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Turn your emails into Tasks. Create tasks from emails, assign owners, and set due dates right from your Inbox. Track time spent on Asana tasks with screenshots and activity levels from Hubstaff. Universal search across Asana and other services to find your important information in one place.

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  8. Sync your Asana task lists with Outplanr to create a weekly work plan and easily track time for your whole team and across projects. Track your Asana projects and get a clear overview of how much time projects take so you can bill customers accurately. Generate regular reports and team dashboards from the Asana and Weekdone integration to see how your team is doing at a glance. Automatically sync records from Aha! Tracking your Asana projects in Toggl gives you detailed insights about how much time your projects take and helps you optimize your work.

    Integrate Time Doctor with Asana, and better assess how much time your team spends on their tasks and projects. When you connect Google Forms and Asana, the data you collect becomes a clear list of actionable next steps your team can execute. Sync Gmail with Asana, and use Asana directly from within your Gmail inbox.

    Turn information you collect with Wufoo forms into actionable work in Asana. Receive notifications in a conversation on Glip when there are updates to your project s on Asana. Copy, export, and print content from Asana in standard or custom formats. Discover tasks in Asana and automatically add to status updates and report progress across the team, in one central place.

    The Timeneye timer adds a time-tracker button to your tasks in Asana to easily measure time spent on them. Kore allows you to communicate with apps just like you communicate with people. Create, edit, or delete Asana tasks or subtasks from a message in Kore. Track time spent on Asana tasks, monitor productivity across multiple projects, and easily automate payroll calculations. Bridge24 is a reporting app to display your Asana tasks across more robust views with filtering options. Track your most important numbers and status from critical Asana projects.

    Create dashboards with open and closed tasks, team and project completion rates, and other data sources. Expiration Reminder is the easiest way to remind your employees and customers that expiration dates on contracts, licences, employee certifications and more are approaching.

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    Automatically convert simPRO jobs, sections, cost centers to Asana projects, sections, or tasks. Turn application errors logged in Rollbar into Tasks in your Asana Projects. Create better plans and reports by embedding Asana tasks and projects into Atlassian Confluence pages. Get website feedback and customer surveys sent directly to your Asana projects. Status Hero is a lightweight app for tracking daily goals, activity logs from your tools, and status updates from your team, all in one place.

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    Create a Gantt chart, schedule tasks in a timeline, and set start dates and dependency lines. Passwort vergessen? Sie haben kein Konto? Sie haben noch kein Konto? Jetzt loslegen. Sie verwenden Asana bereits? Leider gab es Probleme bei der Erstellung Ihres Kontos. Asana funktioniert nicht mit dem Browser, den Sie zurzeit verwenden.

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