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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Also ranked 2 in What are the best free-to-play games of the week. I decided to try Warbands: Bushido and I love it. It's a tactical and turn-based game that is very similar to tabletop games. If you like table-top war games, you'll really love this game, as I do. The graphics are excellent and very detailed and the music is great.

Definitely check it out if you love these types of games. You'll have fun for hours! It features famine, war, survival, and tactics that truly makes one think about the "how am I going to survive this?! It makes the player feel truly immersed in the game giving both time and devotion to it is rewarding and challenging. For players looking for a survivalist theme that has a historical approach this is the game for you. For those looking for strategy and a rewarding player experience, again, this game is for you. Those looking to breeze through an not give attention to detail, this isn't a game for you.

It's for the intellectual and hardcore gamer who loves to think about how they are going to win. Also ranked 6 in What are the best Total War games. Tropico 5 is a construction and management simulation video game. For the first time in the Tropico series the game features cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to four players. Now you and your friends can battle it out or work together to complete missions.

This new capability will allow a broader spectrum of people to come play and add more people to the network. Also ranked 1 in What are the best government simulation games. The game is a blend of the traditional tower defense games and the traditional RTS genre. I love the graphics. I also love how they have captured the old world arcade feel as well.

Top 5 Best WORLD WAR 1 & 2 Strategy Games of 2017

Over all, very enjoyable game! Train Valley is a tactical railroad manager game. Build railways, manage traffic and stay accident-free. Johnny Griffin. My friend told me about Train Valley so I decided to give it a try. After playing it for hours I can say that as far as Mac strategy games goes this is one of the best. Also ranked 9 in What are the best train games on Steam. It was developed by Creative Assembly and was published by Sega.

Shogun 2 was one of the first ones he showed me, and I haven't bothered to play any other ones. I like that it's easy to use when you're new.

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But it's also interesting enough to keep my nephew's attention, too, and he plays everything. A gaming computer isn't necessary to play the game -- I use a MacBook.

More great Mac strategy games

Also ranked 1 in What are the best Total War games. This is a good solution 9. There is just not that much to choose from. I love the graphics and the game play mechanics are perfect. I love the battles.

List of real-time strategy video games

I play this a lot. Also ranked 18 in What are the best Strategy games on Steam. This is a good solution 8. It features Elizabethan-era settings of war in the oceans of Europe. It gives the player the thrill of commanding entire fleets. Ernesto Rojas. E:TW is a great entry in the top down strategy game category. Its not anything ground breaking, but its a lot of fun.

Also ranked 1 in What are the best naval battle games. This is a good solution 6. Jennifer George. I'm new to Macs and all my old favorites are for Windows only, which I hate. Bounty Train is just the kind of game I love, runs on Mac and I was able to get it on sale here on Steam! I'm super grateful for this awesome game. Also ranked 8 in What are the best Historically accurate grand strategy games for PC.

You will never get over those since it stares up at you everytime you log on. What's worse is anyone could beat this game if the AI plays fair! Where's the challenge in that??? This is a good solution 4. Conquest of Elysium 3 is an old-school turn-based fantasy strategy game. With 18 different factions that alone is enough to keep your play dynamic as you vie for control of the map to conquer Elysium.

Anthony Davis. It's like the interface is lagging and I have failed a number of times because of this. The worst part is that it takes too long for the support to fix issues. Thumbs down for this! Also ranked 5 in What are the best 4X games for Android. This is a good solution 3. Brenda Alvarez. I found out about Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville. This game really is not what I was looking for. I like the concept of rebuilding a ruined city in a post-apocalyptic world, but the gameplay is just so boring.

The graphics aren't that great, either. I don't know why my friends like this game or why they recommended it.

It also doesn't work properly on my computer. It glitches out or crashes half the time. I really hate it. Don't play this game; it's not worth the trouble. Also ranked 1 in What are the best 4X games for Android. This is a good solution 1. Keith Griffin. I rated this one star for several reasons. First, it is too difficult to play for beginners.

And even when you are an intermediate player as some of my friends can attest , the gameplay is too quick for them. If you don't have a good connection, you're as good as dead. I actually like watching pros play. But I could never, ever, do what they do. And that's why I hate it. Also ranked 1 in What are the best Army Games. Close This action requires you to be logged in Quickly sign in with your social media account:.

Sign in with Google. What interests you most? Select at least 3 This will help us to keep things fresh and relevant! Cities: Skylines retains the appeal of early city building simulations with a handful of modern twists. An in-game social media service for instance called Chirper lets residents get in contact with you, the world designer, to voice complaints. More noteworthy, though, is the thrill of managing traffic routes on a district to district basis.

In fact, most of your governance in Cities: Skylines is separated by districts, making taxation as true to the United States as developmentally possible. Developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ in , this military sci-fi game is based on the Warhammer 40, tabletop wargame. The game takes place on the imperial planet of Tartarus that's currently overrun by Orks. In the background, the human-run Imperium is in constant struggle with the Orks — along with those humans serving the demonic Chaos and the Eldar space elves — in a struggle to keep the human race alive.

That said, the game provides four armies the player can use throughout the single-player campaign: Space Marines superhuman soldiers , Chaos Marines mutated marines , the psychic race of Eldars again, space elves , and the savage Orks. Resources include power and requisition, the latter of which is generated by the army headquarters. Power is generated by establishing generators that will decay over time, keeping the player busy. The game begins with you establishing your main headquarters and several basic units.

After that, you're directed to focus on capturing and holding strategic locations on the map that can later be used to harvest additional resources and unlock nearby areas on said map. Battles are won by defeating bases occupied by enemy forces, or by holding on to locations for a period of time. All of these, including the base game, can be purchased on Steam rather cheap.

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This is an oldie but a goodie, developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment in The primary protagonists are the Kushan, who at one time were exiled to a colony of prison ships after losing a galactic war. Other races include the Taiidan, an interstellar empire that rules most of the galaxy, the Bentusi traders, the Kadeshi, the Turanic Raiders and the Galactic Council.

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The playable races consist of the Taiidan and the Kushan. Each have their specific strengths and weaknesses, and are initially tasked to gather minerals from asteroids and harvest dust clouds using special spaceships, which bring these resources back to the player's resource controller ship, carrier or mothership. Ultimately, the task at hand is to keep the fleet alive as it completes missions and gathers resources.

Ther object of the story is to locate the homeworld of the Kushan, called Hiigara. This story spans sixteen missions across the single-player campaign, which sees the surviving ships of the fleet carried over to the next mission. There was an online multiplayer component to the game as well — allowing players to helm either the Taiidan or Kushan. Homeworld is available for Windows and Mac OS X in a Remastered collection by Gearbox Software on Steam, which includes the remastered versions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, classic versions of the two games, and more. Like the first game, The Banner Saga 2 reprises the Choose Your Own Adventure format, but with a handful of necessary refinements to its mechanics.

While it's not a full-on video game sequel, but rather an episodic continuation of the first game, quite literally beginning at Chapter 8, Banner Saga 2 manages to take the battle system from the first and turn base it on its head. By incorporating new characters, classes, and by default, new abilities, the game feels a little less like a two-year-late second episode and more like a respectful follow-up to a beloved faux-nordic classic strategy game. Also exclusive to the sequel are instances of more cleanly integrated storytelling in-battle, all without ignoring the need for an expanded scale that'll make you feel like an ant compared to your combatants.

You might take one look at Total War: Warhammer and think, "Ugh, just another fantasy game," but you'd be wrong.

The 11 Best Mac Games to Play in

In fact, the Warhammer franchise from Games Workshop has been around since , long before World of Warcraft ever came about. Total War: Warhammer in particular takes the ideas of the ideas of the influential Warhammer tabletop games and brings them to a monitor near you, replenished with lore that veterans will appreciate, but also with some really intense battles between humans, orcs, dwarves and even vampires.

With units spread across a huge map, there's still a strategy to be had here despite the showy cutscenes and suspenseful gameplay. Total War: Warhammer is about all about getting into the nitty gritty of your faction, which you have four to choose from — each one completely distinct from the rest. Still, Total War: Warhammer is all about real-time combat, so you'll spend most of your time with the game thinking on your toes.