But Apple has been fixated on their Goth interface since before Steve Jobs died, and it seems they continue to find their ugly design meme more important than usability or accessibility.

Accessibility is clearly not one of their priorities, despite some other features that assist in that regard. In my case, I reverse my screen, as now, so that I see white text on a black background, which is, for me, easier to read. He just wanted to be able to dictate e-mails and such. Sad to say, Apple no longer caters to users, as they once did. As with many big, successful companies, their leadership is far removed from their user base, and hubris has set in.

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Who knows when, if ever, they will wake up. His tolerance for mediocrity in quality control is monumental. And it would, as well, be budget dependent. How much Windows software can you afford to buy to replace you Mac apps? Not ideal, especially in light of the fact that many disabled persons live on a low income and cannot, in fact, afford a Cadillac solution, such as switching to a Windows PC, in virtualization or otherwise. Considering that Apple already licenses Nuance speech recognition IP, it might be possible for Apple to soup up their dictation system with features found in Dragon.

This situation is part of a contentious history between Apple and Dragon going back to when Dragon owned and developed their own software. There never have been superior alternatives to Dragon, making it something of a monopoly in the business. In , a Dragon representative appeared on stage with Steve Jobs announcing NaturallySpeaking was at last coming to the Mac. Then Dragon reneged on the promise. That Nuance, who bought Dragon, was allowed to also buy MacSpeech in was disturbing, further consolidating the IP monopoly.

It would be terrific if Apple took up the mantle again and developed new speech recognition. But it could happen! I know this because I used the program. I also used both these products. The history of Nuance has been reported as the company being engaged in patent trolling, a proliferation of competitor acquisitions, federal investigations for a monopoly, and other questionable behavior.

Given this history, their corporate culture and behaviour becomes more understandable. Nuance is the speech recognition engine for Siri as well which makes it highly likely that it is also the engine for Mac speech recognition.

Dragon Speech Recognition Software

It was relatively soon, a few years, after that switch that Nuance purchased MacSpeech. Nuance did retain much of the MacSpeech team for a while, but I suspect most of them have left by now. I wish to thank you all for the support and encouragement and slaps upside the head when we needed it that you have given MacSpeech over the last decade. Some of you even chose to participate formally as stockholders in the company.

I would like to summarize a tiny bit of the history that led to this point - the point of leaving Nuance and letting the new parent company take charge. I was part of the team at Articulate Systems that delivered the only discrete dictation product for the Macintosh, a product called PowerSecretary, back in the early s. I founded MacSpeech later that decade when interest in the Macintosh platform was waning. Over the next decade we all nurtured the market and made it grow to the point where the leader in the speech recognition industry, Nuance, took an interest in the Macintosh market and acquired MacSpeech.

The integration of MacSpeech and its products into Nuance and their product family was essentially completed with the recent introduction of Dragon Dictate 2. The Macintosh community now has a world class dictation product with the solid team from MacSpeech behind it and big company resources to support them. I hope you will join me in applauding and supporting their efforts as they continue to refine the products and strive to meet your needs and desires in the years ahead.

If you have suggestions, I welcome your input. I relish opportunities where giants fear to tread. A big company like Apple will only take notice if there numbers to support the feature. So do your part to help your fellow users who need special software just to communicate and to even earn a living. I added another bit. Given that Apple is cash-rich, why not buy Nuance?

After all, it did this some years ago to get hold of LogicPro and GarageBand. Most medical practices and hospitals are laying off transcribers and moving to Dragon Nuance for medical transcription and they are not going to be dropping their Windows for Mac systems. As someone with a peripheral neuropathy, I am a great enthusiast for dictating messages both in iOS 10 and iOS There was no advanced notice for registered Mac Dragon users that it was going to be discontinued, and that it would not be compatible with OS Mojave.

Long-suffering Dragon Dictate for Mac users kept hoping future versions of the software would improve.

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  • Nuance Has Abandoned Mac Speech Recognition. Will Apple Fill the Void?.

Hopes dashed. Nuance has been the only game in town for voice dictation software, and its products for Microsoft have been light-years of quality over and above the substantially substandard version for Mac, and I often wondered why they had no competition. I'm completely blindsided that Mac users who depend on voice dictation are being essentially shut out in the cold.

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After years of tearing out my hair over major issues with this supremely annoying, but alas all too necessary software, I can remember wishing that Apple would step up to the plate and create their own software for their own users, but no such luck. I can't believe this is an issue in this day and age. How can Mac users needs be completely ignored and dismissed in such a way? This is been a real game changer for me.

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I have been pretty much devoted to Apple products for ages and ages, and it is quite a shock to realize that in one week, the unholy meeting of losing Dragon for Mac and the old Dragon not being supported by Apple's new OS Mojave, signals a complete parting of the ways, and a reorganization of all of my tech life. If I have any hope of reviving my laptop from the dead, I will have to go to the hassle of reverting to high Sierra, in the hope of being able to continue to use the old Dragon, otherwise that laptop is essentially dead for my purposes, as I can't use my hands to type.

Dragon Professional Individual For Mac Dictation & Transcribing Audio

I have loved my Macs, and it has been a true shock to realize that I may be forced never to buy another, as I cannot use my hands to type, and no one has come up with decent full-fledged voice dictation software for Mac for the future. Frankly, devastated, as I rely on computers daily. Posted on Nov 1, PM. Nov 1, PM in response to dialabrain In response to dialabrain. Well, that's stating the obvious.

If they were to stop publishing braille books available for the blind, or someone randomly took away your seeing-eye dog, would you say, "it's unfortunate, but these things happen"? There may no longer be any way for them to use Macs in the future, unless some other new full-fledged across-the-board voice dictation software becomes available for Mac users.

This is a cry for help. It also means that people who truly love their Macs may be reluctantly, but necessarily driven into the arms of the Microsoft. It was astonishing to many of us who needed to use voice dictation that there was only one game in town, and Nuance treated Mac users abysmally. Now there is no game in town, and I have to hope someone will step up to the plate and create the software that enables disabled people to use Macs. Nov 1, PM. Nov 24, PM in response to alvca In response to alvca. Solution 1: If you have enough space on your SSD, use Apple's disk utility to partition your drive into two parts.

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To reinstall the original OS, can use Apple's startup recovery procedure.. After that it is back to Dragon and other necessary software. I have assumed that there is no back copy of your laptop. That being said, I highly recommend a backup drive or Apple's Time Capsule to have backups that can easily be restored when things go awry.

Solution 2: You also can purchase a usb drive on amazon to reinstall Mac OS If you prefer just one drive, then just use either method and reinstall the OS of your choice on the whole drive. Apple needs to take the lead and make it a viable product for Business, Professionals and the handicapped which they have so long touted as one of their hallmarks. Nov 24, PM. Page content loaded. Nov 1, PM in response to alvca In response to alvca.

It's unfortunate but these things happen. Of course that may happen. In the meantime, you do have the option of downgrading from Mojave to the version of macOS that worked. For now Dragon works fine in Mojave. It's as stable as it was in any OS. Nov 17, PM in response to alvca In response to alvca. You can continue to use dragon for Mac on Mojave because it work with all its warts on this platform.

I always use Dragon Naturally Speaking with its far, superior functionality on Parallels with great success. It does freeze intermittently in coherence though. Nov 17, PM. Mike can you dictate into an OSX application using Parallels? Or do you need to dictate into a windows app? You can't directly, true. However, you can share a word file dictating in Parallels using DNS and opening the same file in Mac. You can split screen with Windows DNS one side and apple mail the other and copy and paste. Not ideal but for me DNS is so superior to the Mac dragon dictate it is the best compromise.

Nov 18, AM. Dec 21, PM in response to alvca In response to alvca. I was scared to upgrade to Mac OS Mojave because of all of the information I was reading saying it was not compatible. Omni-channel customer engagement. Financial Services. Healthcare AI. Store BLOG. Business solutions. Dragon for financial services Dragon for education Dragon for small business. Dragon accessibility solutions Dragon transcription solutions Dragon for healthcare.

Dragon headsets and microphone Speech recognition app. Dragon support. Call to place your order:. Resource library Contact us. Contact us. Dragon Speech Recognition Software. Voice is ready for work Documentation productivity driven by voice allows you to work quickly and smartly. Dragon solutions. Streamline business documentation.

Work with documents anywhere. Meet the Dragon family Choose the best speech recognition solution for you. Dragon Professional Individual, v15 For standalone PCs Create and transcribe documents, use standard text and document templates, automate key processes, control and work with other applications, customise commands and much more.

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Learn more. Dragon Anywhere Voice recognition software on the move. Flexible and productive - Control applications from web browsers to spreadsheets with you voice - Open standard letters and document templates with just a few voice commands - Insert boiler plate texts, standard tables and more with simple spoken instructions - Use bespoke macros to automate multi-step workflows or business processes with simple voice commands.

Enhancing workplace health - Use voice recognition instead of keyboard and mouse to reduce the possibility of repetitive strain injuries - Keep using voice recognition software while standing and moving around, so it is not necessary to sit for long periods - Continue dictating while looking away from the screen, to help with eye health - Dictate while sitting with enhanced posture — which using keyboard and mouse can degrade.

Mobile and cloud-based Use Dragon Anywhere speech recognition software alongside Desktop or Enterprise Dragon for enhanced productivity away from the office. With Dragon Anywhere you can: - Access cloud based documents and personalised phrases from anywhere - Save dictated text to the cloud for later use - Complete documents that have been started earlier.