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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I managed to send the spare heart flying across the room, after destroying the rib cage with a saw and then accidentally throwing both of the patient's lungs at his face - he had no chance after that.

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At the end of the surgery, you will be given a verdict as to how the surgery went, a final blood remaining level, surgery time and rating. However, it's incredibly hard to know which tools you need and how to use them in Surgeon Simulator for Mac. Some in-game prompts or instructions would have been better to prevent every operation turning into a blood bath.

However, the Casualty theme soundtrack gets very repetitive and leaves you wishing the hospital TV drama had never been invented. Surgery Simulator for Mac is still a fun simulator which illustrates the complexity of major heart surgery whilst also being quite educational about the human body too. What do you think about Surgeon Simulator ? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. The twist is that Nigel has no medical View full description.

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Softonic review Surgeon Simulator for Mac is a free game which recreates the difficult task of trying to perform a life saving operation. Prison Architect Build and maintain your own prison in this unique strategy game. Car Mechanic Simulator A dream simulator designed for car enthusiasts.

Extreme Landings Pro A flight simulation game that looks quite real. Capitalism 2 Start From Nothing. Build Your Way Up. When I finally managed to run it in full screen it worked perfectly but doing that is tricky, the right click menu doesn't show always. And after playing once, the start screen that says "click to start" didn't work anymore.

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Admittedly I didn't try hard, but even picking up something is very tough, and I just knocked everything off the table. I finally managed to pick up something and I removed the left side of the ribcage some bones fell into the chest cavity So yeah. Just waited there for him to bleed out. I finished it in under five minutes, which is probably due to my extensive expertise of Trauma Center, which was completely useless for this game. It looks like all you need to do is get the new heart to sit in the bottom of the chest to win, no sutures necessary.

My biggest complaint is that the rib cage sometimes has free-floating chunks that are a pain because they get in the way more effectively than anything else. I also wish the hand would be a little transparent so I could see what I'm doing when I point a tool straight down. Otherwise, it's a pretty fun and frantic challenge. It seems more complicated than it really is at first, and most of the tools seem to just be there for fun or to amuse you when everything gets knocked over. The dremel and a scalpel are all it takes to get the job done.

I could see the gimmick staying funny over more operations if they were sufficiently different from each other, and didn't try to make the game into something precise and challenging with the awful controls. Judging by the humor in it I doubt they'll make the game require precision. But they really should work to make it easier to grab items.

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There were so many times when I thought I should be grabbing the bone saw or a scalpel and I'd lift the arm with nothing in its hand. Also I agree that the floating ribs need to be fixed. My favorite part was that, after removing both lungs and tossing them on the floor, then removing the old heart and doing the same, I dropped the new heart in his chest cavity haphazardly and poked at it, then I won. This reminded me of sewing on a button with only my left hand while using oven mitts.

Except more difficult. I managed to break the ribs with a hammer after pushing the saw onto the floor , stab around with a knife thing until I severed the old heart, remove the old heart, and drop in the new heart.

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Apparently that's not sufficient to save the victim, er patient, though. He's still bleeding out. I would have liked to practice on something easier, like brain surgery or reattaching a limb, before doing open heart surgery. I don't know what most of you are talking about. As an experienced surgeon, my experience went quite verbatim to normal procedure. I first tore off the cover and threw it to the ground.

Can you perform major heart surgery?

Afterwards, I went to grab the circular saw, but my hand twitched and I flung in across the room. Can't tell ya how many times that's happened!! So I went to plan B: the hammer. I couldn't get a clear grip at first, but after a few tries I finally got it lodged upside-down in between my pinky finger and thumb. I held it above the body and swung it in a clear degree circle before I made contact, shattering every single rib in the process. My character screamed out, but I sighed with relief.

Usually it takes me much longer to smash my patient's ribcage with a hammer. I threw the ribs to the ground one by one, followed by both lungs. I grasped the heart with all five fingers and pulled and pulled to no avail. After losing three scalpels, one on the floor and two in the patient, I finally cut all arteries and grabbed the heart, tossing it right past the head onto the floor. I grabbed the new heart and dropped it in in the patient, but it landed upside-down.

I took the heart back out and lobbed it like a softball into the patient, and it landed perfectly, ending the surgery! It was a riveting success! Good thing I'm not the custodian.

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I'd hate sweeping up all those ribs and organs left on the ground. I was trying to grab his ribs but I accidentally tore out his right lung instead and it went flying off somewhere. And yeah, the game worked, for me at least, because I approached it thinking I was actually going to accomplish something. The first 3 minutes or so, I was getting extremely frustrated. Then I started to realize how impossible it actually was, and really started having fun. When I tossed the new heart in, it landed kind of askew, so I turned my pimp hand sideways and backhanded it into place. The game works fine for me in FireFox, so without any information, I can't figure out what problems you might be having.

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