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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Otherwise the frame rate is real good. Any ideas how to fix that? I have 12 gb ram - I allocate 4 to parallels, and 1 MB to video ram. Would it help to give it more ram?

Does "Boot Camp" make Pc games in Steam work on a Mac? :: Steam for Mac

Boot Camp has been what I have been using and rather successfully. Things run OK, but I find that you need grab video card drivers to stay up to date and maximize performance. The default ones that are part of the Boot Camp installation you need to download are not adequate. Have fun!

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Now I'm Mac and loving it. Ericrct View Profile View Posts. Yes get bootcamp, and buy a copy of windows and yes. Febrauary 11th Apple updated bootcamp to work with Windows 8. I had been waiting for this to come out for awhile, and now that it has, I've been able to play PC specific games on my Macbook pretty successfully. Currently play Batman Arkham Origins and it runs very smooth. Late 15" Macbook Pro i7 2.

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I've been trying to run games via Boot Camp, and Windows 10 itself runs totally fine on my MacBook Air, but for whatever reason, some games refuse to start up at all. Has anybody else dealt with this? Pilieser View Profile View Posts. Maybe the best is to ask or search in the General Help or the original game forum as you're running native Windows on your mac this is a Windows issue. Overson View Profile View Posts. Please don't hate on me. I'm just trying to help out as best I can money wise. Please note: I do see things that Mac can do better than a PC.

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Originally posted by Batman's Underwear :. Originally posted by Overson :.

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Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 14 Feb, pm. Also, game saves can be synced to the cloud and accessed across multiple devices, in case you have more than one Mac that you might play on. All of that is super handy. How do the games actually play? Impressively well, actually. Given that, games looked and played pretty spectacularly in my testing, using home Wi-Fi that usually ranges between 50 to Mbps and typically playing within 10 feet of my router—playing further away made games more prone to choppiness.

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Still, it looked and played almost as good as running on a local PC. In the single-player campaign, the levels and demonic foes all looked impressively crisp and ran smoothly, and the split-second difference between clicking the trigger on my gamepad and seeing buckshot fly into a hellish beast barely registered as a delay. I could see myself playing through the entire game with that setup. Rocket League, the brilliant cars-playing-soccer sensation, was a slightly different story—and I say that as a devout fan who has pumped hundreds of hours into the game.

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Over GeForce Now, the game looked fantastic and ran at a smooth clip, but in a twitch game like that where split-second reactions are needed to block balls and notch perfect shots, I could feel the streaming delay holding me back during online matches. And yet I still had a lot of fun with it, and I still played solidly well even with some miscues. The GeForce Now experience is good enough for casual fun, certainly, but not precise, high-level competition.

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Since launching the open beta this fall, Nvidia has made several improvements to GeForce Now, including adding more servers, improving mouse responsiveness, adding microphone support, and supporting higher frame rates via an Ultra Streaming Mode. More improvements will undoubtedly come. For the occasional gamer, that might be better than buying a gaming PC or a console, but heavy users would probably be better off investing in hardware over the long haul.