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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Once the loan is paid off, players may expand the park and earn profits.

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If players are confused, an animated dinosaur appears and guides the players through the game. Players then visit supply stores to buy the necessary items for park maintenance. The food store provides meat for carnivores, plants for herbivores and seeds for planting. The general store provides fences for the dinosaur pens, with varying degrees of strength and price; concessions such as bathrooms, gift shops and parking lots; and advertising, which is bought per season. The installer is sometimes an. You can find said freewares, or any of the dos games, anywhere else on the Internet and install it the same way.

Search for the game e. Sometimes, there are a lot of.

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When in doubt, consult the all-knowing world wide web. You might want to create a folder for all your DOS games to keep them organized.

DinoPark Tycoon game description

Note that, even though the same game, accessing it via the external folders i. Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading Tagged 90s boxer dos eagames freeware games geek kids mac maxis ms-dos simcity sims simtower. So, quickly go back into the Department of Employment and start firing them.

If you're quick enough, you will have fired more than have quit and you will end up with a negative number of tour guides. Now, click the thumbs-up thing to exit and you will instantly get gobs and gobs of money!. All Tycoon games are great. This was probably the worst one I've played so far though, didn't entertain me for very long. Does it maybe ask you if you wish to download it to your disk?

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Don't install, just play!. I've played this game long time ago. I played it for a long time but I cant breed a dino called Vega Does anyone know the way to breed it? If any I'll play this game again. Sadly, I'm not of much help, but I can at least tell you this. Hope that helps some people. Please help me There are no more sold copies left, so for now, this game is abandoned again. Enjoy :. You have to get lucky. Read the description, and you'll see why. If you haven't yet, mount a directory as your C drive. This will mount it when you start up DOSBox. It should start up.

I can't get the game to work. I downloaded it and saved it onto the hardrive. I downloaded dosbox too but I don't know how to get it to work through there. Tracy: :yawn: Typical. Just typical when you didn't read the DosBox readme. Guest: You've tried switching to it with "C:" command, right? Sounds like you didn't mount an emulated C: drive in DosBox.

Anyone remember Dinopark Tycoon?

The mounting of your DosBox games directory, switching the promt to the emulated C: drive and clearing the screen from previous commands can all be executed from the [autoexec] section of dosbox. NC might seem awkward at first, but in fact it is a very functional genuine DOS era file manager frontend. It has a plethora of functions that will help you in navigating around the directories, while still retaining the command prompt.

Though all of this might seem complicated, it's far easier when you try doing it yourself. I have dino escape problems more than anything else. I've tried throwing mechanics at the problem, however more mechanics doesn't seem to solve the problem. Can anyone shed any light on how the game decides if a dino breaks out? Does the type of fence matter? Does the number of mechanics in ratio to something else matter?

Do any other staff member numbers matter? I theorize that any of these could have an effect, however, I have no idea how to find out the answers. I dont know if this has already been covered as i did not read all of the channel. But the easiest way to earn money is to auction off dino. The key is to click the info button the question mark when you return to the game the old mans bid will have gone up. You can repeat this process all you would like!!!

You can only go so high before it switches back to a much, much lower amount! There is also an electric fence glitch to obtain phree electric fences. There will be a glitched electro thingy on the ground not on a fence or it may be going through a fence. The amount of money before it maxes out is in the 10s of millions range. Once you have enough money you can just bid to up the ante. If the other participants fail to outbid you Then just hit the info button and they will begin to bid again.

But it helps to put a more expensive dino up for auction as it will speed the bidding process. Also, the higher the bids the more they have to bid. We apologise, but Titan could not answer your call at the moment. I, however, on the other hand Then they got XPs, and these games dissapeared. It's all easier then it seems. I have been looking for this game forever. If you can reply to this tonight if you can pleeease help me. Happens to me alot. I downloaded the game and am running it through DOS Box using the D-Fend v3 - beta front end fo those of you who don't know, D-Fend is a GUI Graphical User Interface for DOS Box The game runs fine until I try to buy a dinosaur egg and then the game slows to a crawl when the tray is moving and stops when the tray arrives at the egg I want to buy I have been adjusting the the frame skip and a few other thing but nothing has worked.

Also, the slow down happens anytime there is animation tied in with sound like when the plane flies across the store plaza. Does anyone know what is going wrong? Check the soundcard configuration. Make sure the game's config is set to those.

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  • I changed the audio settings and the game is running great now! Is there a downloadable manual? The game info screen doesn't say what exactly the manager does. Guess there is only one option left I tried it but I couldn't find anything. If anyone has the manual for this game could you please let me know what the managers purpose is and if you can cut costs by not hiring one for a while without the park falling apart. I win top score! The tips that really helped me were the actual increase in park patrons with parking lot upgrades the spores growing into plants, very cheap alternative and the concrete fences creating paths there's actually two types of paths, depending on how many fences you've built I beat it once when I was little, with no tips, I was a lil friggin genius, LOL.

    Yeah but what is the function of the manager?

    DinoPark Tycoon - Wikipedia

    What do they do and how many do you need to take care of employees? Haha, I remember playing this game back in Elementary School. This site owns :kosta:.

    At the start get the cheapest goods, but the one key is initially hire 99 of each worker, and when you open your park you will make a lot of money. Then buy parking lots, and add concessions. Then go on from there. I've got the Mac version of this game.

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    The theme song gets stuck in my head for days every time I play it Since there are no RPG elements eg.