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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Is that a bug, or can you explain to me where are those GB? Matthieu Napoli Matthieu Napoli 9 9 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. OK thanks for the info. That's weird I know the process of virtual memory, but GB and I started my computer 3 hours ago It seems crazy to me.

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Run sudo sysdiagnose - it will map all memory and show you the tools to break down vm allocation. There's a ton of other info - but it will account for the memory in more detail. It says command not found. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. I guess What the heck should I do to remedy this issue. I've tried reinstalling many times so that wont work. Jun 4, AM in response to alin0steglinski In response to alin0steglinski. Just out of curiosity, what does you boot volume show for free space?

Since you are running Snow Leopard, I'm wondering if VM is treated a bit differently, as in maybe a Max limit of available VM as a fraction of free space, maybe. Looking at my Tiger Activity Monitor Help topics, I see, for instance the following statement: " VM, or virtual memory, is hard disk space that can be used as memory. That may be different in Snow Leopard, in the sense that the OS appears to set a higher limit.

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It's only used when it is used. If you take up more disc space with new files, then I suspect the VM limit will be reduced. Unless you are running some applications that may have huge amounts of data active, I don't think that VM will ever be a problem. When you start seeing a lot of Page Outs showing up, then you will be seeing VM actually being used.

That's the process controlling the swapmeet. That is what I would expect with zero pageouts. So even though my VM size is between 15 and 20 GByte, I am not using one block of disk right now for virtual memory, or so it would seem. Jun 4, AM. Just ignore Virtual Memory size.

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It is a number only a "Kernel Developer" could love, and very few of those even care. And since your applications can be 64 bit apps, they could have a high address of 18,,,,,, Most virtual address space is empty.

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I don't mean it has memory that is not used, I mean it has no real memory nor swap space associated with it. When an application starts, it need address space for the program's code, for the program's data, for any application frameworks and shared libraries, and for dynamically allocated memory the program may need more on this in a moment. When shared application frameworks and libraries are mapped into the program's address space it is generally given its own unique chunk of address space that is NOT contiguous with the program's code, nor other shared frameworks and libraries.

So for each mapped shared framework and library there will generally be a gap of unused virtual addresses. These virtual addresses may never get used, but since they do not take up real memory nor any disk space, it is not a problem, and it makes the operating system's life easier, especially if the operating system can place their shared frameworks and libraries in every application that uses them at the same virtual address.

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And it makes loading those shared frameworks and libraries much faster for you, as the operating system does not need to do address fixup for each shared framework and library, which then saves real memory for address fixup vectors. And the only cost is some empty virtual address space. Dynamically allocated memory. To close a widget: Open Dashboard.

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Press and hold the Option key. Move the mouse pointer over a widget you wish to close.

The widget's Close button X appears in the upper-left corner of the widget. Click the widget's Close button. Repeat steps for other widgets you wish to close. Repair Permissions after installing new software Run the Repair Disk Permissions function of Disk Utility after installing any third-party application that employs its own installed. Disable the automatic protection features of utilities Utilities that constantly monitor your system for performance, automated data recovery, or viruses also use processor cycles.

Disable or remove unnecessary fonts Loading hundreds or thousands of fonts by default can significantly degrade Mac OS X performance. Check the processor performance setting Some Macintosh computers can decrease the processors speed to conserve energy.

Note that: If Options is unavailable in Energy Saver preferences, your Mac does not have this capability. If you are using a laptop on battery power, increasing the processor performance will shorten the amount of time you can use the computer before connecting it to its charger. Troubleshooting performance problems Activity Monitor is the place to start when troubleshooting performance problems.

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