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Then comes the fact that the mascara is made by MAC, a great brand and available everywhere. The cost is R, which isn't cheap, but essentially you're getting 2 mascaras for that price!

  • MAC Haute and Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara.
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  • MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara.

Confession: I have never been this in love with a mascara before. The stand-out feature is that you get 2 mascara wands. The wand with the pink handle is perfect for creating long, fluttery and defined lashes, while the wand with the sparkly purple handle gives a chunky, dramatic look. I like my lashes looking thick and full whether it's day or night, so I use both wands to create my desired effect.

I use the pink-handled wand to lengthen and separate my lashes, followed by the chunkier sparkly-handled wand to bulk up my lashes. If there are any clumps, I go back in with the first wand to comb them out. I also use the first wand on my bottom lashes for a softer, wide-eyed look. Yes, the formula is very thick, but if you're smart and make use of both wands, your lashes will be drama-packed but clump-free. Ultra-black, no flaking or smudging and amazing lasting power: What's not to love? I'm just in love with these MAC mascara prices.

For some reason I always thought that they would be ridiculously expensive but to my surprise, the prices just make me want to buy the entire collection. The bristles on the wand with the pink handle immediately tell me that I'm going to get pefectly combed through lashes. Think of it as a prep before packing on the product for added volume.

Enter in the second wand. This wand with the glittery purple and pink handle screams volume. I love my lashes thick and clumpy so this one will be getting a lot of use out of me!

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Absolutely my favourite mascara! It is a 2 in 1 product offering va va voom lashes!

Great product though! This Mascara is absolutely True Magic! In the beginning, I thought that there was two mascara wands but in actual fact, its One. With the Pink wand - it uses less product and longer wand and the Glitter Purple wand uses much more product but shorter wand. The "first" wand pink is for a day time look, very defined, longer lash look. The "second" wand glitter purple is for a dramatic look, more product for thicker and longer lashes. When using the Pink wand, apply from bottom lash bed upwards - gives you the longer lash effect.

When using the Glitter Purple wand apply from the top and curl out. I usually use both methods with this wand.. I have been using this mascara for roughly 5 years.

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It really gives you bold, beautiful lashes. I love the bigger brush, it really lengthens and thickens your lashes. I have found however, that this product dries out very quickly. I actually never really realized it until reading reviews of other mascaras- I though all mascaras dried out quickly but clearly that's not the case. I feel that … Read more. About reviewer 2 reviews. Not worth the money. The small wand does not add anything.

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara

The big one clumps. One of the most unuseful mascara's I had and I tried many. About reviewer reviews. The long wand is good for a natural everyday look.

Tge short wand is messy and clumpy. It also smudges bad. All in all, an average product. There are better mascaras on the market. About reviewer 22 reviews. I am mascara obsessed and was thrilled with the look when I first used this. I loved the way this mascara performed. My biggest issue with this mascara is longevity. My Bobbi mascara lasts over 3 months and this MAC one is decreasing in performance without even reaching 2 months.

Hells to the yes. Anyone who wants LONG, fat, lashes.

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Anyone who wants a formula that holds curl well without weighting lashes well. Anyone who wants a mascara that builds up well. Impatient types you have to take a little time out to get this on right or you will end up with a mess. Quite nice. Well done MAC! Available now from Nordstrom and MAC. Muse Approved for purchase.

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