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Find a MAC Address in Mac OS X

Good suggestion though. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. This is sometimes called "spoofing" or "cloning" a hardware address, particularly when the forged hardware address is one that belongs to another device.

Because a device's hardware address is one of the most important ways the device is identified on the campus network, forging a hardware address is not acceptable on the campus network. No device attached to the campus network should be configured to forge its hardware address; instead, every device attached to the campus network should use the unique hardware address assigned to it by the manufacturer.


Some devices automatically change their network interface's hardware address from time to time, for example, by generating a new random or pseudo-random hardware address. Some do so periodically.

How To Find Your IP Address and MAC Address In Mac OS X

Some do so each time the network interface attaches to a different network. Such devices do so in the belief that it promotes privacy. More often than not, such devices limit this feature to Wireless network interfaces. For some devices, this is a behavior which can be user-configured; for other devices, it is not user-configurable. For the most part, we do not support use of such devices on the University's networks.

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Each device attached via an Ethernet or Wireless network interface at the University is expected to use the unique hardware address assigned by the manufacturer to that network interface, not to generate random values or to change the value periodically or each time it connects to a different network. If your device allows you to configure it to generate random hardware addresses or to use its real hardware address, you should configure it to use its real hardware address.

If your device generates random hardware addresses and offers no way to disable this behavior, the device is not appropriate for use on the University network. There is a specific exception where such behavior is acceptable on the University network. When a Wireless interface is probing scanning to locate available wireless networks, it may choose to use a random hardware address for the wireless frames it transmits to perform those probes.

The remainder of the Wireless frames the device transmits for example, once it decides it wishes to connect to a particular wireless network use the unique hardware address assigned by the manufacturer to that device's Wireless network interface. This behavior is acceptable.

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Click on Run. In the command line box which appears, enter the following and press the Enter key: winipcfg A box will appear with a variety of information. Check the pull-down menu near the top to verify that your Ethernet interface is selected; if it is not, then select it in this menu. Look for the line labelled Adapter Address.

How to Determine Your Device's Ethernet or Wireless Hardware Address

This is your Ethernet interface's hardware address. It will be written out completely as 6 pairs of 2 digits separted by hyphens. Write it down. Click on the X in the top right-hand corner of the box to close the windows.