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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

You can hook up one external monitor via the Thunderbolt port to an iMac, which is physically identical a MiniDisplay port. So on the Thunderbolt port you can use a MiniDisplay cable or adapter. So if you have the space for two monitors, then you could use that type of setup. Good luck with your decision.

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Mac Mini Server QuadCore - Use as a Desktop?

Ask a question. User profile for user: zeitgeist zeitgeist Is it fast enough for graphic programms and photoshop as well as some small movie cutting? Thank you. More Less.

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I just have to decide.

Re: Mac Mini Server QuadCore - Use as a Desktop?

Oh, and if performance is what you are after an SSD is a far better investment than putting money towards a faster processor and RPM drives. An SSD for the boot and hard drive for data iTunes, photos would be a good solution and would cost about the same as the server model. I'm probably not as technologically advanced as you are but I've been using a Mac mini as a desktop for years now and it's been totally fine. To be clear, I obviously will not throw away the old iMac, I will sell it. My point is that the display is fine, and doesn't need to be replaced. Slow, but for backup who cares?

Four years in the making, is the Mac mini finally worth buying?

Even the low-end dual 2. Giving up a quad-core i7 boosted up to 3. The video editing is almost all off the disk out of core so the striped rpm drives seem like the best way to get good performance without blowing big bucks on SSDs. I love Minis. They're great desktops.

What use is Apple’s Mac mini, anyway?

I believe the higher end non-server edition comes with a better graphics card dedicated, with its own memory. Haven't seen any benchmarks yet that directly compare that, though. Also sorry to post twice : Giving up a quad-core i7 boosted up to 3.

FWIW in disk-related tasks, including many basic things you do, my previous generation meaning, very slow processor-wise macbook air often feels faster than my maxed out quad-core imac with normal disk drives. It is really hard to anticipate the effect of an SSD until you use a device with one.

Using MacMini Server 2011 as Desktop Computer

This is of course highly dependent on what you actually do, but it isn't obviously a bad deal at all. I would probably choose SSD over quad-core, myself, at least relative to the processors on the new mini. Yes on the SSD. Once you've got plenty of RAM, it's the other massive performance booster you can get for yourself. Most normal computing tasks are actually just moving stuff around from one place to another, so avoiding the need to wait for round pieces of metal to spin really makes a big, noticeable performance difference.

You know the new iMacs can function as external monitors via Thunderbolt, right? I have a 4-year-old iMac that would not know a Thunderbolt if it was hit with one. You will notice the speed boost from an SSD way more than you will a processor upgrade. If you're supplementing the SSD with a hard drive it doesn't have to be very large. If that was something you might be interested in.

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I'm using the previous gen mini server as a regular workstation right now. Works fine. And if Lion server has iLife, I might as well upgrade to Lion server.