I lurked about looking for upgrade info and there was some good information but I'm still a little unclear as to what my best options are. Therefore, my questions are as follows:.

Some of the threads provided conflicting info one guy had no problems with processor X but another said his box ran excessively hot using same so I was left confused as to how to use the advice presented. For example, don't bother going to 8GB because the architecture can only address 3, etc. Dont be fooled by those telling you that you can use 4gb, it is not true.

Apple - Support - Downloads - Mac mini (early ) SMC Firmware Update

System may report it as 4gb but you can only acces just over 3gb. I use a G4 for a music server. I have it hooked up to my big speaker system. Works great. A RAM upgrade my give it a little boost and would be cheap. It matters which A you have. Different processor, different upgrade options. Please give the last three figures of the serial number so I know your exact machine. Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, the label is missing on the A and I'm still awaiting delivery of the dvi-vga adapters so I can't check it from the Apple menu. I should have those soon and will provide it as soon as possible.

You seem to be something of a demigod around these parts so I'm very grateful for your input. Rob, Thanks for the compliment. So a couple of things.

  1. Mac Mini Upgrade Guide: Add RAM and Internal Storage.
  2. figure out your ip address mac!
  3. Keep Your Mac mini Alive and Kicking with DIY Upgrades.
  4. Mac Mini Core Solo / 1.5.

First, I found a third Mac Mini so I now have 3 systems to toy with! My home server farm is growing by the day!

Mac mini (Early 2006)

Thanks again, mayer! I really appreciate any help you can provide with regards to figuring out the answers to the questions in my original post. HI Rob. I have two 2. May 4 by Brian Fletcher. I've been researching as much as I can to try and understand what it is I'm really talking about here and I think I'm starting to get it. First, 2 of the 3 machines are bit systems the G4 and the older A so I don't think I'm going to bother repurposing those. This leaves me with just the one bit A which I'll look to upgrade. Is this correct? If so, why and can this be corrected with an EFI upgrade?

Should I just go traditional HDD and get more space? I agree with the "Apple wants you to buy a new computer" on this one. Here we are at OSX Help Translate iFixit. If you will be away from your Mac mini for less than a few days, put it to sleep. You can quickly wake your Mac mini and bypass the startup process.

To wake your Mac mini, press any key on the keyboard or any button on the Apple Remote.

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When your Mac mini wakes from sleep, your applications, documents, and computer settings are exactly as you left them. Warning: Shut down your Mac mini before moving it. Moving your Mac mini while the hard disk is spinning can damage the hard disk, causing loss of data or an inability to start up from the hard disk.

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