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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

The plug is wet but there is no spark on my tester. The module gap is. I get 3.

MAC 110 NO Spark

Is that a valid test for the module and what should I expect for good or bad? JimB is offline. Quick Reply. Remove Advertisements. I do not have circuit continuity from either module pick up to the plug wire connection. I assume I should. Old , AM Thread Starter. I am bumping this back up to ask for some input. I connected all the wiring and checked from the plug wire to engine block and I have continuity with 2.


I could accept the module is faulty except for the fact it worked before I disassembled the saw and now does not. Is there something else I should check or consider or accept it is conincidential? Local repair shops I have called tell me there is no way to check a newer ignition module off the equipment.

I emailed Merc-O-Tronic instruments to ask about the tester that turns up on search of this forum and received a reply they have suspended production of that tester. Old , AM. Old , PM. Disconnect the kill switch wire from the coil. If it does not fire, replace coil. Airman is offline. If you had the module off the saw you might want to check that it grounded good to the crankcase and the gap is within spec a new business card. Have a good one.

Lawnmowertech is offline. Thanks for the input guys.

McCulloch chainsaw won't spark

Kill wire made no difference and the ground is good. I had the air gap at. Yes the module is discontinued and not in stock that I could find. I did find a tested good used one that is on its way.

McCulloch 110 Chainsaw Assembly (not as bad as you think!)

Will let you know if it works. I am a casual chainsaw user.

Universal Powered By McCulloch Spark Plugs Spark Plug

It is disappointing to buy a chainsaw and find out just a few years later the manufacturer cannot supply basic parts. Can you protect yourself by buying Stihl or Husqvarna? If it is assembled correctly the coil gap is held in place by two fiber tubes so it can neither be moved nor the air gap changed. With such a minature flywheel ,off just a tiny bit will produce a weak spark.

Now that carb that should be on a weedwacker. It doesn't take much to screw that midget contraption up either. If that diaphragm is puckerd just a tiny bit the itsy little saw will flood itself in about two rope pulls. Make sure the entire surface where the points mount is shiny metal ,burnish the points and check for continuity before you screw down the flywheel. You may have to give that microscopic carb a once over ,that isn't a big deal.

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The big deal is you have to deshell the stupid thing to even get to the carb. Take a chill pill ,relax. Work a little, let it rest a tad. Keep your cool ,stepping on it won't help a bit. Just some words from a person that has already traveled the Mini Mac road a time or two. Share Topic. Powered by EzPortal.

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