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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Using a Mac on Your Windows Home Server Network

TV shows that have been archived to a Windows Home Server from a system running Windows Media Center , Drive Extender provides the capability to not duplicate such files if the server is short on capacity or manually mark a complete content store as not for duplication.

Windows Home Server Computer Backup automatically backs up all of the computers in a home to the server using an image-based system that ensures point-in-time-based restoration of either entire PCs or specific files and folders.. Bare metal, full computer, restores are initiated through a restore bootable CD , file based restores are initiated through the WHS client software which allows the users to open a backup and "drag and drop" files from it. This technology uses Volume Shadow Services VSS technology on the client computer to take an image based backup of a running computer.

Because the backup operates on data at the cluster level, single instancing can be performed to minimize the amount of data that travels over the network and that will ultimately be stored on the home server. This single instancing gives the server the ability to store only one instance of data, no matter if the data originated from another computer, another file, or even data within the same file. Computer backup images are not duplicated on the server, so if a server hard drive fails, backups could be lost, however, of course, the original source machine should be available. The "Server Backup" feature added in Power Pack 1 does not include duplication of backup images.

The system also offers an SSL secured web browser based interface over the Internet to the shared file stores.

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The web interface also allows the uploading to and downloading of files from the content stores. However, there is a limit of 2 GB for a single batch of upload. The system also acts as an RDP gateway, allowing remote control over the internet of supported internal machines on the home network.


The web interface also supports embedding the Remote Desktop ActiveX control, to provide remote access to home computers from within the web interface directly. Remote sessions can also connect to the Home Server console to configure the server over the internet. Files stored on Windows Home Server can also be available through a Windows share , opening compatibility to a wide variety of operating systems.

If that happens, connect to the server using its IP address instead of the server name. If you are unsure of your server's IP address, you can log on to your router to see a list of IP addresses for all network connected devices. To log on to your router, open an Internet browser window, type the router's IP address in the address bar and press Enter.

The router's IP address will be one of the following,. Select Built-in Ethernet on the left menu. The router IP address is on the right side of the Network dialog. Type cmd and click OK. In the DOS window, type ipconfig and press Enter. Use the Default Gateway IP address to log on to your router. Once logged in to the router, look for a list of connected devices. Each router is different.

See your router's documentation if you do not find the server's IP address right away. Log on to the server using either a guest account, user account, or administrator account. A successful ping verifies a connection between the Mac computer and the server. Install the software on one computer at time. Insert the Software Installation Disc into a computer connected to the network. You must have administrative privileges to install.

For additional information, see Installing the Software on the First Computer. Your server password is required to install, as shown in the following figure:. At the computer, click Start , and then Run. The network address will be different if you renamed your server. In this case type,. The address will be different if you renamed your server.

A file download security warning and a Internet Explorer dialog box may pop up.


Click Run. A dialog box opens stating that software is being downloaded from your server. Click Next , when the download is complete. The Install Wizard opens and gives you the rest of the installation instructions. The computer is automatically set up to be backed up each night. If you want to customize back up settings for this computer, see Computer Backups. If you created individual user accounts in Windows Home Server for one or more network members that use this computer, you also need to set up computer user accounts for them if you want them to be able to access features on the server without logging on.

If there are photos, music, or videos on this computer that you want collected on the server, set up media collection for this computer. The following sections outline the key decision points during the software installation. The first installation must be on a Windows computer. Subsequent installations can be on a Windows or Mac computer. Verify that you have administrator privileges on the computer where you are doing the install.

You must have administrative privileges on your computer to install the software. Complete the following steps to view or change user account settings. On Mac OS X This software is used to. The Windows Home Server software installation runs only once—on the first computer where you run the Software Installation Disc. At the computer, double-click the Windows Home Server icon in the system tray. Check Wake this Computer for Backup in the shortcut menu.

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  8. Create a strong password. A strong password must be at least 7 characters long and must fulfill three of the following requirements:. The server password is not the same as a user password. User accounts and passwords are setup in the Windows Home Server Console. The Windows Home Server installation checks for any relevant important updates.

    Windows Home Server Console does not connect to NAS | Tom's Hardware Forum

    This may take some time to complete, but does not require additional information from you. Installing updates ensures that you experience the full functionality and optimal performance of the HP StorageWorks Data Vault. If there is an update, select it and complete the instructions on the screen to install it.

    The Windows Home Server console opens. Click Help in the upper right corner of the Console to get additional assistance. Use HP Update to keep your server and networked computers current with the latest HP software, online help, and new features. The method you use to update the server depends on how you configured HP Update. If you selected Automatically download and install updates when you configured HP Update, then you do not need to take further action.

    The server will install updates in the background as they are available. At the computer, double-click the Windows Home Server icon in the system tray and log on. Click Settings in the upper right of the Console. If an update is found it will be listed as something similiar to what is listed below. Click Next to start the install process and follow default choices to complete the software install.

    If you downloaded a software update from the www. Once the update is on the server, complete the following steps. Click the Check for updates link. After the install wizard checks for pending updates on your server, you will see the select package page where you can select the Search button. Click Select file then type the full path to the file that you copied to the server or select the Browse button to navigate to the file and select OK. Click Finish to start the install process and follow the default choices to complete the server software install.

    Click Rollback and then click Yes in the confirmation screen. Software firewalls installed on your computer can block this communication and prevent the computer from locating the HP StorageWorks Data Vault on your network. It is recommended that you set your firewall and anti-virus programs to " Learn " new programs before installing the HP StorageWorks Data Vault software.

    After the HP StorageWorks Data Vault software is installed, the firewall should prompt you to allow the installed programs to communicate with the server. Some firewall or anti-virus programs may not automatically update their trusted programs list. Instructions for manually updating several common firewall and anti-virus programs are listed below. If your firewall or anti-virus program is not listed, please contact the vendor to find out how to manually add programs to the trusted programs list.

    Additionally, see the documentation that came with your firewall or anti-virus program for the latest information. Double-click the Firewall button to configure the Firewall. Add the programs listed at the top of this page. To add exceptions to your firewall using Windows Vista, preform the following steps:. Click Start , Control Panel , and then Security. Click Allow a program through Windows Firewall. Select the Exceptions tab and then click Add Program. In the Add a Program dialog box, click Browse.

    To add exceptions to your firewall using Windows XP, preform the following steps:. Click Options in Norton to change the firewall settings. On the Personal Firewall page, click Add. Select the Program Control tab and then click Add. Click Browse and add the programs listed at the top of this page.

    Click Program Control , Programs. After running the Software Installation Disc on a computer it is automatically added to the list of computers that are backed up by the HP StorageWorks Data Vault each night. The entire computer is backed up by default. Select a computer and click Configure Backup. Follow the instructions in the Backup Configuration Wizard. Begin by finding out how much space your data currently occupies on your Local disk. When you set up Time Machine, the minimum backup disk size is automatically calculated for you. However, you may want to increase the backup disk size depending on how often you create or change files on your Mac.

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    How to install the Windows Home Server 2011 connector software

    Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Contents Introduction Introduction The HP MediaSmart Server is geared towards home users that need to manage, store, share, and protect an ever-increasing amount of digital content. Precious and often irreplaceable photos, music, videos, and other valuable documents are often scattered on various computers around the house or on remote web pages somewhere on the Internet.

    The desire to easily share your digital entertainment media and protect valuable documents demands a centralized repository that promotes sharing while providing protection from data loss. It seamlessly supports up to ten PCs over the household network, providing file sharing services, supporting web-based photo sharing, automatically backing up the PCs and as a center for digital entertainment e.

    Importantly, it also supports remote access to files and PCs from anywhere there is an Internet connection. But what about households that have Apple products?

    Run the Windows Home Server Console on your Mac

    There are some features that are accessible, but with limited functionality, and there are a few features that require a Windows-based system to access. This paper takes a look at those features, illustrates the differences, and describes ways to leverage the HP MediaSmart Server in a mixed operating system environment1. Figure 1. Note that Mac systems running some form of virtualization software e. The HP MediaSmart Server provides server functionality for family members—giving users convenient access to their digital content from anywhere they have access to their home network or the Internet.

    It also provides easy expansion of hard disk storage as needs grow, and without any complicated system-level commands. Design emphasis is on high performance network connectivity, quietness, and the ability to handle a large amount of disk storage supported by a range of interfaces.