This usually creates even more problems as many of these programs are outdated, low quality or conflict with each other. If you are not sure what to remove, download CCCP Insurgent, a little tool that will show you any codec packs already installed in your PC. There are many codec and filter packs around but the Combined Community Codec Pack is probably the best one. Installing it will provide system-wide support for dozens of audio and video formats and containers as well as soft subtitles rendering.

Installation is very straight forward, just download the file below and leave all options at default values. A restart is recommended afterwards to ensure that everything is property loaded. Its strong point is that it supports most media formats without needing any codecs or filters, it includes them already.

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And as you can see here the list of supported formats is not small. Well a good reason would be that all VLC does not install system-wide support for these media formats, you still need CCCP for Windows Explorer thumbnails, loading the videos in some editor or simply watch them in Windows Media Player.

And of course our aim is to create a system that will playback almost everything, so it's a good idea to have another player to try some file with, especially when others fail, miss some audio or subtitle stream or the playback quality or speed suffers. Even though CCCP provides support for some of the latest Quicktime formats and Real video format's use is very limited recently I suggest installing decent support for them as well. Of course we will not use the heavy and ad-filled official programs, instead we will install Quicktime Alternative and Real Alternative.

These two programs, while not official solutions will add support for those formats in your system without installing all the worthless junk you could have got by using the proper channels. Using the simple steps displayed above you should be able to have a system that is able to playback almost everything.

4 Ways to Fix VLC Does Not Support UNDF Format

If this is not the case lets check some extra solutions. Windows Media Format 11 Runtime. Panasonic DV Codec. They are very basic and straightforward.

Ultimate Video Playback Guide for Windows

You just need a little knowledge of the first two methods. But if you are new to the computer system, you can always go with the 3rd method.

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There might be bugs present in the folder, or even the whole file might happen to corrupt. It depends on the several factors including the site where you downloaded it from. Also, make sure that the file is completely downloaded.

If your file is alright, then the second thing you can try is updating your VLC media player. New bugs and virus are created every day, so it becomes essential to keep your software and devices updated to protect them from the malware. The latest update always comes with the new codec support which includes some of the recently developed codecs too. It also comes bugs fixed. It eliminates most of the causes of UNDF files.

About the K-Lite Codec Pack

Windows 10 File Explorer Crashing? It is the software which highly recommends for fixing UNDF errors.

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So, to fix it, you need to download the necessary codec. All these codecs are chosen by CCCP very carefully so that it will offer you a perfect video and audio support.

Follow these steps to download Combined Community Codec Pack:. Download Combine Community Codec Pack on your system. The data will open smoothly without any issue. These were the best suitable solution to the UNDF error.

Combined Community Codec Pack

And if nothing works, go with the third method. I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I tried by no luck.