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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Death of a Game: Age of Conan

The atmosphere and graphics are very nice. One of the things I hated about WoW and EQ2 were the childish, cartoon looking models for most of the environments and characters. I also like how brutal the game is, it makes you feel that the swords are made of steel and do actual damage to your target and not Nerf weapons that puts them to sleep after so many hitpoints are reached. It also has adult themes that i think are more fitting for the Fantasy genre.

Age of Conan: Unchained on Steam

The language is equally colorful and helps draw you into the dark Conan universe. The combat system forces you to engage at all times, you have to stay on your target and maneuver like you would in a real sword fight as opposed to auto aiming, clicking a few macros and forgetting about it. I know it has auto aim but this is turned off by default. After intensely hacking away at your cunning and murderous foes, you are occasionally rewarded with a fatality finishing move.

These are very brutal for the melee classes and reminds you that your character is chopping up people not touching up their make-up.

Age of Conan unchained

Also Fun-Com opened all the classes as well as allowing a lot of other extras that were once only available to paying customers. For a free game, this one has a lot to offer. I highly recommend playing it. The graphics in this game are amazing. The game is just awesome, indeed.

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The graphics are state of the art…. For AoC how is this different from WoW?

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You can play the game to X level, with limited features. Hell WoW gives you even more classes to try and less limitations. Only difference is in AoC the trial is open to level 80 and in wow to level SWToR model lets you try it for free to 50, than if you want to PvP or raid you need to sub to the game. I love the site but this is just wrong to put these games into F2P category. Friggin GW2 is more F2P than any of these games, and much better as a game too. Game is pretty much P2P. They boast that the game is F2P, but the F2P version only gives you 4 of the classes as well as a bunch of other annoying restrictions.

If you want to go for a trial game, I really recommend WoW over this — they let you play every class except for Death Knight it requires Cataclysm or something 8 races of the 11 races the other 3 also require Cataclysm.

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The game is awesome and is much better than WoW for sure i played WoW too so not being biased here. This is a R21 game with lots of blood and nudity. So i Play this game since And i can tell you the game isn Crap like hell or something else… yea it has his problems but it isnt bad at all… and one that i can say… u can get lvl 80 T1 raid clothes but now weapons because you cannot go to vistrix the third T1 boss… but!

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Something i totally forgot to mention. Jesus christ.. Also your character money limit is just 2 Gold. Also, the funniest part of the game, the Sieges,its total broken.. Guild who using siege hacks to win the battles or to crash to avoid the defeat. Game NOT worthing a single hour now to play and its Gigabytes. Old good AOC died after 1. BUT can you get any fun from this at all… if you just play for fun and not to be the best. I checked the ole account out of boredom, and the rhino is still there… but with only using basic mounts, is it rideable?

If a couple of breasts are all you need in a game to think of yourself as an adult I could recommend much better games with this with less intense graphics and better game play. The graphics are nice if you have the computer for it but everything else is pretty much the same beat em up, go go go, level, PvP crap as always. Not a WoW clone? How old are you? The game has always shown breasts except in europe, where they are apparenlty less prudish, and got full frontal nudity. Check out our initial thoughts in advance of the full review.

We take a sneak peek at Rise of the Godslayer, the next update for Age of Conan. Enter the Kara Korum wastelands and explore the mysterious crater in this video for Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer. Will the great walls protect Khitai from the evil on the other side, or will it just keep the evil trapped within the walls? Find out more in this new You're Good to Go! The most si online game ever.

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