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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Steganos Privacy Suite

Added: an ability to open and edit files stored on online connections. Added: an ability to open and edit files in archives except for RAR. Added: an ability to open and edit files on MTP devices. Added: support for Box. Added: support for Backblaze.

Maxthon for Mac

Added: an ability to choose server endpoint for Amazon S3. Added: support for new regions in Amazon S3: cn-north-1 Beijing, eu-north-1 Stockholm. Added: Microsoft Cloud Germany office. Added: support for encryption on online connections. Added: support for Dropbox Business.

Added: support for Google Team Drives. Added: support for Finder Tags. Added: support for dark mode on macOS Added: Italian and Portuguese localizations. Added: an ability to select a UI language in preferences.

CryptoForge - Descargar

Added: an ability to configure appearance of the built-in preview. Improved: functionality of operations queue. Improved: operation speed of WebDAV connection. Improved: the icons size changes when adjusting the font size. Improved: work with MTP devices. Lots of other minor fixes and improvements thank you for your continued feedback! Almost good enough to switch from Crax, but missing a few important features.

Monta imágenes de disco como unidades reales

No way to "open in other" - open a selected directory in the other window useful for quickly moving files to a subdirectory. No multi-rename feature.

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It's a good app, and you get a lot in the free version. Just needs one or two more features to go over the top. Thank you for posting such a positive review. Let me please comment on three points you've mentioned: 1. There is an option to sort folders on the top. Totalmente funcional para cualquier programa, hasta para el mismo AppLocker!

Encriptación avanzada de archivos y textos

Pros: Muy ligero, sencillo de configurar y utilizar. No se minimiza a la bandeja. Navega con Brave. EXE No necesita estar abierto para bloquear los archivos. EXE No permite arrastrar aplicaciones. AppLocker te permite bloquear el acceso a determinadas aplicaciones de Windows. IMLock Seguridad y privacidad para Windows.

FileLock Protege con una clave cualquier tipo de fichero. ClearLock Bloqueo transparente para el Escritorio. Descargar AppLocker 1.