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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Check it regularly, if you're bored. Safari 3. We've put a lot of work into this bad boy We think we've got a lot to offer, with new features almost weekly. Check out some of ooTunes' features. But if there are some features you'd like to see us add, please let us know! You can stream all your stuff FM, seeqpod, and internet radio stations all on the go.

You can drag and drop selected songs too If you use Safari on Mac we've written several applescripts check inside the ooTunes package: ooTunes. Also, they can show the currently playing song with its album art using Growl. Sure, as long as you have the right to distribute it. Contact us , and we'll be happy to put it up and link to your site. Oh, you will be don't worry, after you hack into the mainframe and open a port or two in the firewall, you'll be cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.

Other trademarks, graphics, and logos used on this webpage may be the trademarks of their respective owners. This FAQ Sucks! Give me some real help! What is ooTunes? Can I listen to radio streams on my iphone?

How do I add a station to ooTunes? Can I use ooTunes with Airtunes to listen to internet radio or last.

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What does "IMAP for music" mean? What are ooTunes' features? What are ooTunes' requirements? I thought this "interweb" thingamajiggy was supposed to be free? Are there any hotkeys? Can I get my music featured on your demo? But, I'm not really a nerd?

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They don't contain all the code, just the one file you need. Get the latest one from here: github. Lourdes: The way Lastify works is very specific to the way Mac software is built, so it would be tricky to make a Windows version. Personally I don't do much Windows development, but any Windows developers are very welcome to try and if my code would help it's all freely available on GitHub.

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Hi, since the upgrade to Spotify 0. Is there an update or a workaround for this?

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Toby: You just need to grab the latest version from here: github. Am I doing something wrong? Im probably missing something very obvious but i dont know what it is. Great idea! But I don't know how to get it started? I'm new to this, so maybe I'm doing it wrong. Similar problem for me.

Used to get message that it couldn't be loaded with older version. No message now that updated to latest version but nothing happens at all. Please help! Scrobbler installation and usage

Lastify is not working with the latest version of Spotify. Something's changed within Spotify which is preventing Lastify from loading, but I've not had time to properly dig into it yet. I'll keep you updated. See this blog post explaining the difference between the 3. The page you are currently viewing will no longer be updated and is being kept online for historical purposes only.

Version history Confused by the version numbers? Remove "Unregister" button from user interface to avoid unintended unregistrations. Provide means of entering new serial number when upgrading from a very old license. Remove old code paths to reduce disk and memory footprint.

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Remove duplicate classes across different bundles, reducing disk and memory footprint as well as silencing some console warnings. Eliminate all Interface Builder warnings about geometry clipped views and inappropriate settings.

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Fix warnings issued by new compiler. Eliminate unnecessary local variable clearing. Fix two minor resource leaks discovered by static analysis. Internal reorganization. New menu item in the Synergy Global Menu for conveniently disabling and enabling last. Remove out-of-date localized resources, providing a reduced disk footprint. Trim disk and memory footprint by removing code used only on older versions of the operating system. Update WOPublic open source component to latest version robustness improvements.

Qualified for use with iTunes 8. Display title in preferences window fixes bug Removed some out-of-date localized resources. Lots of back-end refactoring required by migration of some code into the WOPublic open source repository. Universal Binary version of login-tool used by installer ; necessary for compatibility with Snow Leopard. Speed up cover art retrieval. Note: the crashes caused by NSAppleScript under Garbage Collection remain; Apple has confirmed that this is a Leopard bug and intends to fix it, although hasn't announced when the fix will be made available.

If you are experiencing these crashes often with this alpha release you may consider switching to the stable 3. For a list of code-level changes for this release see either the short summary or the detailed log. Fix corrupt Portuguese localizable strings. Scrobbler

Update all other localizable strings files. Note: iTunes 7. For a partial list of code-level changes for this release see either the short summary or the detailed log. Drop use of NSAppleScript in several places seeing as it appears to cause crashes under Garbage collection see bug , "NSAppleScript freaks out under Garbage Collection" ; this is not a total replacement of all NSAppleScript use, but it is start and should hopefully reduce the number of crashes seen in the previous alpha seed.

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Add "Edit" menu to Synergy Preferences application; without this users couldn't conveniently copy and paste in their registration information. Qualified for use with iTunes 7. For a partial list of code-level changes for this release see either the short summary or the detailed log ; a future modification to the build chain will enable the production of complete changelogs rather than partial extracts.

Fix inappropriate localization in Synergy Preferences menus items appearing in Spanish which should have been in English caused by new behaviour in the new Interface Builder that comes with Leopard see bug , "Synergy Preferences. Connect Help menu in Synergy Preferences to online documentation. Include upgrade notes in the accompanying README file basically, no explicit upgrade action is required on the part of the user; Synergy automatically detects old installations and offers to clean them up.