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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Sometimes, the only way out it getting a new Mac, but most of the cases can be fixed with the right software or system commands. It could have been an accidental glitch in the program, but if it keeps freezing or spreads further to other software and services, you need to look deeper.

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Reset or reinstall the freezing application. Some of them could be the reason why the spinning wheel showed up, so if you leave them the issue will stay. If the beach ball keeps rolling when you use the app again, reinstall it completely by pressing Uninstall instead or Reset.

Important: if you have a licence for the paid app, makes sure to save the number somewhere. One of the reasons for the wheel to show up could be that your Mac is getting old.

The Spinning Beach Ball of Death

To check the CPU usage, turn to Activity monitor. The bottom table shows System load in percentage.

IMac hangs and shows a spinning wheel after time machine full restore

Just a heavily loaded hard drive, with lots of large files can already cause troubles with loading. Fix: Hard drive cleanup.

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  4. How to Stop Mac Spinning Wheel of Death.
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  7. How to Stop ‘Spinning Wheel’ on Mac.

You can get CleanMyMac X and in free up tons of space in a few minutes. Another possible hardware issue is insufficient Random Access Memory.

What is the Significance of the stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac?

In the Memory tab, you can see Memory pressure table with a graph. Fix: You can upgrade RAM by buying and installing more of it. How To. Blog How To News.

What to do When You Get Mac’s Spinning Rainbow Wheel

Hit Return or Enter to search. How to Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac. Darina Stavniychuk. It's possible the SPOD isn't being caused by the suspected app, but by another app or daemon that may be running in the background. You can usually tell if a specific app, such as Safari, is causing the slowdown by bringing another app to the foreground.

Spinning Beach Ball On A MacBook Pro? Here’s How to Fix | Tom's Guide Forum

If the spinning pinwheel or beachball cursor goes away but returns when you bring the Safari app back to the front, then it's likely Safari that is having an issue. But if the SPOD continues when you switch to another app, then another app is causing the problem. This opens up a wide range of possible causes. It could be just about any third-party app that installs a background process that is always running, such as many of the anti-virus apps out there. It could also be one of Apple's own processes, including Spotlight, which can bring a Mac to its knees when it's creating or rebuilding the Spotlight index.

Look for processes with the names " mds ", " mdworker ", or " mdimport "; these are all part of the MetaData Server process used by the Spotlight app. Use the Search bar in Activity monitor to find all the processes that have "md" in their names. You can try waiting for the process to end, though it can take a long time if Spotlight is indexing a new drive, a clone you just made, or some other event that has caused a large change in the data storage your Mac has access to.

Remember, when you turn Spotlight indexing back on for the selected drive or folder, the indexing will start from the beginning. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated January 31, At the Terminal prompt, enter the following command. This is a single line; some browsers may show this command spanning multiple lines.

How to stop the spinning color wheel on a Mac

Press Enter or Return. You will be asked for an administrator account password. You should now be able to use that application without encountering the SPOD. Select the CPU tab. Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.