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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

That processor choice on the "loaded" box makes no sense. Think about what a HTPC does: video and music. Music takes practically no CPU, so video is the only possibly difficult operation.

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There are two different types of video: local and remote. For anything local, all decent video players have GPU decoding for all difficult formats i. Internet is a different story, because Flash is still prevalent for playing video. Furthermore, with Windows which almost all of these units will run , there is hardware decoding support in Flash. For what possible task is the high-end CPU designed?

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Storage might be upgraded, but for all serious users, network storage is expected. In the end, it's unimpressive to me. I'm very happy with my Linux workstation running mediatomb UPnP server and painlessly sharing content to the PS3, iPad, iPhone, and laptop Samba also available in my home. Hello, a dell with an AMD processor? In a tiny, attractive form factor? It'll be less than a quarter of the size and much quieter than my current self bult box. The answer to your question is so obvious, I'm surprised you even asked. What would be cool if Ars bought it and reviewed it.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD Review

Not sure what this is The CPU is good for transcoding, running higher-def video that's not hardware accelerated for whatever reason, heavy web pages, plus all the usual antivirus-type bullshit. Basically to make the computer "snappy. No PCIe slot? I mean, I get that this is a special-purpose machine but there are case manufacturers that manage to fit semi-standard parts and leave some upgradability even if it's just slots , and I wish Dell had done something similar.

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It just has Intel graphics though so no gaming. Finding an appropriate cable for this might be rather difficult, however, because Apple once again has chosen a special solution here. Those who don't do the hassle of figuring out this whole setting-up-an-additional-HDD business might want to order the two-hard-drive model right off the bat. The exact specifics about that model can, as always, be found on Apples Homepage. As usual, the ports work a bit better or worse depending on whether you're running Mac OS or Windows.

There's a noticeable improvement in Firewire speeds under Mac OS for one see image. The wireless internet connection via W-LAN Those preferring a landline internet connection have gigabit LAN Ethernet to fall back on. The receiver for Apple's Remote is built-in at the front, but the remote itself has to be ordered separately. Also not included are a mouse and keyboard. Normal keyboards and mice are, nevertheless, compatible and easy to use.

A few slight differences in the Mac keyboard layout might take some getting used to, though. The processing power of the Mac mini can be called good overall, especially considering its range of uses. Depending on the task at hand, the available RAM of 2 GB DDR and the mediocre hard drive even for notebooks might make for some loading times, however. Nevertheless, thanks to the removable base plate and low RAM prices, upgrading the memory is no huge or pricy task.

The CPU runs really fast, is great for most programs and even gets file conversions done quickly. With Badaboom 2.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

That is, we converted the film down to an iPhone-compatible resolution of x pixels. We didn't test any games.

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We expect these might be as playable as on the MBP 13 with 2. The noise level stays fairly low with only the fan going, which is only noticeable in quieter work environments. With more intense tasks, the hard drive shows its bad side and produces a good deal of noise. How noticeable the Mac mini will make its presence depends largely on where you put it. In any case, it'll take a lot not to notice it at all. The power consumption levels impress a good deal though. While small in size, the Inspiron Zino HD is a big performer with:.

A basic Inspiron Zino without High-Definition capability or upgrade options will be offered in some regions.

While small in size, the Inspiron Zino HD is a big performer with: Ultra-small form factor designed to fit almost anywhere. Easy personalization with nine color choices for Inspiron Zino HD. Up to 1TB internal hard disk storage. Optional TV tuner, wireless keyboard and mouse. Built in 2. Energy-Star 5.