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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

A previous post of mine goes into how to install it across platforms.

Windows Console

The digital modes you most readily find and able to decode on HF are used in Amateur Radio. In essence, Fldigi allows your soundcard to be used as a modem for receiving an sending a range of digital modes. For Linux releases, search and install Fldigi from your distribution repository. First time you run Fldigi you will be walked through the installation wizard.

SdrDx – Software Defined Radio (SDR) App for Mac OS X |

If you have an Amateur Radio license, answer the relevant files in the questions presented. Otherwise leave callsign blank and click next through the wizard screens insuring at the Audio Device screen PortAudio is checked and the relevant sound card is selected. To pipe audio-out from one application to audio-in of another application we need to setup an intermediate sound interface.

CW is arguably the original digital mode. Note you may have to find other digital mode decoding software for modes Fldigi does not support. I read there is a hardware mode using a jumper from the sma connector to pin 1 and also a software mod.

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I have never actually seen anything published that was successful. I was unable to find a good download that worked on any platform. My aim is to decode DRM. I saw the hardware mods too. The program was just not happy with the external radio tuner bits. Trying to figure out if I had bad hardware, I watched a couple of YouTube videos to see if I had missed any switchology. As of spring , the Linux and MacOS versions are comparable in features and usability. The App contents include a shell script to start the app from the terminal, the floating point tuning utility, the RTL-SDR test tool, and other odds and ends.

The code came up as advertised.

New features

The radio came up as advertised. I set up the radio ensuring the filter was open.

RTL-SDR Dongle and GQRX on Mac OS X

I tuned to a local NOAA weather station. I tuned to WHRV. I tuned to WHRO. The FM-stereo detector is scratchy. The FM-mono detector is quite good. The Narrow Band FM detector is quite good. Weather radio never sounded so clean.

SdrDx – Software Defined Radio (SDR) App for Mac OS X

This with a 2 meter quarter wave fixed length whip installed. Over the years, the IA architecture has accumulated a number of vector instruction sets and trigonometric function implementations. Since GQRX makes heavy use of digital filtering and the Fast Fourier transform to do convolutions time domain convolution is frequency domain multiplication , SDR performance can be enhanced by linking the proper vector-trig libraries with the application, usually by symbolic link trickery rather than by rebuilding and relinking the image. The Ubuntu Linux installation instructions explain how to test the host floating point performance to set up GQRX for optimized trig function vector math.

Note that these instructions are specific to Intel hardware on the Linux OS with current compilers. The tool bar has the following buttons of interest.

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Not much happens until you toggle the play button to the playing state. Once set to playing, the spectrum analyzer will begin updating and there will be audio output. At the top is a frequency display. Under the frequency display is a waterfall showing the frequency across, intensity in pseudo-color, and time running down the display.

The radio can be tuned by clicking or dragging on this display. At a minimum, GQRX must be configured to select an available radio tuner from those connected to or installed in the host. The PCI card button opens the dialog used to select and configure the hardware. Some settings are common to all tuners.

Others may be hardware specific. Selecting a tuner type will load the presets configured for that tuner. Select the tuner configuration tool from the tool bar. This dialog lets you select the hardware radio USB dongle here. You will see an entry like this. Pick the best match device from the Device drop down.

Making this selection should set the other entries to values appropriate to this device. Confirm that the bandwidth is greater than 0. One MHz appears to be a good starting value. Too small and there is nothing to process. Too big and things get noisy. Once you have a contact, adjust this setting for best reception. The pane to the right of the spectrum analyzer shows the current radio processing options. Three tabs allow setting of input controls, Receiver options, and fast Fourier transform settings for the spectrum analyzer.

Three controls at the top of the pane are of the most interest. The defaults are reasonable. Leave this set to zero MHz for direct reception. When unchecked, the slider sets the RF amplifier gain. Use AGC unless it is badly behaved for a contact.

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