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They have all sorts of displays, games, and foods that showcase different aspects of the Vietnamese culture. This one, for example, shows bus no. However, the buses that run along Ham Nghi street to Tan Cang and Van Thanh will have to be rerouted since Ham Nghi is used for the main flower street - I don't know the details, but I'm sure they will be running. Operating time of Ben Thanh market during Tet Notes: Last year, most of the outside stalls remained opened through the early evening of Tet's Eve. For what it is worth: you can visit any major market in Vietnam and pretend you've been to the Ben Thanh market.

They are more or less the same, except the layout of Ben Thanh differs slightly from most of the others.

TBT - Văn phòng Thông báo và Hỏi đáp Quốc gia về Tiêu chuẩn Đo lường Chất lượng

You can still shoot nice pictures of Ben Thanh from the outside. It is quite an icon in that part of Saigon. An event called "Pho Ong Do" Ancient calligraphy street had kicked off on Feb 7 and will last thru the 17th. I only kept 6 from the list, and add 4 place markers instead; hopefully to better clarify the directions. This is toward the river side of the Cho Lon area, which you can incorporate into the trip mentioned in post The place marked as "Ben Binh Dong' is just to denote the general area, as the authority move the docking area from year to year.

If you take a taxi, the driver will know how to get to "Cho hoa ben Binh Dong" the flower market along the Binh Dong wharf.


Free "Banh Xeo" are available between 19hh until the 15th another news agency give a different date, the 17th, so ask around. There are food stalls there anyway in case you miss the free food. There will be all kinds of traditional games, music, displays, food stalls similar to a fair, which is exactly what it is. This year, they also have a dozen boats in the man-made crescent lake as a miniature replica of the floating markets in the Mekong.

For the shoppers, the Crescent mall is having some big sales until midnight on New Year's Eve. Too many events to list, including water puppet, "ao dai" fashion shows, Traditional Tet food, dragon dance, etc.

Speaking of floating markets, the next place marker is there to show the area near the Tan Thuan bridge. The Binh Dong market is just seasonal Tet only , while this " Saigon " floating market operates year-round, from 6h to 22h. Last on the map is the museum of fine arts which is just a few blocks from the Ben Thanh market, the back packer area and the Ham Nghi flower festival street. Also, note that with the flower festival being staged along Ham Nghi street this year, the central bus station nearby is not in operation during Tet. Many of them will be at the park right there; others will start at the Me Linh park instead.

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Da Nang History

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Người Sài Gòn 'xí chỗ' ngắm pháo hoa giao thừa

Subdivisions of Vietnam. District level subdivisions Commune level subdivisions List of cities. Cities in Vietnam. Hanoi Ho Chi Minh. World's 50 most-populous urban areas.

THVL - Nhịp sống đồng bằng: Lễ hội hoa xuân Sa Đéc

Nha Trang. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Source 2: World Meteorological Organization rainfall [32]. District 1. District 2. District 3. District 4. District 5. District 6. District 7. District 8. In March , American marine units landed and started to set up a big military complex. The city was defined as a centrally governed city in , and accordingly American troops and the Saigon government built up Danang into a political, military and cultural center of the 1st and 2nd tactical zones.

Military bases and such infrastructure as the airport, ports, warehouses, roads, public works, communication stations, and banks were constructed. Industries flourished, resulting in the substitution by industrial zones of handicraft workshops. For example, Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone was used for oxygen, acetylene and detergent production, grind and textiles industries.

However, the devastating war made thousands of rural people flee in refugee camps. Urban slums appeared, social evils increased and production came to a standstill. Located next to an important seaport on the west bank of the Han River, Da Nang has been on maps since the 16th century. Cua Han, another name of the land, was popular with the public and Europeans at that time. This name is close in meaning to the Han River and was seen on 17th century maps. The name Kean was also used on a famous map made by Father Alexandre de Rhodes in In addition, in the years of French colonialism, Da Nang was called Tourane.

It was an official administrative name at that time and has been used by many Europeans until now. European maps, books and notes in the 16th, 17th, 18th centuries mentioned such place names as Turon, Toron, Taraon, Touan, Touane, Touron andTourane.