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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac via AnyTrans

As a full-way iOS content management tool, AnyTrans for iOS is equipped with many incomparable features that help you transfer music from iPhone to Mac with great ease. Check some main features below:. Now just free download AnyTrans for iOS to your computer and then follow the steps below to transfer music from iPhone to Mac with ease. Free Download. Step 3. Here are the specific steps. Open AnyTrans on your iPhone, on the upper right corner, there are two icons.

Tap the scan icon to scan the QR code on your computer to connect with it. Wait till it appears on your iPhone in Music App, but you should make sure you have chosen the option of instant downloading for your purchases, otherwise, you can only stream it from iCloud. How to transfer music previously purchased to iPhone and how to transfer music stored on your Mac to iPhone. Connect your iPhone to Mac. Launch iTunes. Scan your iPhone for media files.

Before you begin

Transfer your music to iPhone. This app scans your local music library on your Mac and adds some particular tracks by artist and name to your iCloud storage. Later you can open your Library in Music App on iPhone, pick a track and tick the option of storing the song on your device by tapping near the selected track, otherwise, you will only be able to stream without being able to play the song offline.

Top 4 Ways on How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac OS X Instantly

Not all music is available on iTunes though. You have to bear in mind that some tracks, for instance on SoundCloud, are even available for download. All in all, iTunes is an excellent tool if your like to limit yourself to music purchased on iTunes and don't crave for much more. This process is also time-consuming because you have to perform too many actions and deal with too elaborate settings just to make sure that the music is on your iPhone.

It's available to VOX users exclusively and serves as an unlimited music cloud storage for all your collections regardless of their size or format. It syncs Mac and iPhone and doesn't compress or convert your audio files thus preserves the quality of the playback. Just look at this beautiful bit rate. If you want to export all music files to Mac, you can choose " Check All " option to select all at one time.

After exporting, you can open the output folder to transfer it to other device or use it in other places as you like. If you want to share music with another iPhone, you can also transfer music from iPhone to iPhone as well.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac? (Top 4 Ways)

For your reference, you might check the video tutorial on how to transfer music from iPhone to Mac below:. To transfer music from iPhone to Mac computer, iTunes should be a good choice for you. As is known to all, iTunes store provides iOS device users with numerous music songs, movies and videos of the latest releases. So it is quite natural that many iPhone users will go to iTunes Store to download songs and videos to their iPhone devices as wanted. Also, you can consider exporting purchased music songs and other files to the computer by relying on iTunes.

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Here, you are warmly to have the latest iTunes version. Then choose the " Transfer Purchases from iPhone " option from the drop-down menu. Note: Only purchased music can be chosen for transferred via iTunes. However, it works only if you have joined in the Apple Music with cost and turned on the iCloud Music Library.

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If you have, you might transfer music between iPhone and Mac wirelessly when you sign into the two devices with the same Apple ID. Go to " General " section, tick off the " iCloud Music Library " option to turn it on. How to Transfer Videos from Mac to iPhone. If you are familiar with Airdrop, you can also think of using Airdrop to transfer music from iPhone to Mac.