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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Mac OS X Lion, How to enable screen zoom shortcut

Thanks for the info you saved me a ton! MacOS zoom: How to zoom in and zoom out a Mac screen. By Alvin Alexander.

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Last updated: August 7 Look in Preferences Preferences on older Macs. How to insert text with a custom TextMate Bundle snippet. How to jump to a screen location using a mouse click with iTerm2?

Whole display screen is zoomed in! How do… - Apple Community

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Why learn gestures?

Navigate to "System" and choose "Universal Access. Choose the "Seeing" tab. View the center section that has "Zoom" options.

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If Zoom is turned off, click the button to turn it on. View the short cuts to zoom out, by pressing the "Command," "Option" and minus sign buttons at once.

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You can zoom in by pressing Command, option and equals plus signs simultaneously. Learn the zoom short cut to turn the function on and off without going into Universal Access. You can press option, Command and number 8 while you are on the desktop to control this function. If your zoom function isn't working, your zoom is most likely turned off.

Method 2.

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Roll the mouse wheel up to zoom in while pressing Control. Roll the mouse wheel down to zoom out while pressing Control. Method 3. Take 2 fingers and swipe upward on the track pad simultaneously to zoom in. Take 2 fingers, press the Control key and swipe down on the track pad to zoom out.

Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion – Magnifying the screen

Method 4. Press the plus sign to zoom in. The browser will zoom incrementally the more times you press the plus sign. Press the minus sign while you hold the Command key to zoom out. Press the minus sign repeatedly to keep zooming out.

How to learn to use gestures in Lion

The browser method does not zoom other programs outside of your browser. It is simply to view web pages differently. Although the main browser programs, like Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox use this system of short cuts to zoom, other browsers may not react in the same way.