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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

You get the feeling that the experiences Cottrill recounts are firsts for her, so vivid and formative are her memories.

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In spite of its title, the central theme of Immunity is fragility. When reconciling these liminal states proves difficult, if not impossible, Cottrill turns inward to find a sense of certainty to hold fast to. D espite the challenges of finding something original to say about romance, How Do You Love?

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The back half of How Do You Love? By the closing title track, a rave-up with a shout-along chorus, Night has been through the darkness and come out the other side. The message seems to be that love is difficult, but not impossible, and the rewards are sublime. Throughout, these songs depict human connection in all its messy glory, making the case that the glory is worth the mess. Instead, the album derives its power from a massive synthesizer sound and rhythm section. Segall plays all the drums that appear on the left stereo channel of the mix, while longtime collaborator Charles Moothart plays the right-channel percussion.

The instrumentation also features such seldom-heard fare as bouzouki, electric omnichord, and koto. The result is an album that finds Segall expanding his sound while holding onto the blissed-out maximalist streak that has defined his work to date. His voice, impassioned and vividly expressive, suggests an instrument itself throughout First Taste , a key element of its overall musical texture, with the music and lyrics achieving a powerful synergy. Fresh-faced and bespectacled, the year-old—who performs under the moniker Cuco—cuts an unassuming, almost nerdy figure, and his music, driven by his trademark self-deprecation and endless encounters with heartbreak, is ever so relatable.

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Although his early mixtapes drifted into garden-variety indie-pop territory, Cuco harnesses his potential on Para Mi , an unguarded self-portrait that, from its unabashed confessionalism to its Spanglish lyrics, is inextricably tied to his identity. Like that of bedroom-pop cohorts Joji and Clairo, his music bears the influence of vaporwave. Thick walls of synth fill the album, and the cover art is awash in the garish colors that characterize the microgenre.

Throughout Para Mi , Cuco dives headfirst into psychedelia, using it as a prompt to try on more experimental sounds, as well as a lens through which to observe his personal feelings. His Twitter handle is Icryduringsex.

Though the better part of Para Mi was ostensibly written with romantic interests in mind, the songs, so anchored to fixed experiences, have come to represent universal lessons learned. With Fever Dream , however, the Icelandic quintet emerges from a four-year break with a sound that veers radically from the flannel-textured indie-folk they established on those first two releases. Gone are the mythological themes that infused their previous songs, and glossed over is the elemental imagery that, in the past, conjured lush sylvan mountainsides and vaulted skies.

Despite its bombast and awkward inconsistencies, though, the album displays a keen attention to vocal nuances. In a rare moment for the album, the combination of subtle electronic beeps and slight touches of Auto-Tune on the latter track evoke a strikingly visceral scene of self-reflection and the chill ache of regret. For a group whose songs typically brim with rustic intimacy and traverse the wild, sprawling landscapes of both the head and heart, their latest feels like it sold off those land rights and opted for the lurid electric shimmer of the city.

The singer-songwriter opts to spend the entirety of the album strenuously avoiding his strengths.

B roadly speaking, Ed Sheeran makes two types of songs. A few of these collaborations succeed thanks to their limited ambitions. Still, a few of the new songs broaden his musical palette successfully. Too often here, Sheeran feels like a supporting player, especially when he strays from his wheelhouse. And when Sheeran trots out his bad-boy routine, his music feels ersatz. The preponderance of songs where he attempts to sound cool are a rainbow of embarrassing silliness.

The song is basically one big strawman boast track.

Ultimately, these songs get about as far as each guest takes them. The lyrics make L. The song encapsulates the problem with the album as a whole: For whatever reason, Sheeran opts to spend the entirety of No. W ith their seventh album, Order in Decline , Sum 41 has wisely ditched the snotty, smart-aleck pop-punk that launched their career in the late s and reset their equalizer to the full-throated, gravel-meets-bone howl of hardcore rock. From start to finish, Order in Decline exudes all the studded-jacket braggadocio of a band in total control.

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Gone is their stubborn dependence on fuzzy distortion and speedy tempos from the pop-punk playbook. In their place, the band has tightened the screws to extract a darker, burlier sound worthy of Bullet for My Valentine or Rise Against. The meticulous attention to details and fine-tuned aggression brings a hard-won confidence and swagger to each track. Ten amped-up tracks provide just the right amount of time to savor but not tire of its focused intensity. T hom Yorke has spent the last plus years giving expression to his technophobia.

The belief that the bright, shiny gadgets that surround us might not actually present a net positive for humanity pervades his output both as the frontman of Radiohead and as a solo artist.

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But Anima still achieves a sonic and thematic through line. Goodbye baby English Say you Will. Greek Italian. Gypsy English Mirage I loved another woman English. Landslide English Fleetwood Mac []. Little Lies English Tango in the Night Monday Morning English Fleetwood Mac.

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Mystified English Tango in the Night Oh daddy English Rumours. Oh Well English Single German Serbian. Rhiannon English Fleetwood Mac. Sandy Mary English. Sara English Tusk. Italian Spanish Turkish. Greek Turkish. Second Hand News English Rumours German Hungarian. Seven Wonders English Tango in the Night []. Serbian Spanish Turkish. Silver Spring English. Hungarian 1 2 Serbian Spanish.

Songbird English Rumours Storms English Tusk.