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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Michael Potuck. Facebook announced its major design overhaul named FB5 last week with some of the changes arriving right away to users on the mobile apps. FB5 includes a much lighter aesthetic and removes most of the dark blue theming from the platform. However, the old dark blue logo remained until today.

The new color also matches the Messenger app icon. We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements. Well, minimizing an app works one window at a time while hiding the app works on all its windows at once. Also, you can bring up hidden apps via the app switcher i.

In all macOS applications including Finder, one menu holds the key to hide and display various toolbars: the View menu. By toolbars, we mean the tab bar, sidebars, the title bar, and so on. Of course, certain toolbars are application specific. As you switch between apps, the View menu gets updated to match the active app.

Look for the keyboard shortcut listed next to various options in the View menu and memorize the ones for the toolbars you toggle often. Read More if you can never remember the default ones. Third-party apps also use the View menu to give you control over toolbars. Some apps scatter the toolbar controls across multiple menus. You can usually hide individual sidebar elements via their right-click menu. The items in the iTunes Library section, for example. If you know how to hide menu bar icons, you know how to get rid of toolbar icons — the process is similar.

You can hold Cmd and drag the icons off the toolbar one by one.

But wait, there's more!

To hide a sidebar item in Finder, all you have to do is click on the Remove from Sidebar option from its right-click menu. This works for the sidebar items under all the four sections: Favorites , Shared , Devices , and Tags. You can also do away with sidebar elements by Command -dragging them one by one out of the sidebar. When you want to get rid of a bunch of sidebar items at once, try this faster method instead. This works only for the system-specified sidebar items except for tags. The services you see listed in any right-click menu depend on what you have clicked or selected.

Read More and the ones that come bundled with third-party apps also show up in this list, and you can hide those too. These show up as colorful bubbles in the right-click menu for Finder folders and files.

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A Finder setting controls the visibility of desktop items like hard disks and external drives. As for the other desktop icons such as file, folder, or app shortcuts you can hide them from the desktop by moving them to another folder on your Mac. You can access the original files either from Finder or Spotlight.

What about hiding all desktop icons in one shot? The standard way to do it is with a couple of Terminal commands. Open the Terminal application and execute the following command:.

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Now for the easy way out! Get an app like HiddenMe to banish icons from the desktop with a single click or hot key. Here's how to clean up your Mac desktop for a better work environment. Read More. The Share menu pops up in three places within various apps on your Mac: the File menu, the toolbar, and the right-click menu. A few of the options are uneditable though and will appear grayed out.

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You can also jump to Share menu settings by clicking on the More… option in the menu itself. Click on the Edit button in the Today tab of the Notification Center to hide any of the widgets on display or to add some. Spotlight splits up your search results into categories like Applications and Documents.

Hiding the unnecessary ones is painless. Open the Terminal app and execute this command:. Deselect the category to stop it from showing up in Spotlight search.

How to Create Shortcuts to Websites on a Desktop for a Mac |

Switch to the Privacy tab in the Spotlight settings pane to add folders that you would like to keep out of search results. You need a go-to workflow for it. The default method for hiding files and folders on a Mac involves Terminal commands. Hit the shortcut again and the files go back to being invisible. Read More stumbles upon them or goes in search of them. Not a foolproof solution, as you can see.

If you deal with hidden data often , consider installing a point-and-click app like Hide Folders Free or DesktopUtility Free. It will speed up the process of creating hidden files and toggling their visibility.

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This section can fill up fast if you experiment with apps on a regular basis. Right-click on any app you want to hide from the Purchased list and select the Hide Purchase… option that appears. In these times, notifications are public enemy number one.