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It may look to the untrained eye I'm sitting on my arse all day And I'm biding my time until I take you all on my Lords and Ladies I will prevail, I cannot fail. Cause I spy. Oh I've got your numbers taken notes and all the ways your minds work out. I've studied and your mind's just the same as mine except that you're just clever swines You never let masks slip, you never admit to it, you're never hurried.

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Oh no no no. And every night I hold my plan how I'll get my satisfaction How I will blow your paradise away away away ooh. It's just like in the old days - I used to compose my own critical notices in my head.

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The crowd gasps at Cocker's masterful control of the bicycle Skilfully avoiding the dog turd next to the corner shop. Imagining a blue plaque above the place I first ever felt a girl's breasts, the whole 'nana. You've got to wait for the best. You see you should take me seriously. Very seriously indeed.

Letras de Mac Mall

Cause I've been sleeping with your wife for the past sixteen weeks Smoking your cigarettes, drinking your brandy, messing up the bed you chose together. And in all that time I just wanted you to come home unexpectedly one afternoon And catch us at it in the front room. You see I spy for a living and I specialise in revenge On taking the things I know will cause you pain. I can't help it, I was dragged up. My favourite park's a car park, grass is something you smoke, birds is something you shag.

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Take your year in Provence and shove it right up your arse. Your Ladbroke Grove looks turn me on, yeah. Jealous-ass muthfafuckas Yo, we tryina come real about the fetti though Hell yeah That's right Check this out You know we all about that money, man Got no time to be trippin on that stupid shit Little old biaatch Ah, it's goin down That's right But anyway Who finna serve em some of that old pimp shit, man?

They just touched it on that 6th bar of them 32 muthafuckin bars You muthafuckin busta-ass niggas with complexes Broke punk-ass muthafuckas that always got your muthafuckin nose Into somebody else shit Now what you need to be doin Is gettin your own muthafuckin game tight You understand me? And eh - youknowmsayin Put some fetti in your own muthafuckin pockets 'stead of runnin round here talkin bout what the fuck is we doin Youknowmsayin?

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