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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

But the best part about Kindle for Mac? You don't even need a Kindle to read books. You can simply use the app to turn your devices into a Kindle e-reader. The free app creates an icon on the right side of your menu bar.


If you click the icon, your Mac's screen will stay powered up, preventing the screen saver, screen dimmer or sleep setting. This app is ideal when watching movies or consuming longreads on your desktop. You won't have to wiggle the mouse to keep your computer powered up anymore -- simply turn on Caffeine and you're good to go. CheatSheet is extremely useful for program navigation.

The app grants you access to an encyclopedia of hot keys for whichever program you're using; however, it pops up whenever you press certain keys, so it's a bit disruptive when using it at first. CloudApp is a neat way to share files with coworkers and friends.

After installing the app, simply drag and drop a document to the cloud icon. CloudApp generates a short URL that you can post online, email or chat to someone. Although you can only see five files links at a time with the CloudApp Mac app, the web app version gives you access to a higher number of files. Dropbox is an exceptional file-storage app.

When you save a file to Dropbox, you can access it from any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Starring a file on Dropbox lets you access it offline as well. The free app comes with 2.

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You can also earn MB of storage for free by completing five out of seven Getting Started tasks. Found lets you search all of your content in desktop folders, cloud-based storage like Dropbox, Skypebox, Google Drive and others. You can create hotkeys shortcuts for the Found app in the settings folder. According to the website, Found never sends any of your personal data to a third party; however, it does send anonymous usage data. You can sync the app with multiple Google accounts. OnyX is a great maintenance tool for organizing your computer system and keeping it secure. If OnyX detects any problems with your hard drive, it will prompt you to carry out a reparation task.

It reminds you to repair the permissions of your system, clear browser settings, cache, passwords, delete applications, user and system caches, etc. One of the best parts about OnyX is that it includes a glossary of information about the different tasks it performs. If you lack the self control necessary to stay off of Facebook or Twitter all day, this is an app to help you focus. Discover a niche solution to your every challenge.

15 Must-Have Apps for Those Who Spend All Day on a Mac

Enhance Mac. Elevate Work. Optimize Life. Boom 3D Boost and enhance your Mac's audio output. Disk Drill Recover data and protect your files. Endurance Extend your Mac's battery life without effort. Get Backup Pro Keep your Mac backed up and protected. Declutter Keep your desktop clean and organized.

ChronoSync Express Keep files backed up and synchronized. Timing Track the time you spend on anything.

Top 12 Free Mac Games of 2018

Bartender Take full control of your menu bar icons. Ulysses Write your first novel. XMind Create impressive mind maps. ForkLift Manage your files with dual pane convenience. Be Focused Get any job done with a timer. BusyCal Take full control of all your schedule. Flume Upload files directly to Instagram. MoneyWiz Keep your budget in perfect order. World Clock Pro Know what time it is in any city. TripMode Save your mobile data when on the go.

At its core, Hazel is a Mac utility that keeps an eye on any folder in your computer that you tell it to. While hiding in the background, the app performs simple or even fairly complex tasks that you tell it to. Take my Screenshots folder. Now, Hazel deletes any screenshot from this folder after 24 hours, unless I move it somewhere else on my own before then.

You can now avoid typing birthdays, addresses, your full name, or any other long-ish string of text by applying a shortcut to oft-used text strings.

Your journal for life

The correct version, with a day free trial, is available at the aText website. As the App Store page says, spending just one hour a day on social media is equivalent to 45 working days a year. Escape helps you figure out where this time is going, and nudges you in the right direction on how to get it back. Each time you hold the CMD key on a Mac, CheatSheet springs into action with a list of shortcuts for the active application. BetterTouchTool is an application that, for years, is something Apple should have included in its latest releases of macOS.

The app allows users fine-grain control over a number of input types and puts powerful customization options at their fingertips. You can remap buttons, add keyboard shortcuts, or change gestures to do, well, just about anything. Todoist is, arguably, the best to-do app for Apple devices.

I say arguably because Wunderlist is damn good too. What makes Todoist a better option, for me, is the ability to add tasks in a way that closely resembles natural speech — including adding recurring tasks. Also nice is the ability to organize your tasks by breaking them down into subtasks, or adding filters, colors, or tags. Franz is sort of like the Swiss Army Knife of chat applications.

The 6 Best Calendar Apps for Mac in 12222

Now rather than opening multiple windows, you can just click to a new tab to start a chat in Messenger while continuing chats in Hangouts, and Discord. Franz is a great way to simplify your communication by putting everything in a single application. Rather than a linear row of Spaces atop your Mission Control window, TotalSpaces2 creates a flexible grid that you can easily navigate with keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures. Duet is a cool app made by ex-Apple engineers that turns your iPad into a secondary display.

Simply plug your iPad into any Mac, download the app, and configure the options to best suit your work style.

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