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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac. uses cookies.

Copy one of the codes below and paste it in your HTML page:. The shape attribute can be on of the following: "rect" — For a rectangular link area most common.

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To create an HTML image map you must specify your areas by thier relative pixel coordinates. This can sometimes be a very excruciating procedure since each area needs at least two x,y coordinates - Which means that for 5 areas on your HTML map you'll have to measure at least 10 different points on an image and type them all in.

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HTML Map offers you this free online tool for easily creating these areas - just drag and drop the link areas and the HTML map creator will automatically generate the entire code including measuring all the coordinates for you. Upload a file: Coming Soon.. Enter your image's URL: Start!

CSS Map Code. Make a map with locations faster by import coordinates data. When making a map, you can plot locations by pinpoint on map, by entering latitude and longitude values directly, or you can create map even faster by import markers from a CSV data file , with a list of coordinates longitude and latitude values.

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Make an interactive store locator map in seconds. Show a map of all stores or branch offices on website to help customers find information. Users can click on a location to see details in a popup dialog boxes, showing address, phone number,etc, which supports text, links, images and video. Create an interactive HTML5 map for presentation or data visualization with just a few clicks.

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Easily pinpoint locations, add routes, rollover and zoom effects. Embed your responsive map on website or share via email. Clickable area selector map For easy content selection and web navigation. Area Selector is an interactive map showing countries, states or counties. Users may click on an area and be redirected to a page related to the area, or continue with a search.


It is an useful tool for websites containing information related to multiple regions, e. Interactive Route Maps for travel, airway and freight companies. Create a map with multiple locations and destinations. Connect locations by drawing lines or curves. Add labels, icons, push pins, with mouseover popup box to display detail information about the route.

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Quickly generate a travel map, shipping map, or flight route map. Create a political map of the world with all the country names and borders, or a map showing the 50 States of US with their official abbreviations.

1. Create Or Find The Image You Want To Use