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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Well, let's put things in their proper perspective first off Excel is a first tier, standalone application program: Megastat is an 'add-in' designed to add capability to those versions of Excel that support VBA. It isn't up to Microsoft to make their product compatible with the add-is, it's the responsibility of the add-in developer to make their product compatible with the application program it's intended to be 'added into'. Whether the developers of Megastat will produce a compatible version is up to them Either way, the most authoritative resource would be the producer of the add-in.

However, my guess at this point in time is that the most they'd be willing to divulge is an indication of their 'intent' -- if that. You must log in or register to reply here. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Ask a Question. Excel Add - ins.

Nov 23, Excel Add-ins. Jun 30, Add-ins Excel Mar 13, Office:X Excell Add-ins. Oct 27, Using add-ins in excel Jun 1, Stata has frequent, automatic updates between releases, and simultaneous releases across platforms. See our Stata 11 statistical software review.

Stata is incredibly capable, with a macro language, a syntax language, a matrix language, a massive collection of user-contributed modules, Python integration, a spreadsheet for data manipulation, an advanced variable editor, copy and paste to word processors without formatting , and extreme depth and breadth in statistical functions. Stata now generates web pages with mixed text, graphs, and such, and supports Markdown and dynamic documents; it can generate Word, Excel, or PDF files, and has built in versioning. Version 15 brought an enormous number of new features including extensions to SEM, ERM, nonparametric regression, and spatial autoregressive models.

It now competes with Stata and SPSS, boasting syntax, journaling, and comprehensive statistics and design tools. JMP is responsive and launches speedily and feels like a real Mac program. Importing a large data file from Excel was almost instant and accurate, with correct variable types and names. Opening a spreadsheet of four variables and 30, entries was instant and, in the time it took for SPSS to do nothing, JMP had already run descriptives.

General, commercial statistics software for Macintosh computers (Macs)

From the output window, we could copy tables and plots, and even change parameters or run additional tests from convenient submenus. JMP is absurdly fast; graphing a 3D scatterplot of three variables, with 2, cases of each, was instant, and we could then rotate the plots in real time. We have not gathered much information, but JMP claims JMP Pro for Academic Research includes software to easily gather, process, and clean data; to analyze and model; and to interactively visualize and share insights.

It can pull data from competing software including R and SPSS, and supports mixed models and multi-level modeling; semantic analysis and topics analysis for text data; data mining and neural networks; cross-validation; automatic model comparison; penalized regression; and other capabilities. Current version: 18 bit: yes, at least back to Gauss 16 Mojave? No idea. The GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System is a fast matrix programming language widely used by scientists, engineers, statisticians, biometricians, econometricians, and financial analysts.

Designed for computationally intensive tasks, the GAUSS system is ideally suited for the researcher who does not have the time required to develop programs in C or FORTRAN but finds that most statistical or mathematical "packages" are not flexible or powerful enough to perform complicated analysis or to work on large problems. Here's a good third party resource for Gauss. The last time we checked the web site, we were unable to discover pricing or compatibility information, though it had previously shown Current Version: 2.

Thus, it is supported in the same configurations as Mathematica for the Macintosh. It is published by MathStatica Pty. It now provides an arbitrary-precision numeric engine for accuracy, especially in highly iterative processes.

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Current version: Final PowerPC version was 16; final Classic version was Pricing: by subscription, add-on modules require their own, expensive upgrades. See our starting guide to using SPSS statistical software. SPSS was the industry standard statistics package until constant price hikes culminated in purchase by IBM, which does not appear to publish the cost; it now appears to be on a subscription model. Many features require expensive add-ons which must be updated separately. The user interface is Java-based and slow.

Megastat | MacRumors Forums

Since the IBM buyout, costs appear to have risen and the subscription model became less attractive. There is no shortage of fine statistics software at prices far below those of SPSS. Based on our brief usage of release 21 for Windows, the changes are incremental, not revolutionary. Easily view response surfaces from all angles with rotatable 3D plots. Set flags and explore contours on interactive 2D graphs; and use the numerical optimization function to find maximum desirability for dozens of responses simultaneously.

For a list of features and more, scroll to the bottom of the page. That said, it can make some difficult decisions easier, as the blurb above promises. You can adjust many aspects of the software through the preferences, including just about type of type size, other than the little explanations in the boxes e. Once installed, Design-Expert reloads quickly, bringing the user to a choice of using a wizard, which is fairly thorough in its descriptions; creating a new design in a more traditional way; or opening a saved design using the native Mac dialogue box.

The program uses the Mac menus and feels native in every way, including responsiveness; preferences are in the right place.

Microsoft Excel better than ever for Mac

Current version: 1. You can hover over cells to see the expected value, too. We have tested it and it looks just about the same on our screen; the typeface is a little more readable now. Not seen in the screen shot: when you hover over a cell, it shows the expected value. You can easily add columns or rows by clicking in the plus signs, so it's not just for 2x2s. You can change the number of decimal places for the Chi square or p, and use a Yates correction factor.

Current version: 2. GraphPad Software, Inc.

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StatMate 2. Its wizard-based format leads you through the necessary steps to determine the tradeoffs in terms of risks and costs. Current version: 3. GraphPad wrote that the program was designed to guide users who are not necessarily full-time, dedicated statisticians through the process of gathering and analyzing data, at a reasonable cost.

A quick look through a demonstration copy showed us that InStat is helpful for beginners, providing a guide that goes step by step as you use actual data. The program itself seems fairly easy to use, and is designed in wizard fashion, better thought out than most. Data can be entered as ra data, averaged, x and y, two rows and two columns, or larger contingency tables. This is a surprisingly good program for both inexperienced people and those who know a lot of statistics but don't use their knowledge often enough to jump into a more complex and costly program.

Excel Tutorial using Microsoft 2008 for Mac

With version 3.