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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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[SOLVED] Changing the administrator password for secondary admin on a MacBook Pro? - Spiceworks

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The easy solution is to restart the Mac, log in with the admin account whose password you do know, and carry on from there. To forcibly log out the other user while rebooting, you have to enter an admin username and password.

Get a password hint

What if there is no other admin account available? You can use the Apple ID associated with the account in question to reset the admin password, but only if these conditions are true:.

Reset Admin Password MacBook Air Without Administrator Password - Forgot Mac Admin Password

To get to the point in the login process where you can reset the password, click the question mark that appears on the right side of the password field or just try to log in three times. After the third failed login attempt, the Mac will prompt you with the password reminder, if one is set, and give you the option of resetting the password using your Apple ID.

If the account for which you wish to reset the password is a standard account, rather than an admin account, all you have to do is enter a new password. Once you have entered the necessary password, you may be prompted for a two-factor authentication verification code, which will arrive on another device connected to that Apple ID. If the Mac is your only Apple device, you should be able to receive the code from a phone call or SMS text message.

The process for resetting the admin password changes a bit if FileVault is turned on because FileVault eliminates the option to reset the password with Apple ID credentials. Viewed 1k times.

How to reset a password

Below command used to work till High Sierra: sudo dscl. How did you run sudo without an admin password? The fact that this used to be possible is pretty scary IMO. I'm sorry for your situation, but this seems like a very positive change. You can reset the password in Mojave by entering recovery mode and using the "resetpassword" utility via the terminal: Boot your Mac while holding Command R.

How to Reset a Mac's Administrator Account Password

When you get the Apple logo release the keys and allow the Mac to come up in Recovery Mode. When you get to the macOS Utilities dialog select Terminal from the Utilities menu Type resetpassword into the terminal window. In a few seconds the reset password utility will open and allow you to reset the password on your account. Steve Chambers Steve Chambers Is there a way to access resetpassword in normal login?

I believe that command is available only in the recovery environment.