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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Forever after, Software Update thought I needed a dot update to the driver package. The reason being is that with Thus drivers for BUT you can easily go back and find the If you run Mac OS X If it is follow the instructions on that page. If it isn't then by all means download the driver from wherever of course if it's not on that Apple list there's no guarantee there's a compatible driver for You can replace printer with terms like HP or Canon if you just want a specific brand. I have an HP 4MP running in I am planning to buy a Mac Mini in the near future, which will come with Snow Leopard.

As to print drivers, I have the right driver installed for the 4MP, and it has performed without a hitch since If Apple has changed the OS to reject old print drivers, then this may be even a problem for me. When I do the Mac Mini upgrade, I will run tests to see if there are any issues with either printer. When I plugged it in, I was told that I needed to download the driver from Apple.

I asked it to do so, but after searching a while said it could not be found, despite the fact that the device is on the list suggested in another message.

MacInTouch Reader Reports

I decided that, rather than use the installation disk, I would download the software from HP, hoping it would be a later version. Things worked reasonably well, but I was having a problem with my third party scanning software seeing the scanner. The HP software could. The version of the driver was 3.

I then uninstalled all of the HP software and installed the latest Apple driver update, which, of course gives more drivers than you really want. The driver was now listed as 3. Apparently, the installation is smart enough to know that you have a newer driver already installed, because it reports 3. Unfortunately, the scanner still is not recognized by the non-HP software:- Comment on this posting I can assure other readers that this certainly isn't a universal practice among other manufacturers' support for OS X Brother, the manufacturer of my AIO multifunction printer, also pushes out driver updates through large Apple Software Update packages.

For example, read the Support Details section of this HP list of drivers included in Mac OS X You do not need to reinstall or download any HP software for full print, scan, fax, and utility functionality. The supported products are listed at the end of this document. This is followed by a paragraph warning users not to install older drivers for Clearly, HP drivers can be safely obtained through He either needs an ethernet to parallel print server, or a USB to parallel cable.

There are old JetDirect servers available inexpensively that will work. Alternatively, he could share the printer from a pre-Snow Leopard computer. Why are you using an EtherMac iPrint adapter? Use the Mac that's running I just did the same thing with an 5MP and it works perfectly with all four Snow Leopard computers in the house. The P does not signify 'PostScript'. Why not? Now I print wirelessly from my MacBook Air running To partially quote myself from Sep 24, here on MacInTouch:.

The tricky bit is realizing 2 things: 1 Snow Leopard does not support AppleTalk, but it does talk to parallel-port printers if you buy a simple USB-to-Parallel-Printer cable.

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No need for AppleTalk. It is literally "plug in the cable, do the 'Add a printer' process in System Preferences, print. If it doesn't appear automatically, try restarting the printer, or the Mac, or both. Worked for me. Then comes the minor challenge of picking a driver.

You can still use the 4MP printer driver -- Snow Leopard supports it, and in fact should install an updated version of it or you can download an updated version from HP. If one driver doesn't work, try another. Note: to pick a different driver, you have to start over with the "Add A Printer You can't edit old ones, afaik. Here's another great tip if the cable works for your printer. As you already know, you can plug the cable directly into a Snow Leopard Mac and turn on Printer Sharing so other Macs can use the printer over the network.

Even better, however: plug the cable into an Airport Extreme, Airport Express, or Time Capsule for wireless printing from any Mac in the house.

The iFelix unofficial Airport Extreme and Airport Express Printer Compatibility List

The printer will appear automatically in each computer's Add A Printer dialog. It's brilliant. I did not change anything. I used a USB-Parallel adaptor under Tiger on an old G5, and it usually worked and sometimes needed to be restarted to work. I switched to a Mac Mini running Snow Leopard and it works perfectly. Snow Leopard's built-in drivers worked fine for me. Here are the supported JetDirect devices.

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You can usually find them on eBay. It does not have a JetDirect card.

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  5. The iFelix unofficial Airport Extreme and Express Printer Compatibility List.
  6. The ethernet to parallel adapter I have won't fit into the space available and to use it I'd need to cut out the case. So I purchased a USB to parallel cable, which works, sometimes. Wish it had come with an ethernet input!

    Download HP LaserJet 6P Setup Links

    Postscript is built in, but the Jetdirect card is not. It may have been available as an option, but it might have cost too much memory to use, as I think it went in one of the memory slots. The OS X setup went fine except that the default print queue can not be left blank. So it should work fine, but it may take some tweaking.

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    Look in the old-Unix section of the ethernet to parallel box and see what it says. I use it with a DLink Parallel print server and have no problems. Thanks to all this info. I had planned to explore options, but here they are. Happy Holidays to all. Regarding these older HP printers The non-M variants generally do not have either typically using serial and parallel ports and PCL interpreters. The "M" variants are often lacking font-cartridge slots as well.

    The "P" is for "personal". These are the low-cost variants. The main difference e. Some readers find the USB-Parallel cable connection works flawlessly; others myself included find it works sometimes, with no obvious pattern as to when it runs and when it won't. Has anybody tried swapping the 5MP connection around among different Macs to see what connection works best? Any patterns among USB-Parallel cables? It warms my heart to hear that these venerable printers get along so well with Snow Leopard on the newer hardware.

    I recall all the frustration I used to have getting my beloved 5MP to work on my eMac through an AsanteTalk converter. I finally replaced the 5MP with a Laserjet , another great little machine, and gave the old printer to one of my wife's students. I'm planning to get a new Mini soon with Snow Leopard, and was happy to see that updated drivers are available for the and for my scanner. Ah, progress There were three ranges: L "light"? The professional models supported features like internal network cards, extra paper trays, and heavy duty use.

    The P series were missing these features, had slower performance and lower monthly page limits. The L series were even smaller, slower and for lighter use. As you note, the M for Macintosh indicates Postscript support, which could be added to most of the non-M printers by inserting a SIMM containing the Postscript firmware and some extra memory. The base model e. I just read all the people still using a HP 4MP. I still have mine that I bought in the early 90's.

    A few years ago I bought a generic ethernet to parallel print server. I have it on my home network and can print for any Mac or Windows machine in the house.

    HP LaserJet Printer 1018 driver for Mac OS X Brother Printer

    As the old saying goes,"they don't make them like they used to". I've had a 5MP working steady since It admittedly gets fairly light use, but I never have an issue. I reconnected it to an old Mac, OSX I downloaded a new copy of the HP drivers from HP ; still no go.

    What's up with GarthPatrick , Jun 30, Joined: Feb 9, Messages: 2, Apple recently released new HP drivers and your model appears to be on the list. Headrush , Jul 1, Headrush, Thanks for the Info. The HP 6MP sort of works now. The "secret" was to delete and re-add the printer. I have an HP and a Gutenprint driver available. The printer is still stopping with a red light error on the printer off and on. I'm beginning to think that the printer has an intermittent hardware problem The printer is over 15 years old!

    I'll try it for a while and see what happens. Thanks again for all your help. GarthPatrick , Jul 2, Headrush , Jul 2, Show Ignored Content. As Seen On. Welcome to Tech Support Guy!