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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Would certainly recommend people buy a refurb. I recently purchased 3 refurbished Macbook Airs from PowerMax. They were great, and I highly recommend them. Their customer service was great. I even had an issue with one of the new units, and they took care of it right away. Very professional and transparent. Reading through all the comments. I think its really depends on luck. I had ppl and friends recommend to buy refurbed Mac so I purchased that and so really, I'm not that lucky as much as my friends.

$49.95 $29.95!

It not running as smooth as the new one, the screen freeze sometimes and Its happened occasionally so i guess just get over it then. I bought a refurbished MacBook Pro about a 14 months ago. It was a savings but still not cheap at times the price of the PC that I had before. Three weeks in, it suddenly went black screen when turning on. After calling Apple Support, we got it running again. Then a month later it happened again. We got it running again and then weeks later it happened again.

I took it to the local Apple repair and they could find nothing. I demanded a "new" refurbished one as this was clearly faulty and would keep happening. After much back and forth, a new one was sent and I transferred my files to it again. It worked great- no issues until now. Same thing is happening to this one now with the black screen, except when I called support we could not get it to turn back on after powering it down.

It is now on its way back to Apple to be looked at while I wait with no computer and in the middle of projects. It is under warranty for another 84 days, but I am convinced that this is not normal as it has happened to me twice now with refurbished units! I don't think it is happening with the new ones, or else no one would buy them and clearly they do and they last more than a few months! Be very careful when buying refurbished even from Apple as I did- not worth the couple hundred I saved! I have purchased a refurbed iMac from Apple, and it worked until the software my son wanted for it would no longer work due to the inability to upgrade the OS due to hardware specs.

In other words it was terrific--We gave it to a friend that just needed word processor and basic email function, and bought my son a new MBP for college. Be wary of non-Apple refurbished like Mac of all Trades. They are not licensed to restore all the original OS X software, so you will not receive the productivity suite with the computer. With Apple, you get that too. Your comment is really not helpful. If it's better, why on earth people buy new one or why is new one more expensive than refurbished? They honored the 90 warranty and sent me a new one. We now use it only to play music.

You have a very common failure of the solder connection of the BGA form factor graphics chip.

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This is the result of a manufacturing problem, and was very common in those machines. Odds are that the machine had that failure before you bought it, and it was re-flowed to repair the problem. The re-flow was not done properly, and has failed again. There are third parties who can fix it for you for far less than you were quoted,, or you can read up on this on the Internet and repair it yourself using aluminum foil, a heat gun, an infrared thermometer, and some common sense.

If you ignore the problem it will get worse over time, and eventually the machine will become unusable. BTW - Next time you post, try using a shorter version of your name. I almost didn't reply because of your use of such a long post name. I just bought one from BoomStreet. Great deal, so it would seem, until I saw that it only has 4GB of ram, not 8 as advertised.

They are working now with the seller on getting this resolved. On the plus side, the quadcore processor for 2. So it's risky. Make sure if you're doing it like I did that you do it through a company that will guarantee you get what you ordered. We'll see how this goes. So, a great saving. It doesn't come with an Original box, it comes with apple cirtified white box.

So, if it is not for gifting it to someone, I would suggest to go with the refurb. My wife and I bought a 27 inch quad core iMac in from the refurb store, and it's still ticking today. I do a lot of heavy editing work on the machine and it's never had a problem. I upped the RAM as a preventative measure, but otherwise no issues. I buy refurb every single time and I'm likely going to do it again when we get a new MacBook. The Apple Store is selling a refurbished Mac Mini with the 1. The mid-tier module, which is a significant step up 2.

I'm trying to understand the value proposition provided by PowerMax - unless you are a collector, it makes no sense. I have bought an iPad3 and a MacBook White in I have never had any problem with them and I still use them every day. Im planning to buy an iMac too. Its got 1 year warranty and you can purchase AppleCare as well. You can find very good deals, sometimes a lot cheaper. I would recommend if you don't want to spend that much. They installed a new hard drive and made everything run like new. This place is very reliable when it comes to selling used Macs.

But recently due to an unfortunate event, my computer had a little accident I think they have money back guarantee, so if the computer starts acting up within a few days I can always just return it. I just bought a Imac 27 inch refurb. It came with dead pixels AND a bent frame. So no, I did not have luck with refurbished! I returned it and have yet to order another. I bought a Macbook Pro Retina laptop refurbished in late October and by the end of February, it suddenly would not take a charge at all. I took it to a certified Mac repair store and just got a message on my phone that they will need to be replacing a few parts AND the hard drive.

I am wondering if traveling in very cold temps did something to it.

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I was in and out of my car for a couple of hours at a time and it got pretty cold for a while in my car. However, my older macbook pro , which was with me as well, works just fine. I really had not even used the new refurbished laptop that much before this happened. I am glad they seem to think they can save my data. Lesson in backing things up every time Thanks for this article as I was trying to figure out what goes into the refurbished Mac and potential pitfalls.

It sounds like my case is a rare one. It's a great way to buy a Mac! All the devices were problem free. Bought AppleCare for the MacBook. Didn't exactly need it, though when I took the laptop to Apple for a checkup just prior to expiration of AppleCare, they kindly replaced the battery without my even asking. Another benefit of buying refurbished from Apple is the opportunity to also buy One to One, which you can't buy for devices purchased elsewhere.

I'm on my second round of One to One, and am blessed to live within 25 miles of three Apples stores so I get full value from my One to One. Just build a hackintosh and save yourself a ton of money.. XpsychO- Do you know of any good "How to I did purchase a 24" 3. I was fortunate to have the Extended Warranty because the month before it expired, I had to have the HD replaced.

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Previously, I had a new 21 iMac with Extended Warranty and that one was practically rebuilt, so I strongly recommend the Warranty because it may give you more years of service. Many of the members at my BAM club have purchased the refurbished products. An old Mac is easy to improve - replace the disk with the latest and add RAM.

This MacBook came with a 60GB disk and now runs GB with performance ten-fold improved thanks to new disk technology. Skip to content Home Office Kitchen Accessories. Smarthome Phones Chargers Gaming. Deals Buying Guides Reviews.

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