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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

That is an excellent question. The ability to boot into the Recovery Utility is very important. It is important to remember that with Mac minis, if you have access to the Internet you can always boot into Internet Recovery, which is built into the computer. The Internet is not always available, so having a recovery partition on one of your drives is also important. You may keep the recovery partition on the original drive. If you want to erase data on the original drive and not erase the recovery partition, you need to be sure to erase only the original volume, not the disk.

The utility can be downloaded here. Thanks for the instructions. I followed the external method to set up the SSD, however I was not able to format the original hd as mentioned in step My mac didnt let me format. Will this cause a problem? If you were able to format the original drive and set the SSD as the boot drive, then you should not experience any issues. However if you do have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team by phone at 1 , via email or live chat. Used External Method on my late Mac Mini and the new ssd is booting and working great.

I did not format the old drive and wonder if this is the problem? Thanks, Bob. Thanks for the great product. Worked luck a charm in new i7- added a GB M4. Watching the video a few times and then following the printed directions that came with the doubler made it easy. Hi, great article and video. I am interested in buying your storage doubler kit but I have one question. Does it come with the ssd ribbon connector? Great article wish it could have helped me solve my dilemma already.

Might have to chalk that up to my own skill level. The next step was to make sure it shows in Finder, since it could already do that I went ahead to the next step hoping it was ok. I was able to follow the remaining steps pretty easily. Went into internet recovery and loaded a new copy of After in installed it restarted from the SSD and I got the circle with a cross through it.

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Which is the same error I got after installing the SSD in the first place. Did not being able to format my SSD cause this issue? If so, why does that error mean about not being able to unmount, and how can I fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I could even throw in naming rights for my next born child if the advice is helpful enough. I ended up downloading the disk utility onto a flash drive. Booted from it then partitioned the SSD.

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This time it worked. So I backed out of disk utility and installed OS X from the recovery menu. After installing it rebooted from the SSD correctly. Came to find I did lose all my data on the SSD but that was acceptable for me. Problem solved. Anyway all i want to know is if it full-features the fusion drive after doing this. Hi, I just followed the instructions to install ssd as 2nd drive and all went well but I was unable to format the original drive afterwards from the disk utility as you said.

So I mistakingly used the recovery disk utility to format it and it resulted in a fused drive. I had no data on it so thats ok, but how do i unfuse the drives? Then power down, plug in the other drive, unplug the one that was just free spaced, boot to internet recovery and free space it.

That should then leave you with two drives that you can start the process above over with.

Special Note for Adding an SSD to a Mac mini.

I found this on MacRumors forum…. Follow this article , especially page 2. Boot in recovery mode, then open terminal, and type these commands:. These commands will split the drives apart. Once in disk utility in OSX, the drives will be listed normally. Thanks a lot for the amazing video and the extremely helpful kit in which everything is included that one need for the install. I finished the install and when I turned the mac back on I had the flashing folder with questions mark.

I restarted the comp holding option button which gave me the option to do the internet recovery. The install went fine. I actually answered this very question just a little further down in the thread…. So what do you do if you found this guide to late and tried to set up a fusion drive and now your recover partition is gone?

Tech Specs:

The system runs a quick test of your memory and hard drive to ensure there are no hardware issues. This post is kind of confusing. If I want to add an ssd to a brand new mini with the 1tb drive and make it a fusion drive. The SSD can be installed in either bay. I have a mac mini late I only have the Macintosh HD drive thats left.

It cant recognise the ssd. This will usually involve erasing the drives. Once both drives have been formatted, you can then install both. I have the data doubler on order and a standard WD Scorpio 2. I would like the second drive to behave like a traditional secondary drive and not necessary like a modified fusion system and not sure if there are any settings that I should do once the new drive is installed. Thanks for your advice! When you get a new machine, it is always best to boot it up and test that everything is working right out of the box.

Then, when performing upgrades, it is best to perform installations one at a time — that way if any issues are encountered, it is easier to determine what component is causing issue. It seems the system is recognizing correctly.

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Seem like that would be easier or no? Adding a second drive to a Mac mini that was originally purchased with only one drive, requires some additional parts — namely the drive mounting hardware and the connecting cable. Is the Fusion aspect of the OS only built into the Minis? Can I just boot from this disk the SSD directly, without reformating it? Then I can format the HDD to erase it, right? I suggest making double-sure you have a working backup of that drive though before proceeding though just in case you run into any permissions, directory, or other unforeseen issues.

That way, as a worst case scenario, your shortcut just becomes more time consuming — as opposed to rendering all your data as unrecoverable. My mac mini came with So I put the SSD with I finally installed OS I reformatted the HDD. So now I have my OS I have just bought the i7 2.

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Problem and I have tried twice now, and have experience at doing this, but however hard I try I am unable to remove the motherboard in the mini, it refuses to budge despite following your video and with experience of the earlier model which was easy. Has anybody else had this problem, as i have used reasonable force to slide it out, but it appears to be locked in….

You can contact them directly at 1 , via live chat or email. I considered it a good thing, but the OS X Steps: 0. Bought a base Mac Mini with Cloned OS X Reassembled machine. Booted from external HDD. OS X I told it to repair it for me. I tested it and then cloned my installation back from my external HDD. Later used Internet Recovery to recreate a Recovery partition on my external HDD, because the Fusion repair trashed my Recovery partition, the only downside.

If theres a situation that you need to use the recovery partition and the disk utility of , what do you do? Should be any different as having one drive in your machine — the recovery partition should still be there for use. Im sorry for the missunderstanding.. My question was referenced to the disk utility in the recovery partition. In a case of need to use it what do you do? I am a novice at best. I do not want to fiddle around with this Fusion drive nonsense. Totally new to Mac. I am running I know I said ok to online software updates that morning — does this info indicate that it shipped with something earlier than Updating the OS should update your recovery partition as well, so your best bet is to follow the instructions in the article just in case.

Is it as simple as undoing the HDD connector and re-seating it? The first thing to check would be disk utility to verify the drive is not showing up as opposed to the volume not mounting. Is it an issue for people who order the mini with the standard 1tb hdd and just want to add a secondary ssd drive?

My understanding is that the new version of Disk Utility shipped with the Mini capable of creating the fusion drive is what makes installing the second disk risky if you choose the wrong option. Can you install a second disk into the data doubler and then format it using terminal without any issues?

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What terminal commands would you use to format the drive? What about a scenario such as this: 1 clone original disk shipped with the mini onto external SSD using Carbon Copy cloner; 2 replace original drive with cloned SSD; 3 install second drive with data doubler; 4 format second drive as described in first paragraph. The issue is with Disk Utility version on the Recovery Partition itself. The version in the OS has given us no problems. While your suggested method may work, we only recommend the method outlined above. Can anyone tell me how I can upgrade my partition from So that the system can setup the Fusion drive.

Please hurry with the post regarding mac mini.

So I suppose it is possible that the pre-boot change in configuration could be causing the issue. You can contact our Technical Support Team at 1 , via email or live chat for assistance in troubleshooting the issue. From there make sure your system sees both drives. Then you can install the OS using Internet Recovery. I just ordered the Mac Mini so it probably has 8. So I change my position… Yes, it would apply assuming of course, that We have been testing fusion drive setups and should have a detailed blog post by early next week on our findings with instructions on how to setup a Fusion Drive on your Mac mini with an OWC SSD.

After the install I experienced the same results as you described in your article. It took 24 hours or so. If you are looking to simply erase your applications from the HDD you can drag the Applications folder to the trash can. Once it is in the trash can you can empty the trash can and it will be gone and your SSD will be unaffected. Anything I should watch for is appreciated!

About your external enclosure solution to format the SSD…. What enclosures are compatible with SSD drives? USB 3. If you ignore, it just goes back to Disk Utility and the drives themselves remain unable to be used until the Fusion drive is fixed. Thus the reason we wrote article for how to get around it.

The inch and inch models use a slightly different method to access the hard drive and RAM modules, so be sure to consult the correct user guide before performing any upgrades. Use matched pairs of 2GB per memory slot. Starting in October of , Apple updated the and inch MacBook Pro models with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a bit processor, which makes them good upgrade candidates.

You can extend the effective lifetime of one of these MacBook Pros by adding memory or a larger hard drive, or by replacing the optical drive. The MacBook Pro offers a wealth of upgrade options, including those sanctioned by Apple as user upgradeable, and those that are DIY projects that Apple never intended end users to perform. Memory and battery replacement are both sanctioned user upgrades, and are easy to do.

If you want to upgrade the hard drive or replace the optical drive, you'll find these tasks are also fairly simply to perform, even though Apple doesn't support them as user upgrades for the MacBook Pro. If you're comfortable wielding a screwdriver, you can easily change out a hard drive or optical drive. Use matched pairs of 1GB per memory slot. The and inch MacBook Pros introduced in the spring and summer of were the first pro-level notebooks from Apple to use Intel processors. Specifically, these MacBook Pros used 1.

As it did with other early Intel-based Macs, Apple used the Yonah processor family, which only supports bit operation. Because of the bit limit, you may want to consider updating to a newer model rather than upgrading this model MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro offers a wealth of upgrade options, including those sanctioned by Apple as user upgradeable, and those that are DIY projects Apple never intended end users to perform.

Memory and battery replacement are both sanctioned user upgrades and are easy to do. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. From the Apple menu, select About This Mac. Select the Hardware category in the left pane of the System Profiler window that opens. The right pane displays the Hardware category overview. Make a note of the Model Identifier entry and quit the System Profiler.

Model identifier:.

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Memory slots non-Retina models: 2. Maximum memory supported: 16 GB total. Use matched pairs of 8 GB per memory slot. Storage type: Non-Retina models, 2. Storage supported: Up to 2TB. Memory slots: 2. Use matched pairs of 8GB per memory slot. Hard drive size supported: Up to 2TB. Maximum memory supported: 8GB total. Use matched pairs of 4GB per memory slot. Hard drive size supported: Up to 1TB. Maximum memory supported: 8 GB total.