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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I'm getting this error as well. On the Techinc's own forums, premium users are saying that they are having the same problem as well today though. It keeps saying unable to authenticate account with minecraft.

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I tried to play a multiplayer server Premium Server and i got this thing that said 'Failed to verify username' can i fix this? Originally Posted by Koegan. Same problen here, I can't connect to the minecraft servers Just use this one! You have no skin, but you can play online with a name! Originally Posted by iBram Unable to authenticate account with minecraft. What do I do?

SOLVED: I can get on my server, but my friends can't. Not showing up in Browser

Thanks for this. Couple of questions Also I'd like to use those pre tekkit worlds now with tekkit, i assume as they are 1. Originally Posted by Imaloser.

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I am currently running a tekkit server and using launcher by B35A13 to use the technic launcher. Can I still use the server on your version of the technic launcher? Originally Posted by Yoshi Originally Posted by FCBsol Originally Posted by Kryppuk.


Great help for those who don't have premium acc's and can't play technic. I got the message: "Unable to authenticate account with minecract. Any ideas?

How to make a tekkit server on mac 3.0.4

Originally Posted by liljoey Originally Posted by CrazyLB. CrazyLB i was wondering if there is anything special you had to do with the program, it wont open for me.

How to make a tekkit server on mac 3.1.3 Hamachi!

The required Tekkit server files can be found here. After downloading the zip with the Tekkit server files, make a new folder and name it your server of whatever, and unzip all of the Tekkit files into that folder. Replace the 3 and 2 with 1 and save the file. Double click on the launch. If you would like other people to join your server, you will need to portforward or use LogMeInHamachi.

If you have various computers connected to a router or computers are linked together. You can create a LAN server. Simply start the server file so the server is running, from a windows computer:. Tell players on your lan network to launch tekkit, enter multiplayer with the address of this IPv4 address. This will enable players to join locally. Once you have downloaded the Tekkit server zip file, you can extract or unzip it to any empty folder.

"Perhaps a server is already running on this port" - Help Me :)

Now you need to open up TextEdit comes on every Mac. Inside the TextEdit, you must copy and paste this code:.

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The last line of this file is configurable, and allows you to allocate RAM for the server to use. Do this by changing the numbers on the line "-Xmx1G -Xms1G". The numbers represent the number of Gigabytes allocated, so if you want your server to use 2 Gigabytes instead of 1 you would use "-Xmx2G -Xms2G".

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