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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

If you can not find a particular file listed in the instructions then move on to the next step. I had two Office versions installed. After uninstall Office the Office is still running without any problems. Thanks so much, this was so easy! Now the problem has gone. This tool is awesome. First of all you want to backup your Fonts folder. What kind of link? Its on the Microsoft website.

Hi Carl I have now deinstalled my German Office pack and it seemed to have worked beautifully.

How to remove Microsoft office 2011

The only things that were not removed were the icons in the dock. Thanks, this tool was easy to use and solved my problem with Powerpoint completely after I reinstalled the program. I tried your easy uninstall tool but there is still stuff left over… it did uninstall the main programs but as I follow the manual steps I find applications and folders that should have been removed are still there… how come?

Like microsoft user data folder and microsoft folder in fonts are still there…. When you first ran the uninstaller it asks if you want keep User Data so you must have clicked Yes. Also, the fonts were kept to avoid compatibility issues. Anyhow, thanks for your help and time! Also in the manual steps 16 and 17 where one should remove files starting with com.

Another thing is that after uninstalling I have two files named recovered files and recovered files 1 in my trash, can that be important? Thanks for bringing this up. You should remove the com. My MacBook Pro is running Lion If I use the Easy Solution tool, should the custom reinstallation and reactivation be a problem? Do you foresee any problems using your program for this purpose? Many thanks! Just a small clarification — I have the Office for Mac trial version which I want to completely and permanently remove.

I also have Office installed which I want to keep. Do I need to do anything in particular to protect the files etc for Office before I run your uninstall tool? If you still have the install disc for then I would run the uninstall tool and install office after just to make sure. Thank you very much, this is the most comprehensive guide for removing MS Office. I had to install a trial version on my Mac so my girlfriend could present her PhD, her Mac was a little broken the things you do for love : Needless to say, I am ecstatic that I feel confident that all is clear!

I ran your uninstall software and for fun I manually checked everything — the software works like a charm. However, my issue still plagues me. As of two days ago I was running OS X X and and Office freshly installed. I installed OS X The issue is: As the admin user, Word will not open old documents correctly. I created a new user and was able to open all my old documents without any problems.

Try this and see if it helps: Reset home folder permissions. Well, I tried the link and it executed fine. Thanks so much for the help thus far.

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Which method did you use? Hey Carl Norton, i have an issue. I have use your unistall tool, then i reinstall office mac again, but during the Word start up, there is no Continue trial version tab, it only has Purchase product key and enter product key. That is because you have already run a trial before which has expired. To keep using it, you will need a product key. I mean is the spanish version going to work Ok? Hi Carl … your tool comes to me highly recommended. However, I have been thwarted at the start by the following message when I try to start up the uninstaller after the file has been extracted from the ZIP :.

Uninstall Individual Office Apps (Ou… - Apple Community

You should move it to the trash. Can you try downloading the file again? I tried this to remove office from my Mac, but I still get the error : A version of the software required to install this update was not found on this volume. Any idea how to fix this? It sounds like you may be launching the Office uninstaller. If my uninstaller prompts you to launch it, then click No. Nope the uninstaller works fine, its just that when I install an update for Office, that message appears. I think there is a corrupt file somewhere the that uninstaller is not deleting.

I am nervous about attempting the uninstall because of the font issue others have mentioned. Your advice is appreciated…. The uninstaller will remove the Fonts installed by your current version of the Office. However, when you install the student version, it will reinstall them. I used the script to uninstall office and re-installed the office.

Now, with outlook — I seem to be missing the. Hi, I had some up grades installed this morning on my microsoft office for mac, now office wont open. Below is some additional feedback from my researching all the steps necessary to remove Microsoft Office for Mac from your computer. I am not a techie, just a lay user who is very paranoid about clean installations.

I did not have the action called. The alternative is to re-enable these fonts and properly install them back to the Fonts folder, provided you do not plan on ever re-installing Microsoft Office with Fonts. Hi, could I get the silent uninstaller scripts you mentioned above? Oh and is there anyway you could add Lync into the uninstaller? Thank you for such a great and useful tool. No problems and all working except MS Office Office 8 already deleted. Cannot determine if Service Pack 2 is installed because cannot open program, but assume it has been.

I just uninstalled it from my kids mac mini so I could put it on their new macbook air. Incredibly easy and done in about 10 seconds. Then, i just removed the icons from the dock….. Hey everyone, I just wanted to add if you go to microsoft. I would appreciate any further guidance you may wish to offer. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I have tried selecting yes and no to Keep user data to no avail.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. Where the message blocking the tool from running is displayed. However we would always suggest you create backups if you are concerned. Hope this helps. Hi could you send me the silent uninstall scripts for this? Thanks for creating this tool!!!! But it seem to work as you can see from comments on this post. Click here to cancel reply. Email optional. Sorry, didnt realize.

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Uninstall Office 2011 (Mac) Via Dell KACE

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Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Related 2. Delete and some misc. Move some fonts back to where Office moved them from. Misc: We specifically don't remove the Outlook identities or databases in case someone has a local mail profile setup. The DP might not be available or the OS might not be Check connectivity to the DP. Here we leave the dock running until the last icon to avoid a bunch of dock re-launches. Adding a pause between each removal makes the actual removal of the icons more reliable.

Troubleshoot Office 2011 for Mac issues by completely uninstalling before you reinstall

If you run them back to back with no pausing, it frequently just doesn't do a couple at random. Don't want to leave someone without Office. Log in to post a response. Spam This is an advertisement—it is not useful or relevant. Inappropriate This is offensive or in violation of our Community Etiquette. This has been flagged. This could not be flagged.