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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Now restart your computer;. You may notice that some icons have changed to Vista icons and some do not. You will notice that all the old-looking XP icons have been change to Vista icons. Rename the following to match with Mac OS X:. The dock is your shortcut bin where you can get to the programs you use most often. It also shows icons of all the programs you are running. It is a very important and perhaps the most powerful thing for a Mac user.

It works like Taskbar for Mac. For more information on Mac Dock basics, click here. RocketDock Recommended. Some of the features are disabled in Free Version, and it has a trial period of only 30 days. Besides this, it utilizes your computer resources more than RocketDock. Although it has more features and functions than RocketDock.

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Stardock's ObjectDock. If you have already replaced the patched files with the original files, i. All these icons are included in this compressed folder. StackDocklet for Stardock's ObjectDock. StackDocklet for RocketDock. To remove these icons, right click desktop, click Properties, click Desktop tab, click Customize Desktop, then uncheck all the icons and press OK.

Now the Recycle Bin has been left to remove. Microsoft has created a program which is used for tweaking Windows XP, i. It is just a KB sized program, which can do a lot of tricks with your XP, including removing Recycle Bin from desktop. Mac Logon Screen. It is a windows management tool.

Leopard XP OS X Visual Style

Install any one of the following:. A light weighted software but not much as compare to AnthaBounce. It has some other good features also. Download Topdesk. Spaces enables users to create multiple virtual desktops suited to the unique needs or work habits of the user. For more information on Spaces, click here. Install anyone of the following:. Besides this it also requires. NET Framework 2. It plays all your digital music and video. Like Windows Media Player, it has also a built-in media library, which stores your media on your computer or across network.

It is a light weighted media player as compared to iTunes. It can play a number of formats of digital video and audio and images. The Pro Version of QuickTime captures video and converts different media into a variety of formats. QuickTime Player. It is an ideal package for music lovers. For more information on GarageBand, click here. Mixcraft, like GarageBand, is a music editing application for Windows.

Download Mixcraft An alternative to GarageBand. Photo Booth is an exclusive Mac OS X application used for taking photo snapshots and video clips with the built-in iSight camera in a Mac or other webcam.

Photos and video clips taken with Photo Booth can be emailed, used as iChat icons or as photos for contacts in Address Book, or imported into iPhoto. It includes a number of effects that can be applied to photos. No need for introduction. Download Safari 5. It is designed to allow importing from digital cameras, scanners, picture CDs and the Internet. Like Windows Movie Maker, you can edit cut and copy the video clips, import and export movies, add text, pictures, music, etc. You can add special video effects also.

You can use Windows Movie Maker as iMovie. The icon for iMovie is included in the Icons for Dock package. It is an essential feature of Mac OS X. The Address Book icon is included in the Icons for Dock. Address Book. For more information on Font Book, click here. You can also get a Font Book clone for XP. Font Book. Font Browser. Like Windows, Mac has also a searching tool, aka, iFind and Spotlight. Mac Calculator. Its just a clone, you cannot do much with it. Download Mac System Preferences.

System Preferences. Mac Clock.

macOS High Sierra Skin Pack for Windows 10/8.1/7

Get the Mac volume control clone for XP. Tested I've been modding, searching the internet and working really hard for a long time, and this time, I finally got the "Mac Look" Just follow the directions Below! I recommend You to use the Theme first before you do the rest! For FindeXer Instructions: with the zip For Pidgin Just download it and you'll have a leopard skin for it already installed!

Now, after you download and used everything, this is the very last step: You should be using the Theme before you do below! That's All! I hope that you like my work! Please leave comments!

Download Mac OS X Lion Theme (Visual Style) For Windows 7

Feel free to ask me any questions according to this Deviation! Software Macintosh Platform. Dila Alid. Momin Sohil. Alyssa Strackbein. Javier Molina. Rochmat Dwi Karwanto. Nagaraja Prasanna Rass.

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