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Point your mobile phones browser to t. Duoi day la 10 thanh pho Dong Nam A duoc binh chon la ly tuong nhat chao don khoanh khac thieng lieng nay. Nghe: 4. Dac sac, khong chi do co giong troi phu.

Cải Lương: Chuyện Tình Hàn Mạc Tử - Vũ Linh, Phương Hồng Thuỷ, Thoại Mỹ, v.v.

Chi mot mua tang la huong la sac u tan Tan ca tinh yeu Vi han con gieo Dat nuoc chay theo voi ngon lua thieu Moi hay tinh nhe e e e nhu to Moi hay tinh nhe e e e nhu to Mong ngoai bien gioi mo ho Chang ngan duoc song vo bo Voi dem mo hon ve tren Thap ma. Rating: [5 of 5 Stars! Chieu san ga dat vo mp3. VDict currently supports 9 dictionaries:Nhung chiec vong lua va bong o bo bien cho du khach vui choi cung rat nhieu loai do uong.

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Chung gia vo bi CA bat bo, hoi cung, thu may moc co cat giu tai lieu gia vo dau tranh cho nhan quyen, tu do cho que huongtoan la thu rac ruoi do Cong viet Saclip is a web site that offers the latest video clips, free video clips and high quality downloads. Reproducir; Descargar; ver video. Nghe: 6.

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Dataran Merdeka Quang truong Doc Lap. Her hair is ruffled like a giant cloud sitting on the top of her head. Her face - rustic with lightweight makeup. Her dress - wide, dark in texture, directly contrasting the rainbow that is her jewellery. Her appliance evokes a sense of nostalgia, so familiar to us. Her personality is fearless and bold!

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There has been some scepticism about her career path as she is originally a painter who has unexpectedly entered the fashion scene. The mark left by Thuy Nguyen on the fashion scene is truly unique. Thuy Nguyen's pull in this field has no end. What do we next expect from 'The Woman of Brocade' herself?

Khởi tố con trai ông Trần Bắc Hà

This is the raw, public impression of Thuy Nguyen: the people who do not quite understand her intentions as a designer will called her "stubborn," while those who do will applaude her persistence every time. Before her reign in the fashion world, Thuy Nguyen was a famous painter. She took part in the entrance exam for the Hanoian University of Fine Arts four times and only got in on her fourth try.

Nevertheless, even during the time of hardship, her paintings were still very much in demand. After her marriage, she became a mother and immigrated to Ukraine to further study of painting. There, she developed her interest in self-taught design and tailoring. Now, we all call her a designer, the superstar of Vietnamese runways. It is no exaggeration to say that everything Thuy has today is entirely self-made.

Coming from painting, you are a great example of a game-changer in the fashion world, even though some may call you an amateur. What are your secrets? How are you able to dominate two arenas at once, so successfully? Fashion design and painting are attached by their mutual requirement for a fierce use of colour, layout and story-telling. Both of these areas need lots of thought and attention to detail. In my eyes, the only difference between the two is form and technique. If painting exists in a two-dimensional plane, fashion does in the 3D one, producing physical, ready-to-wear outcomes.

Thus, I think these two professions are not so different at all.

Người Phương Nam

Maybe only on a surface level. How long did it take you to settle into the world of fashion design? I have learned the craft of fashion design on my own, experiencing materials through my own body, movement and form. There is much to learn: colours, shapes, silhouettes Did this choice derive from a passion of yours or because you have recognised a certain need of a customer no one else has?

Everything I do comes from a passion, of course. When I first dipped my toes into this industry, I honestly did not know what the customers wanted. My brand has risen from my own needs as a customer. With it, I just wanted to let people know what I believe in, what my values are. Because of that, many people are trying to replicate your designs. How do you feel about that? In many ways, it brings happiness to me as it shows a level of empathy: that people do understand and appreciate my ideas and values as a designer. From a business perspective though, it is hardly a good thing as it negatively affects the sales.

But from the point of a view of a designer, again, it is somewhat flattering that people are, in one way or another, touched by my motifs. As I see it, copying is an underrated form of affection. And that is a decision made by the market and the audience solely, regardless of what the critics may think. What do you have to say about that? The key idea of the blockbuster revolved around the idea of time travel through eras of fashion: past, present, future. The tiles, I am talking about, can be found not only in ancient Indochina but also in the French and Spanish architectural scene.

Do you think it is because the modern world of fashion is trying to erase tradition?

Tam quốc diễn nghĩa: Những câu nói nổi tiếng của Khổng Minh ngàn năm sau vẫn còn nguyên giá trị

It is very hard to say. I believe tradition is embedded in our bloodstream, mind and body. But at the same time, we cannot force people to follow the traditional route if they do not want to. I believe that young designers of today are too busy chasing trends and forget to look into the past for inspiration. I am, personally, fascinated with the traditional values of old Vietnam but maybe that is just the obsessed Hanoian in me speaking. Can you explain why this phrase was so frequently repeated?

It is more of a wish of mine. I wish to preserve tradition forever.

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I hope for every one of those things can survive the wrath of time. We wanted to remind the nation of the hardship, the swear, blood and tears that go into the making of this one piece. The film has received mixed reviews about the costumes on display, some saying that the garments were clumsy, an awkward mixture of the East and the West, the old and the new.

What do you think about those reviews? All the garments I have made came from my respect for the vision of the director. Even though the audience may call it clumsy, I still believe I have delivered something I am proud of and in accordance with what the director has asked for. Personally, I am satisfied with the results. A common problem surrounding young designers creating traditional clothes is their confusion between the elements of Vietnamese and Chinese culture?

Do you think this blatant mistake comes from sheer laziness and a lack of research? There are two ways to go about making Vietnamese traditional garments: one that goes into deep, investigative research and one that stops at the surface level. If the research has been done thoroughly, we would find that there was a period of time in history when China was China, Vietnam was Vietnam, but there was also a period when Vietnam was heavily influenced by Chinese traditions.

If we just assess this subject, in a general manner, based on two major aspects - shape and colour, it would be fair to say that China possesses more bold elements in their traditional fashion, while Vietnam's aesthetic is more prone to balance and harmony. For young people who love the dabbling in traditional wear but has not done their proper research, my advice is to invest more effort and time into the depths of this subject, to never stop at the surface level of matters. I, however, too, do understand that the audience is more prone to feelings than research. So, taking the middle ground, one has to be very clear not only about the work itself but also the way in which this work is presented to the public.

Between painting and fashion design, where does the majority of your income come from?