By applying any of the methods presented in this article you can recover important unsaved files on macOS Mojave and have backup solutions should you experience a similar mishap in the future.

Troubleshooting damaged documents in Word for Mac - Office | Microsoft Docs

Written by John. Method 1: Open Temporary Folder with Terminal. Using Time Machine on Mac. Here is how to use Time Machine to take back your unsaved word documents:. Method 4: Using Third-Party Software. Bottom Line. Featured Posts. You may also like. Most reacted comment.

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Part 2. How to Recover Deleted/Lost Word Document on Mac

There are few experiences as universally familiar as losing a Word document. Fortunately, there are dependable ways to recover Word documents quickly and reliably. And remember, if all else fails, installing a data recovery program like Acronis Revive or falling back on a recent file or system backup may help get your documents back at least in a workably recent state. The good news is, this problem is so common that Microsoft has made it easy to recover unsaved Word documents:.

Open the recovered Word document and click the Save As button in the top banner. You can update the frequency with which Microsoft Word autosaves your documents.

Recovering AutoRecover Files in Word for Mac 2011

Search for your file by document name, file type, or date deleted. If you find your missing file, note the Original Location. When you recover deleted Word documents, they automatically are restored to that location. Restore the deleted document and either find it in its original location or click Quick Access to find it in the Recent Files list.

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  • Did you forget to save that document? Try these tips to retrieve it.

The file actually exists on the disc until its space is overwritten by new information. Until that happens, you have a chance to recover Word documents. Whether your system unexpectedly went down or Microsoft Word crashed, Word documents can be recovered if you quickly search for the lost files before other files can take their disk space. When your system comes back online, reopen Microsoft Word. Losing a word document could give you a heart attack. The lost document may be an assignment, a report or article that you have been working for days, weeks or even months.

Sometimes, the Word crashed or your Mac suddenly shut off, leaving the Word document you are working on unsaved.

How to Recover Previous, Unsaved or Lost Word Document on Mac

Or you accidentally saved over a Word document on Mac, thus the document is overwritten. Even worse, the lost Word document might has been deleted by mistake. Whether you need to recover an unsaved or deleted Word document on Mac, this article can give you some hints. Read the methods below to recover Word document on Mac. The good news is that by default, Word on Mac enables an autosave feature which automatically save the document you are working on every 10 minutes in the AutoRecovery folder.

Part 1. How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac

It is very likely that you can recover the document that you didn't save with the autosave files. Note : The prerequisite for Word AutoRecover to work on Mac is that you have saved the document for at least one time. That is to say, if you just create a Word file, make some edits and then close the file by clicking Don't Save, there is no available AutoRecover file to recover the unsaved document.

How to Recover an Unsaved Word Document on a Mac

After an application such as Microsoft Office crashes or macOS freezes, the next time you open Word, an AutoRecover file will be automatically opened and you can save it and pick up where you left off. In the ideal world, you should see the unsaved document right after you relaunch Word. However, if things doesn't work as expected, you can find Word's autosave location on Mac and automatically recover the unsaved document.

Step 2 You should be seeing a list of AutoRecover files. According the saving date, open the unsaved file you are looking. Step 2 Press Alt key while clicking Go to reveal Library folder.

There are also two methods to recover a Word document that was not saved on Mac for Word , or newer.