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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

In the interest of brevity, this guide focuses on option 2. Download the current tarball for the Mac. YY is the release number.

How to install Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi

You may need to add your bin directory to your PATH variable. The which command will check for us. If it can find hugo , it will print the full path to it.

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Otherwise, it will not print anything. First, start up an editor:. Close the terminal and open a new terminal to pick up the changes to your profile. Verify your success by running the which hugo command again. You can install Go directly from the Go website or via Homebrew using the following command:. If you want to compile Hugo with all the latest changes which might include bugs , clone the Hugo repository:.

This will fetch the absolute latest version of the dependencies.

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Once you have properly configured your directory, you can compile Hugo using the following command:. Windows 7 and 8. Run a few commands to verify that the executable is ready to run, and then build a sample site to get started. At the prompt, type hugo help and press the Enter key.

You should see output that starts with:.

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If you do, then the installation is complete. Run the command to generate a new site. Change into that directory and list the contents.

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You should get output similar to the following:. You can also install Hugo from the Arch Linux community repository. Applies also to derivatives such as Manjaro. Fedora maintains an official package for Hugo which may be installed with:.


For the latest version, the Hugo package maintained by daftaupe at Fedora Copr is recommended:. See the related discussion in the Hugo forums. The Hugo executable has one optional external dependency for source code highlighting Pygments. If you want to have source code highlighting using the highlight shortcode , you need to install the Python-based Pygments program. If you are new to Launchpad, you will first have to join the corresponding Ubuntu Translators group for the language you intend to translate. For information on using the Launchpad Translations system, see the translations help page.

If using Windows, UNetbootin should prompt you to remove it the next time you boot into Windows. If using Linux, re-run the UNetbootin executable with root priveledges , and press OK when prompted to uninstall. Removal is only required if you used the "Hard Drive" installation mode; to remove the bootloader from a USB drive, back up its contents and reformat it.

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Uninstalling UNetbootin simply removes the UNetbootin entry from your boot menu; if you installed an operating system to a partition using UNetbootin, removing UNetbootin will not remove the OS. To manually remove a Linux installation, you will have to restore the Windows bootloader using "fixmbr" from a recovery CD, and use Parted Magic to delete the Linux partition and expand the Windows partition. Source code is on Github , though you may prefer a tarball of the latest release. UNetbootin was created and written by Geza Kovacs Github: gkovacs , Launchpad: gezakovacs , contact info.

Translators are listed on the translations page.

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To our surprise there was nothing out there that fit our needs. So we built Etcher, an SD card flasher app that is simple for end users, extensible for developers, and works on any platform. Etcher for Windows x86 x64 Portable. Etcher for Linux x64 bit AppImage. Etcher for Linux x86 bit AppImage.

Looking for Debian. The Etcher you love, with the perfect hardware. Etcher Pro is a stand-alone hardware device that allows you to write to multiple cards or usb disks at once, at extreme speeds. Insane Speeds. Modular Expansion.

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Coming soon. Frequently asked questions. Why is my drive not bootable? Etcher copies images to drives byte by byte, without doing any transformation to the final device, which means images that require special treatment to be made bootable, like Windows images, will not work out of the box. In these cases, the general advice is to use software specific to those kind of images, usually available from the image publishers themselves. You can find more information here. How can I configure persistent storage? This is currently not supported by Etcher, so if you require this functionality, we advise to fallback to UNetbootin.

This is a feature provided by AppImages , where the applications prompts the user to automatically register a desktop shortcut to easily access the application. Follow the steps you can find here.