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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Photoshop 17 is much bigger, slower again: slower! It is less reliable. Please, Adobe: take more afford in testing your software. And please, please, please make the stuff a lot, lot, lot faster! Latter is for Lightroom, too. Hi Frank, what scanner do you have? Is the driver up to date? Does the standalone scanning software that came with the software work to scan by itself?

It is a Canon F. Certainly current drivers and absolutely flawless with every application and also Photoshop up to As mentioned, Photoshop 17 is a bloated,terrible thing with less quality ans instabilities. When Photoshop completely crashes and disapears because of its TWAIN-interface, Photoshop developers missed a lot lessons about proper error handling — or better error avoiding.

I am so frustrated with every new iteration. More and more feature which are not really interesting an a most complete software. But every new version is worse: bigger, slower and less reliable. Why not developing for speed, stability and code optimization? Hi Jeffrey, thank for caring. From your link there are new drivers for El Capitan just two clicks away. Photoshop 17 Only the crash dialog of the OS X system come up and I pressed the button to to send those reports to Apple.

Now, I have PS I have currently no time to do additional experiments on my production system. I have the same scanner and the same problem. Where are the download releases of cc Content aware healing brush disappears into the background of certain colors becoming unuseable on 4K display. When dragging over multiple pdfs in an already open file for example, the crop to option always reverts to bounding box. It still crashes every time on my machine.

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Updated 2 computers to Photoshop CC Been most of day with tech support trying to resolve to no avail. Any suggestions?

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  7. Make a selection, click Select in the menu bar and shift-click Select and Mask: Refine Edge will pop up! When did this change happen?

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    7. Is this a change from cc What are the pixel dimensions of the file you are opening? Is the non-retina screen your primary or secondary screen? What is the pixel dimensions of the non-retina screen? Are your documents tabbed or floating? A screenshot of your primary and secondary screens when this occurs may help us to reproduce.

      Upgrade your operating system

      Every time I try to update Photoshop to CC Please check permissions. Any idea why? Today I received some icc profiles back from my paper supplier after printing off profiler test charts and sending them to the paper supplier. The profiles were emailed to me with the following information at the top of the email:. Prints using this version will come out with very wrong colours and it cannot be corrected using these versions. The only way to truly fix this is to roll the programs back to a previous version.

      The Start workspace loads instantly. You can drag files in from the desktop and use all your favorite keyboard shortcuts in the workspace as well. Plus, there are templates to create new projects faster, and a simplified stream of helpful content. Read more about Start from our Experience Design team. Also, join us on the Adobe channel on Twitch and CreativeCloud on Periscope to see the Creative Cloud apps in action as some of the most impressive creatives do their work live.

      Click here for a full schedule of our live streams this week. You can now download and purchase video content, adding to its collection of photos and graphics with over 1 million HD video files and 45 million assets. Plus Adobe Stock is available for enterprise use, with additional support for license management, reporting tools, and unlimited usage in large print runs.

      Read all the latest Adobe Stock details here. Thankfully, web designers can design and develop responsive websites for any browser or device with Dreamweaver CC. And with CreativeSync , integrate design elements and styles from other Creative Cloud apps, or high-quality images and graphics from Adobe Stock — all directly within Dreamweaver. DidyouKnow one of the most in-demand skills for designers is 3D design? With Adobe Fuse CC Preview artists and designers with no previous 3D experience can quickly assemble characters with unique combinations of body parts, clothing items and endless texturing options.

      Cool stuff.

      Direct Download Links for All Creative Cloud 2015 Updates: Mac OS

      Read more on the Photoshop blog. Speaking of Photoshop CC , if you do any UI, web or UX design, check out the new Design Space Preview , which is based on deep customer research and built for designers by designers to make your many tasks faster and with less clicks. Also, now you can better customize Artboards.

      But perhaps the most requested feature for many years: you can now customize your Photoshop CC toolbar. Add to this a new modern UI that delivers a clean and consistent look and improvements in Creative Cloud Libraries, and you have a must-update Photoshop CC.

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      The new Shaper Tool in Illustrator CC lets you draw with loose, natural gestures that magically transform into perfect geometric shapes. Additionally, there are new Live Shapes: Ellipses, Polygons and Lines, which are interactive and dynamically adjustable, so you can quickly craft vector shapes without having to apply effects or use other tools or panels.

      The latest release of InDesign CC helps you create and distribute layouts faster than ever, from designing in the intuitive Touch workspace to easily publishing documents online. With Publish Online Preview you can take your documents online.

      Update Creative Cloud apps

      With a single click, your print layout is automatically converted to an online document that can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter, in email, and more. The features and functionality we previewed at IBC are now ready for download. Why the change? The use of open web standards and HTML5 has become the dominant standard on the web. This flexibility has been a huge hit with Adobe customers. In order to more clearly reflect its role as the premier animation tool for the open web and beyond, we updated the name.

      I just want to install Photoshop, not have this other additional program that does nothing for my needs. If you prefer, you can download and install all of the CC applications and updates without the Creative Cloud Desktop app by using the direct download links instead.

      Apps Download Error Fix - Adobe CC (Mac)

      Have you tried this recently? As mentioned above, you can absolutely download a single app rather than all of them. As far as my needs are concerned, no matter how many features you add to it Fonts, Stock Images, etc. The software fails time after time. Updates fail, windows disappear… of all companies to have such awful software one would expect Adobe would come up with stable platforms; not in my experience.

      Adobe has become so burdensome. This is explained in more detail in the page linked below I'm on a 6 core PC with 32 gig of ram running Win 7 Pro in 64 bit.

      Get the Updates to Creative Cloud | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

      Everything I read says that it should run fine. I figured it out. For some reason there was a 3rd party updater on my machine. I removed it and then could use the Creative Cloud program. It's updating the programs as I type. Thanks for the help!

      Get the Updates to Creative Cloud 2015

      Reference to the same question, i just need to know initially i was on CC and wanting to upgrade to CC , it says Try next to the CC apps on my CC desktop app and after clicking on one of the Apps Try button it did install the newer version and now what i see is that i have and both exist on my pc, why i need to know here is how can i confirm whether my new Apps are the full version or just Trial versions only?? Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.