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Create an encrypted disk image at the command line

Note that you can password protect other file types using this method. Password protect Pages documents, Keynote presentations and Numbers files. In this article, we are further showing how you can password-protect a Page s document. The steps are identical for Keynote and Numbers as well. A new window require a password to open this document will appear. Enter your password. You may want to enter a hint also. As stated above, you can use the same steps to password protect Keynote presentations and Numbers files.

And enter your password, after that you can change or remove the password. Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working? When this operation is completed, Disk Utility will alert you. Now, go to the Finder, and double-click your disk image. The file looks like this and has the extension. The Finder asks you to enter the password that you entered when creating the disk image. If you wish, you can check "Remember Password" in My Keychain, so you don't have to re-enter the password each time you mount the disk image.

The disk image mounts on the Desktop, or in the Finder sidebar, like any other disk or volume. When you drag files into the disk image, they get encrypted.

How to Password-Protect Folders on Mac

When you eject the disk image, no one can access these files without your password. As mentioned earlier, you have two options for creating encrypted disk images. The second is to take an existing folder and convert it into a disk image. There are fewer options available when you create a disk image from a folder. You get the same encryption options, but the image format options are different.

Accessing the Image

Disk Utility knows how big the folder is, and you cannot create a sparse image, so creating a disk image from a folder is less flexible. You should only do this if you plan to archive files and never want to add any files to the disk image. Once you've done this, you've got an uncrackable way to store files.

  • Creating the Image?
  • Video: How to password protect your data using disk images in macOS.
  • Create a blank disk image for storage.

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    Password Protect Any Folder on the Mac

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    Creating an encrypted disk image on a Mac

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