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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Apr 2, 5. Messages: 16, I'm just a hobbyist mechanic. The quality of the two seems to be about the same. My main statement about both brands is that they are built like tanks.

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I have overloaded drawers in both boxes and the ball bearing slides held up perfectly. About once every five years I take all the tools out, remove all the drawers, clean and oil the slides, polish the cabinets and wax them too , and of course clean and wipe down with oil all the tools.

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My recommendation is to search out the best deal you can find on a used box from either brand. Of course if my name was Treynor I would order brand new, fully stocked, custom painted motorized boxes from SnapOn and spend many a happy evening fondling my tool s. Apr 2, 6. I have 2 different lista boxes. Im not too impressed by either. The locking mechanisms have already been punched out because they self lock and the drawers are beat to shit from 2 years of general use.

Apr 2, 7. Messages: 1, Coming from the technical side of Mac, and being required to know as much as possible about the competition, I see the box order as: 1. Mac - they still make the best box not stereo, graphic covered madness in the business. It's almost a coin flip between 1 and 2, but Mac just edges Snap-on in consistency and workmanship. Snap-on - they do a hell of a job on most everything they make, boxes included. They also have moronic options for people who want to "express" themselves a little more.

Matco - it's not that their boxes are bad, it's that they're not made as well as the other big guys.

Mac Tools Tech 1000 tool box | SOLD! October 6 Government Surplus Internet Only Auction

The entirety of Matco's line is like that, just not quite as good as it should be. Do you need anything for FOD? Have you considered Vidmar better quality than Lista, although Stanley did recently buy Lista?

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Apr 2, 8. Last edited: Apr 2, He is up to his eyeballs in debt and doesn't think he is, but if his toolbox gets repo'd I would be able to pick it up. I've never been in a shop that was broken into, but if I had up until my new box, believe me, mine would have been safe. I could have won the ugly toolbox contest in most any shop in the US.

The thief would have missed out, because it might be a ratty box, but it was packed full of Snap On and other quality stuff. It's easy to tell that those thieves have never been around the shops that I've been in or they would have known that alot of the big boxes are empty.

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Bigrigfixer, Contact the district office for Snap on and request to talk to the district sales manager the dist. I had a problem with a Mac man a few years ago, didn't get results at dist. I wanted a new Tech top to go on my bottom, but he refused to finance through Mac credit so I bought from Snappy.

He in turn sold the bottom to a guy in another shop, HE also wanted a top Tech box with the same Mac dealer. Two lost sales on the same box! SD Ford Fan. I have had a Snap on tool box for over 20 years had my current box since It was 2 year old used one I bought off the Snap on truck. One off the roller slides on the bottom drawer wore out my Snap on dealer replace it under warranty just this year. No question who the best. PS my dealer said that Snap on builds their on boxes. Find all posts by SD Ford Fan.

Hey Guys, I just purchased a Cornwell 58" box. Love it! I had a Cornwell 41" before it. I have owned differant brands because of expansion not wearing out The first box I bought was a Matco. The reason I bought it? He pulled all the drawers out in a stair step and walked up it.

Later I wrecked my car and a guy wanted my box. So I traded the Matco for his car and a Craftsman box. It was a good box but I outgrew it. Thats when I bought the 41" Cornwell. Outgrew it as well. All have been good boxes! As far as Waterloo making all the boxes, thats not totally true. Hey guys, this has probably already been discussed, however I'm new to the forum and want this straight from other guys in the trade. I have several thousand dollars in Snap On and Mac tools, and no more room in my current box.

So here's the question, Snap on Masters series, or Mac Macsimizer? Any advice is MUCH appreciated. Last edit: 4 years 3 months ago by BurnoutEnthusiast They have the most efficient drawer configuration, more so than the Epiq that the guy next to me has. They tied with Epiq are also the deepest drawers front to back depth. I have also had the toolbox hit with a unpiloted lb SUV in drive that pinned it to the wall, with only superficial damage to the drawer fronts that the bumper contacted with.

Again, cosmetic damage only.

16 Best Rolling Toolboxes for Professionals and Hobbyists

These high end toolboxes are incredibly strong. That being said, I can't say I recommend getting into high buck toolboxes until you're at the A level, have all the basic tools you need, and your existing toolboxes become a noticeable hinderance to your efficiency. I really believe in spending money on your tools before tool storage. An expensive toolbox will not make you able to more specialized work the way expensive tools will.

I ran a revolving array of multiple cheap smaller toolboxes for my first 7 years or so. I finally bit the bullet on the KRL 3 years ago, and got a companion KRL 36" cab to be a 4th bank of drawers a year after that. I was at the point of wasting time everyday trying to deal with having too many tools in too little space. I've been a foreign car dealer A Tech for 10 years, with Mitsubishi for the last 6.

Just here cause I'm still interested in doing what I do, and I like Eric's videos. Videos showing my cars and some of the more interesting work I've done. Last edit: 4 years 3 months ago by Fopeano. Thanks for the reply's! Believe me when I say I don't want to drop a crazy amount of money on a fancy box, I would rather buy tools instead, but I'm at a point where I rarely need to borrow tools, and when I do, I try to buy it the next time the tool truck comes.

Mac Tools Macsimizer toolbox (quick tour)

It's to the point that three of the drawers have bucked on my current box. And I don't need any more at home. I'm very committed to this trade way more than most apprentices and am not afraid to invest. I agree that it will raise eyebrows, but at the end of the day I truly don't care about what others think.

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  • Besides I'm good friends with the guys at work and they all encourage me to buy something that will hold up. I'm mainly looking to get opinions on Snap On vs. Mac from guys who have been there done that. The guys at work are divided, and of course the Snap On guy is going to say that his box is better.

    Anybody owned both or noticed differences between the two?